Day 901: The “Cure”

With or without a process, somehow, we innately know it’s all us, meaning yourself for you and myself for me, but at times one hand washes the other, the share of the care you took compared to mine that may needs refining at times or vice versa, depending on who understood the science first, considering which point is at play, simply put, What’s the cure for tiredness? (Sleep), but on the other hand, could the cure also be to stop thinking too much? Then again you have the separation in explanation of my way works better than yours, leaving no room for interpretation from the other, internally preparing oneself for the information that will be received, like this is the only way and everything else should be censored.

The illusion of due process, if the course taken is a narrative that only elevates the few while manipulating the rest, could cause unrest for those who’ve never really investigated the process that’s now at play, because for so long we’ve followed along as if the cure was to just shut up and do as you’re told, that doesn’t stop with a class of people or race, but goes all the way up the food chain, and even at the top takes advice from an idea / a passing fad that has faded away some time ago, but need to keep hope alive to not face the wrath of a society that should decide WHO should lead (by example), the way for all to learn how to lead ourselves moving forward, in our own lives, that’s best for all.

You see with the collective as one, equality can formulate, because there’s no One who can dictate what every One should say/hear and do, but the chance have been given for one to do so, and this is what things have come to, ‘I’ instead of internally introspecting, externally enslaved, intermediately confused about things not changing, where it was said if we are the problem we must be the solution, meaning the cure lies within each and every last one of us, until we bring out the truth in resolution, because with no help (from all) one alone will surely continue time looping, until we stand and band together as our-story to be passed along, instead of His-Story from the past.

Interesting how information unhinges the bubbles we all roll around in, with inserts of emotions and feelings as the unseen enemy, as if the infiltration is from a friend or family member in the bubble next to you, so we yell and scream in abuse that shows how loose we are with our words, but can’t hear you, for the lining in the bubble being too thick, until it’s pricked by a realization that straight pins the solution so you can breathe, but could it be because we miss the obvious as ourselves being the cure, that we the people’s true purpose have never been realized, no matter the ailment that surges we believe it serves a higher purpose, instead of realizing the purpose of consequence is to bring us back down to earth.

To equalize with equal eyes, we all stare in disgust at how many lies we accept and allow within ourselves, instead of realizing we have a problem with what we’ve accepted and allowed from ourselves, that we’ve become accustom to living with, from outside of ourselves, from others who mirrors the selves we are/have perpetuated onto and towards others in our worlds, that has accumulated and compressed to a breaking point disguised as a Virus, that’s Virtually Us, Equally sharing the demise of our own well-being and freedoms.

So, is this just it then? But what is “IT”, but a two-letter word that titles the pain we feel, (I-Think) or better yet rivals the responsibility that should’ve be taken before we abdicated it away, where as it seems, one year as a life time was not enough time to realize how we are the Creators Creating ourselves as the Created in our own Creation, that Sees (C’s) the Cure in front of us, but veiled by the illusion of Grandeur = the illusion of money, accepting, “just give them a few grand monthly of their own money to keep their mouths shut, that way the cure can be coerced to spread our narrative around for the masses to never realize their own power”.

Now the Fear Factor within it all, was created for us to become numb to the horrific things that actually being done unto us, we accept and allow but blame it on Life being hard and survival being only for the fittest, that doesn’t fit you into a system of Oneness and Equally, but a dumb downed society that silently Cancels you, from a Culture of perceived freedoms if only you agree to be friendly to the few that have power over the many, but if each one silence oneself you will experience real freedom, by way of standing up for what I will and will-not accept and allow, that will ripple out throughout humanity, as a virus that’s needed, because as it’s been stated virus is virtually us who is the cure for our own Dis-ease. Welcome to 2021.

More to come…

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Day 900: Get Involved

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to sit back on the pillow of complacency and dictate a conversation on which way we think the tide should turn, that always turns out Not to be in our favor, that always turns out to our own demise, that just so happens to be filled with lies, because we denied ourselves the opportunity to get involved, to become part of the solve that resides in solution, before polluting the quo with our own perceived status, in fact when keeping quiet we’re part of the problem, too scared to even realize the Pro-Blindness is Me, it’s certainly concerning the disregard of our capabilities, to cut ties with a controlling mechanism that got us enraged.

