Day 844: Screaming for The Good Old Days

It starts with a wish, a longing for to change the current situation in which we’re living, oblivious to the mind patterns in which we exist in, if only I could have done the other, instead of becoming a muthaf***er to my own self-will, would things be different than they are now but still, it’s something about the good old days that we want to rinse and repeat, that for most part is based on a self-interested feeling, where all I knew was all I believed, but that ‘what I knew’ wasn’t good for me, the simplicity of a black and white perspective unquestioned – that as long as I learned my lessons life would be good for me, and that’s all I had to do was to follow certain beliefs, and push aside any alternate possibilities, back then I lived blissfully in a positive frame of mind, with a deposit of secret thought, during this waste of time, I felt fine not knowing, being that I didn’t want to know, and lo and behold those day came and now gone.

Stories at story time constructs a remembrance of way back when, in conversations we have with our dearest friends, that opens the door for wanting to do it again, to claiming “I wish I knew what I know now, back then”, “I probably would be in a better place right now”, then frown about all the mistakes that was made, which is amazing how I overlooked my own self-placement, to stay within the character I wanted to be, thinking the good old days brought it out of me, and so long to be the person that I once was, a passionate thug with no sense of direction, except when I wanted things to go my way.

The simple life was done in a complexed way, being that we had a complex about everything, as if we just remembered seeing things for the first time, then have Déjà vu and don’t know why, in spite of repeating the same thing plenty of times, our minds only allow us to remember what we react to and go through especially if there’s energy involved, we want to do it again and again until we fall, and get dizzy doing it, s*** we’re the worst, when rehearsing a past life and putting it first, before what we deserve as a collective humanity, that each one of us can live together in Oneness and Equality, that’s actually sought by the 99%, until one of the 99% get rich and stop trying, it’s the design of self-preservation that’s lying to us all, right underneath the point of greed that serves only me, where if we’re all rich the good old days won’t mean a thing, so why not take responsibility and create a world of unlimited possibilities, that’s probably the best thing that can be done for all, in giving everyone what they need, that would make screaming for the good old days obsolete, because we would be living in good orderly fashion, that would open the door for more self-correction and perfecting the human race would be the name of the game, instead of virtualizing the way we think life should be lived.

Giving up is not an option, even if you’ve already done it, because in some way or the other we will have to face ourselves, and living in the past only prolongs this hell, with a swelled up Ego we continue to rebel, for no cause (really) but not having as much money as you do, and use this as an excuse to not take a stand and walk hand and hand with what we created, so we can see the fibrillation within the ripples we’ve caused, that arteries the heart of this physical existence, where ever single problem in this world can be solved, that takes each one of us individually being present and here, correcting our past infractions and fears.

Thing is we scream about wanting to relive the good old days of the past, instead of creating them for each one of us nowadays, that would pave the way for a brighter future for humanity, and casually usher in a new way of living, then all will be forgiven because we’ve forgiven ourselves, as all as ourselves a correction well needed, that supersedes any validation for separation – to congregate all as one, on this place we call Earth.

Where, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit my expansion/growth and development, by wanting to go back and relive the good old days, call them god days in fact, where I lived in a dazed believe that I was living life, and so excommunicated myself from a life worth living, to stay within the longing for ignorance is bliss, where I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand, how I created the days I lived back then, in and as a blissful ignorance, that I was only able to see in a hindsight of correction, to see that my screaming for the good old days was an abdication of self-responsibility, untaken, that I perpetuated to not have to face myself in what I created as the days of today, and so now choose to part ways with the past, that I have let trap me within it for way too long, to unconditionally letting go of all perceptions I had and create my nowadays as the good old days that will last. Responsibility taken.

Thanks for reading.

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