Day 843: Your Own Worst Enemy Pt.2

Taking offense is the defense of our own self-interest, where the other pushes you off into the depths of you to see yourself, but get mad being that we’re not ready to see ourselves, and so claim abuse to validate not wanting seeing ourselves, to face ourselves, I’m the worst enemy of me, and can’t stand it so create an external enemy out of you, and that’s where the war starts, let’s blow them to smithereens, that’s still don’t stop the enemy within me, we the people are lost in a state of emptiness, to claim one can be such an enemy of the state, when we’re all enemies to the life we’ve chose to create, in the state we’re in that’s up for debate, that this existence was created to eradicate the enemy of us all, as our own inherent nature that we transformed into human nature, and now us humans are the only species that haven’t evolved, or came to the conclusion that we’re killing us all.

Inch by inch, day by day, step by step, all the way, piece by piece, bit by bit and little by little we’re there, that’s now here, neck deep, submerged within the mess we’ve made of our individual worlds, this world and existence as a whole, but can’t remember how we got to this point, I mean imagine if all the energy used on convincing others that someone else is an enemy to you, was inverted and used to fulfill one’s own self-emptiness and lack of willingness to take responsibility for one’s own self, in one’s own world, simply put this would be heaven with a haven of possibilities, that by eradicating one’s own self enemy makes it possible to do.

But, not in the sense of Being-Your-Thought, but correcting the idea that I am my thoughts, which makes me my mind and subject to time, that mines the flesh and deteriorate the spine, just to get old and die after having a “good” life or living the good life because money is involved, but with all the money in the world, no problems we’re solved, but evolved into being the worst species around, because we’ve separated ourselves from every species alive, to play the dominant role over everything that’s life, and now stuck perpetuating a slave in the mind, not realizing that, I am my own worst Enemy.

Self-entrapment is a self-absorbed action, of blindly following a self-interested feeling, for an self-interested outcome, that wasn’t well thought out, but programmed into thinking that I thought it all out, but self-extraction is an action of correction, that assist one when walking through the consequences of separation, and freemasons are like blocks of concrete awaiting placement, with all this knowledge of how to live straight – that if used constructively can equalize the human race and make this place one big city, and live in harmony with everyone in it, that would exterminate any form of enemy arising, because we’ve rose to the occasion and calls for correction, and perfected for each one a life worth living, and in this life worth living we collaborate well, but first comes the correction to escape this hell, that goes a little something like this;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let my mind trick my beingness into thinking my body is crazy when fear is stimulated within it, and so project this fear onto toward other in my world as cause for the experience of me in that moment, and so call these people/places/things and beings my enemy.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not look into me and see how I am creating this experience of me, inside myself that makes it obvious that I am my own worst enemy.

How is this done – I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life accumulate all sorts of information, statement, pictures in motion that potent enough to believe could happen, then create scenarios in my mind of “could BE’s” and what if’s, then react to the possibility of my own thoughts coming alive, with no consideration of my own well-being, when using the power of the mind to manifest a world full of s*** for myself, to live in and have to face as my own creation, believing false promises of going to a better place, that won’t happen, no matter how much I believe it will happen and so call others enemies whose showing me that it won’t, that I so need to wake up to the reality of me and stop being angry at what I can’t see, because if I don’t matter will only get worse, and this is where the reverse aspect comes into play.

Where I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how all anger towards others is a point of not wanting to see me, and so choose to initialize my own protection and defense mechanism, to protect the validation of blame that I once perpetuated toward others, by calling them my enemy.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to realize how when looking at it, enemy can be the point of investigating intimacy within oneself, where through introspecting my trigger points, strengths and weaknesses, I am able to see how I create the experience of me, and so stand within the acceptance of fault, blame and jealousy, as I am/we are the only ones who could and have done these things to ourselves, which make us/me/you, “Our Own Worst Enemy”, in fleeting moments of not wanting to own up to our own s***, that if owned would shake up this existence as a whole, to create a world that best for all.

That it only takes a moment of self-recognition, in recognizing ones weakness toward the point of being responsible for one’s own actions, done unto oneself, out of the misguided perception that I’m different than you, and should be aware of you trying to change me, which is not possible, as we hold the key to correcting our own mishaps, and just so happen to have the ability to change ourselves, and with this ability we’ll stop externalizing enemy, to realizing the enemy in me could be a friend to me.

Thanks for reading.

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