Where instead of raging against the machine we rage against each other, that’s a book page taken from the Jim Crow era, doesn’t matter what shade of grey you think you are, any synthetic human will turn on another, behind back and closed doors, it’s a fact that we get bored with distractions, but nobody wants to talk about that, we praise what we think we know of what’s going on in another, but never take the time to really look at what’s really going on in us, then turn around and say in God we trust, brushing aside our need to speak up and stand up, (on every platform) by way of getting involved, sharing what we shared with a few friends, to all, where if you can point out a flaw in someone in any group, it shouldn’t be a thing to do the same with the world, I mean what are we waiting for, while the whole worlds watching, I mean we hate waiting and have no patience to solve problems.

It’s ashamed that we have reduced ourselves to wanting a handout, without think about the repercussions of accepting a handout, instead of giving a hand up, I will clap to that, in fact those “In charge” should be charged for the collapse of each society that’s socially driven to socially distance, demanded by incompetence to keep your distance, as if the two really go together, ‘social and distance’, but oh what a broken system we all live in, that no one want to get involved with (although we’ve created it) and/or fix it, but rather follow suit and do as we’re commanded, there’s a reason why Uncle Sam wanted me to join the Army, for times like these when the worlds pulse is a faint heart-beat.

That’s all fine and dandy, when ignorance is bliss was present, but the only soldiering that should be done is the soldiering for life, the shouldering of responsibility to stand up for life, and guess what, you and I too are what life is, so could it be safe to say that we are standing up for Self, (The Flesh) Your Self and My Self that’s Equal to and One with all life, resending all strife toward life that is, because without spite we can get to the way things should be, as you and me should always in all ways = Oneness and Equality, that can only happen if we both (to all) getting involved, because things are actually more worse than what’s seen on the surface, so if we don’t get involved is it then right that we deserve it?

Interesting how people only pay attention to those with money, as if money is the indicator of what’s true and what’s lies, I mean it’s all good until the lies is projected towards you, that only till then will you tell the truth, or resign ones position without letting the truth be known, it’s right in our faces for us to get involved, just like we love to involve ourselves in someone else’s business, as the purveyors of all News that really doesn’t concern us, but when it’s something that does we expect the next person to walk it for us, that can only show us the path and the power we have, as a collective it takes each one to make the change, unless we’re really comfortable with being enslaved, the question is “What is Freedom”?

Thanks for reading.

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Day 899: Celebrate (The Day of, Belated)

The vibrating of every cell in one’s body, that’s been a long time projection to get to this point, another year of discernment but haven’t earned it quite yet, being that most of our yearning was for the pain to stop, for the mind to stop painting delusional pictures of grandeur – that just because I’ve seen something doesn’t mean that’s what it is, during plenty of worst days before a birthday gets here, to celebrate a half century stuck in the same old s***, that would be a depressing pressure if partying with depression, instead of parting with depression to express my pressing on, and although it’s just one moment in time, in the moment I’m fine, because the process I’m walking is the celebration of Life.

Where in reality it’s short lived we wish would never end, to have one more day wrapped in a bow of “LOVE”, that’s over the top, “Looking-Over” Life to find luck, then get stuck playing servitude to the likes of human beings (Hypothetically Speaking) in the mind for 24 hours, with all the power to like or dislike all the likes you receive, and still then it’s not enough to change one’s belief, we think most of these people don’t care about me, when most probably do for taking the time to speak, that’s more than saying nothing about something they remember, but still then it’s not about them but you, that’s always in all ways been about you, and should enjoy the acknowledgement from those in your world, who took the time out of their day to consider you kindly, and timely because right before that you were whining, in the mind thinking I’m fine, but “Nobody Loves Me”.

Good or bad we celebrate the bad more than good, by giving credence to the energy that makes us feel bad, and when depleted we feel good that it’s over, then wait for the next celebration to occur, where when the energy is high we feel good about things, on Birthday’s that is until 12oclock AM, and when the sun rises again we start to come down, into wishing our birthday was the next day after.

Celebration is a commemoration of what it feels like to be happy, so why just a few days out of the year to express that, when everyday should be a celebration to waking up to life, in do time without a mind to wake up with life, at every sunrise is a birthday, a new breath day to learn life, to learn what it really means to be trusted by life, to stand equal to and one with all life that is here, that’s been a learning process for me the last 6 years.

But these days celebrations as synonymous for making money, we’ll celebrate a war day but not a Life day, and will say this is “A day in the Life of..” then add a human being, instead of being a day to give Life a break from us, I mean for just one day stop using all machines, simultaneously, shut the world down for just one second, but in doing so would we then celebrate that second of equality, that probably still won’t happen (for all) because we’re too damn sneaky.

But just a few things that comes to mind on a birthday, that makes it a better day for me to walk through, where I’m learning how to celebrate the point of being here, every day when I awake make it a point to be here, instead of rushing out the door to hurry up and get there, then get there to realize that I’m now-here, the same as wanting to get somewhere – that’s why here, so rush off into the mind to find some place to go. The object is to celebrate you on your birthday, instead of celebrating the idea of going someplace, but if you’re celebrating you already then go for it, just make sure that everything is about ‘Self’ first.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 898: Mind-Absorbed Blindness (Perspective)

“I missed it”, “I didn’t see it”, “I didn’t here it”, “How was it”, “Was it funny”, that’s not worth our attention, because of paying too much attention to the structure of things, in moments of forgetting to just pay attention to the actual human being, in a moment of being absorbed by the mind, during a halftime breath between each thought – that’s a fascinating vacation away from reality, away from a quick moment of realizing reality, with real eyes without sties that limits ones vision, I insist to STOP being absorbed by the mind, that bifocals a closer look at 3D distractions, stating come a little closer in reaction to these attachments, and attach what you will as emotions and feelings, that throws our self-will right out the window, with long tentacles to extract pure essence from the physical, and wonder why our physical bodies are prone to deteriorate, it’s a wonder how we Live with a lack of determination, that turns one human being against a whole nation.

We’d rather pledge our allegiance to a well needed vacation, because we spend too much time in the mind, at work for a piece of paper that controls our experiences, and would do just about anything imaginable to get it, including the missing of the obvious of how we’re destroying this existence, by way of pandering the earth and selling it to our children, with false lies that blinds and binds one to making money, out of the belief that this is funny and all there is to life.

A blind man once told a man that you’re blind, and when he asked why, showed the truth in fact, the fact that I’m blind and can’t see if you’re blind, shows how you’re not paying attention to the words that I speak, being mind-absorbed makes one read into things, without seeing with awareness the true nature of this reality, but find all sorts of ways to explain this reality, as being the way it is and no one can change it.

It’s that same as waking up from a nap and wanting to eat sweets, knowing good and well what this would do to our bodies, but because I can’t help myself, I’ll probably do it, then sit right back down and fall asleep, but while you were asleep a lot have changed, so when you wake up you’ll realize one thing, that you’ve lost more freedoms over the functioning of your body = the reason why we’ve probably lost more freedoms in this reality, that’s because money is the sleeping pill that everyone takes, until it’s too late and lose your “soul” over the money, and all you’ve promoted is now coming back to haunt you, because you just can’t turn down a Big Faced Benjamin.

No matter the future consequences, we say “I figure it out later”, because of thinking I’m living in the here and now, meaning bring the money here and I’ll take it right now, that has caused all the problems we’re seeing right now, instead of seeing right now how we have a problem with being systematize, not only by racism but all the lies, that lies with a straight face right to your face, about taking the things we’ve done straight to the grave, that’s a grave misconception of what happens after the grave, that happens to be a realization of how we were enslaved, from the moment of being raised in a reality gone wild, with a fascinating connection to a mind profile, that has a prolific connection to A.I. technology, we think is the cure to solving the world’s problems, as if we’re not lazy enough to take responsibility, for the problem we’ve created, (each of us), one by one.

Where, problem creation only happens when being absorbed by the mind, that’s mistaken sometimes for being self-absorbed, whenever you hear “Leave me alone, I’m in my own world”, one should pay attention, because the mind is at play, while true self-absorbing is self-admiration , that’s admiring one’s full capacity to be right Here, at all times I aspire to be right Here, that’s standing equal to and one with the mind, meaning I take in and correct what the mind presents, transforming it into a solution of common sense, that opens up one’s eyes to the common sense, that blindness (with sight) is a direct consequence from being mind-absorbed.

Is it possible during an interaction with someone, that something comes up that you don’t want to hear, where you just want to excoriate the other person, is it possible to Stop one’s reaction from reaching a tipping point, breaking point from thinking about all the things you don’t like about this person, where in one’s mind we may create scenarios of harm being done, that we vindicate only in the confines of the mind, that ends up sabotaging our relationship with them, that shows our blindness, lack of willingness to see through the words that they’re speaking, and what they’re seeing that at the moment doesn’t register, that when taking a closer look/listen (Here) could find points of support, and use this to stop one from being mind-absorbed?

For me it’s self-correction through self-introspection, that processes “why am I allowing what they say to affect me”, that effects my standing and decision making process, being that I’m allowing myself to be processed by the mind, instead of standing alongside, equal to and one with the mind, directing what comes up in categoric fashion, in categories of what happened and how to stop repeating the same patterns, then the Re-Action of rebuilding my own Self-Will =

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to relinquish my own Self-Will for being absorbed by the mind, that for the longest time presented to me a parity of what life is, lived out in human nature as what life was deemed to be, that blinded me from seeing how I have separated myself from the whole, (Of life) through mind suggestions I accepted as ‘Self’ directing it, never ‘Questing’ to find out “why am I so blind” = “why do I keep on missing the obvious”, when obviously being mind-absorbed blinds one from making practical assessments, and corrections to update my own “Self-Willing System”, that should direct every step and action that I take, instead of being directed by every reaction that I make, that would awaken me from being ‘Mind to Self-Absorbed’.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand. the more I accept and allow the precedence of the M.I.N.D., the more I ‘Do-Not-Investigate-Me’ = the more I face more problems in my world, that awards me with the feeling of complacency.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react to what comes up in my mind, accepting and allowing myself to be absorbed by it, then become emotional about what it is that I didn’t take the time to look at and clear myself from/of, before making decisions while being blinded by the mind, and upon realization become angry at what I’ve done, then look to blame everything and everyone outside of me, just to stay happily attached to these “fascinating” distractions, by way of laughing it off which prolongs my process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to confuse being mind-absorbed with being self-absorbed, thinking these two things are one in the same, not realizing in moments the difference between ‘Self’ and ‘Mind’, is the point of directing verse being directed, that mostly I’ve projected myself as being directed and didn’t see it until after consequences set in, and only then did I expound on the willingness to change, that could have started sooner if I’d investigated the experience of me at the time, not to create this as a reactive point, but to correct/process and store for the next time, at which time I’ll be prepared with taking as a sign; When and as I see myself wanting to rush into things = make the decision to stop/breathe and slow myself down, where I commit myself to stop/breathe and slow myself down, when I feel the urge to rush into things without looking at the outcome first, that in doing so shows how slow the mind actually moves, at the pace of breath that advantages me to correct points in the moment, and own it as a sharing/showing practical example, if ever I need to go back and look at it again, I’ll have these statements for cross-referencing to correct me where I stand, to expand/grow and develop me into my utmost potential.

With this being a showing of how things accumulate in our world depicted as rough/tough/hard times, it fairly easy to see how we bring things upon ourselves, but don’t have to go through it or put ourselves through it, when seeing the sponging of the mind is expunging our self-will, deleting out our innate confidence to stand up and be counted, as a voice for life that ultimately has the final say, that one man doesn’t make the island, but the inhabitants do so, so go within yourself to see where do I stand, and use that as a starting point to stand up for LIFE, and in doing so take back the right to live life where we stand.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 897: Reaction Begets Re-Action

Coming into this world innocent and unlearned, ripe for exploring reasoning behind what everything is, ingesting pieces of me, substance, the makeup of this reality, before being told that this reality is not to be ingested, not realizing this to be the first time I reacted to something, being told NO, put that down your baby body can’t handle it, as a belief that children are more vulnerable than most, but in most cases children are more stronger than adults, non-reactive unless pushed to react by an adult, and because we’ve learned from adults we react to the same things they do, then grew up perpetuating a reactive state of mind, that shows how it’s time for me to take a Re-Action on my Reactions.

Re-Action = The next steps taken after the first few haven’t been supportive.

Throughout my life I’ve lived in a reactive state of mind, during happy times or rough ones until the energy ran out, or so I thought thinking this energy would just dissipate, but it was the wait until the next positive energy would appear, meaning what got me out of my “lows” was the joy of self-interest, not realizing what comes up, must come down, where on one hand I would feel so excited and want to do things, but when that hand got tired I would fall back into a slump, and on the other hand I never handed myself self-direction, so reacted to being directed by ideas/perceptions and beliefs, but a few times I did Re-Act on some of my reactions, by way of asking myself, why am I reacting to this, at which time the energy behind it would just drop, but not for long because the thoughts I had about it would soon come back, as back then I didn’t have the tools I use now, from Writing to Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Actions, without waiting for an energy spurt to sprout me into action, I can replace the first Action with a seconding RE-Action, this way when looking back, I can see my own wrongs, to be able to strengthen my weaknesses that caused these wrongs. How is this done?

Reaction 1. “Why am I not getting my way”, in certain circumstances I think should go my way, where the first action I took was to pout, grunt and moan, but the Re-Action is to investigate why am I wanting my way. In which case the question would then spring forth the answer, to stop this perpetual self-sabotage, when my way in thought is only an idea, but in action would show how I’ve already walked the point at hand, whether it’s the learning of another an easy way to do a particular thing, that I’ve figured out a quick (but effective) way to get from point A to B, or to put my way aside for a different perspective, that would show how I’m getting out of my own ‘Dammed’ way.

Reaction 2. “Somebody please help I can’t figure this out”, when complicating my own understanding of things I didn’t want to see, where my first action is to give up, self-batter myself with powerlessness and helplessness, hoping that I would be ‘saved by the bell’ by someone else – that’s someone stepping in to walk the hard part for me, and all I have to do is to follow a script, but the Re-Action is to take my time to look through things thoroughly, breaking down into sentences to see words clearly, and if I don’t know a word, get a “damn” dictionary and missionary myself into a point of understanding, so there’s no misunderstanding about what’s being explained, because I’ve taken the time to simplify things, for myself.

Reaction 3. “Why do I feel nobody loves me” that’s a biggie when realizing I’m really in this all alone, where the first action would be to cut people out of my life, in spite of them really being on my side, but just because they didn’t agree with me being right, “I only want people around me who I KNOW loves me” (sounds familiar), when the feeling of being loved is really ridiculous, inconspicuously allowing myself to Never really change. Re-Action = the question “Why am I even playing this game” when it’s never really worked out for me in the past, where most of my passed friendships have diminished, then see this and become gullible to the ones we have left, (to keep them).
But for that, 1st step is to give to myself everything I wanted from others, smothering myself with the love and care of my well-being. 2nd step is to ground myself in knowing ‘I am here’, with self-acceptance meaning no matter who I am I accept me for me, and when I think this me is not enough, learn who I really am as life as all. 3rd step is to embrace the mirroring effect for another, and use this as a gift to introspect myself. That way I’m gifting myself a Step-in Corrective-direction, until my Re-Actions become my first Actions, and last but not least love can really be expressed, once one have walked through most if not all reactions.

I mean whose ASKING but A-Self-Keen-In-Giving what we receive, in appreciation of being able to stabilize the experience of me, with stable eyes walking the point of self-intimacy, that’s not by any means an easy feat, where throughout this process to get to the best of me, every reaction I don’t act on makes my process drag on, and so on goes the blame game of passing the buck, when every opportunity of change is missed to stand up, so man up to those reactions we give a pass to slip by, to in time be able to release oneself from being in a reactive state of mind, by just asking your-Self Questions.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life, have become quick to move towards/into a reaction, when things didn’t go my way and/or work out the way I expected them to, instead of questioning why am I reacting to things I may have no control over, or the things I do expecting a different outcome, where I’ll pout, grunt and moan causing in anger, powerlessness, pathetically giving into the fear of unfulfilled desires, and hopes that soon expire dictated by my own self-interest, that only interest me when everything is in my favor.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to do myself a favor and stop these reactions, the moment they come up in the midst of an interaction, because of not considering the subtle changes the body goes through, when energy is present whether positive or negative, and never taken the time to investigate a Re-Action for my reactions, to set into place the 1st steps to changing my experiences, and deliver myself from the consequence of thinking evil, to Live LIFE.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thought I was right for reacting to being mirrored by another, meaning what we’ve done to others is now being done to us, shoe being on the other foot making it hard to stand up, because of seeing things play out in real time, but this time towards us, brings forth the reaction of W.T.F., instead of Re-Acting with “Where have I done this too”, to see the abuse and stop the abuse, that can only come when looking into me, me and you, you, that would stop the reaction to being mirrored by another, creating a space from within to be a support to others, by way of showing my unconditional reactionless self, that’s been practice through Re-Action on things that I miss, and by doing this will support the world we live in to change.

So for me, this is a cool way of redefining the word reaction, and my relationship to how I will take Re-Action on my reactions, that helps to facilitate the transformation of reacting to things, to Re-Acting on things to better understand the experience of me, and why I react to some of the things I do, and how to change myself within what I experience as reactions, to a state of being reactionless when experiencing myself, that’s a work in progress on the way to reaching my utmost potential.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 896: What it’s Like to Be with Me –

That has nothing to do with being with you, the finger pointing inversion equation (thumbs up) one finger out, verses three fingers in, stating I am the one missing the me/myself and I, or mind/body and beingness trinity connection, with what it’s like to be with me, a question that most forget to ask Self first, before wondering what it feels like to be with someone else, then go into a relationship forgetting about me, such a sabotaging catastrophe, a lopsided connection, when holding onto thoughts and beliefs that assaults ones standing, within oneself firmly stating “I am here with me”, confirming the learning capability we have to change us, that for most forget to transform with the changing times and environment, where real retirement is; becoming tired of the same old s***.

Real work for hire is solidified when working on self, meaning no matter what I do, what matters is how I experience myself doing it, just as long as it’s not abusive to other life and my body, the possibilities is endless when relentlessly working on me, it’s the number one place to be, that’s Here with yourself, and although it’s a work in progress we often times miss the obvious, that the only way to accomplish the unification of man, is for each man and woman to really get to “Know Thyself”, a parable that’s scarier than wanting to know someone else, especially when the other person is looking to find who they are, bar none, then go to the bar to see how vulnerable each can become, then wake up in the morning thinking, “That was fun, but Not ME”.

Interesting how sometimes we let our reactions control the Narrative as; Never Allowing Real Resolve, Accepting This Vindictive Energy, that’s finicky when seeing how we’re so accustom to placing ourselves in between, our Ego and the status quo as director over another’s life, then praise ourselves for being a friend but a frenemy towards our own, meaning I have no idea what a friend really is, because I haven’t been one towards myself first, where the care factor is not really lived as self, but placed externally outside of self.

Contrary to my own belief what stopped me from being here with me is fear, the fear of missing out, losing myself, my own self -interest/Ego, that for so long I let direct me into thinking an outside presentation of myself is more important than the inner me – that I had no control over the experience of me, and should submit to these thoughts/Ideas/perceptions and beliefs, that I let externalize my reality, thinking I was outside the box, but more so outside myself in a box like reality, with mirrors on the wall that showed the illusion of infinity, so infinitely kept myself stuck in this repetitive cycle, of sabotaging myself into believing I was here, every time something would work out in the sphere of energy.

Mentally I cared for others, but hadn’t quite learned “The care of me”, I was a migrant to the process of being here with me, so had to learn what it’s like to be here with me, that doesn’t necessarily comes with being an introvert, the inversion process – what projected out is now inverted, that created a learning curve when falling over my own two feet, hypothetically speaking, because I wasn’t watching where I was stepping, and kept falling into depression about someone else’s s***, like where was I and why can’t I solve my own problems, and how come I keep chasing after the ‘my way’ of things, choosing to take “High” road, instead of facing the nitty gritty – that’s being nitpicky with introspecting my own good/bad and ugly.

This process is a long dark road to recovery, that makes one see what’s been hidden in the light, because of being blinded by the light to not see in the dark, to see parts/pieces of me I didn’t know exist, the question is how far is one willing to go to exist as Life Eternally, by turning back the hands of time and correcting what has been, before being able to Stand Equal to and One with the mind, to in time be able to be trusted by life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I was right to externalize what it’s like to be with me, attaching myself to happy outside distractions, thinking these things is what complete me, not realizing completeness comes as an inversion process, creating a learning curve of how to turn back around and investigate, what I need to do to make me sound and complete – that’s having a sound mind by way of moving my feet, walking through every point I didn’t want to see, to get to a point of simply being here, then from there to the point of reaching my utmost potential, that’s critical for walking/moving towards the point of creation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have chosen to be with others more than with myself, as if to hang my true self out to dry, while accepting the personalities of others in my life, to direct who I was and wanted to be like them, without realizing, “I am me” but have traits like them, in the sense of seeing the best of them and giving that to myself, that would redefine the relationship I have with myself, in definition of what’s best for all is also best for me, therefore when moving towards relating to things and people in my world, my starting point is clearly what’s best for all, because I’ve gotten to the point of really knowing myself, and by knowing Self first opens the door for real connections.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to long for connections, instead of connecting with the deepest darkest parts of me, that’s emotionally driven, what’s my relationship with emotion, and didn’t know how potent an emotional relationship is/could be in the sense of understanding me, thoroughly, through backtracking to root cause the first time I reacted, with exactness so my nowadays interactions are reactionless, and passionate in passing on the best of me.

So, what it’s like to be with me, is what I’m learning every day, from the good and the bad, to the ups and downs, that every time I frown means there’s something I should look at, in fact when waking up, what’s the first thing that comes up, that plays a big part in how my day would be, that I find for me it’s most important to do morning Self-Forgiveness, after completing my Morning Routine before I drink my coffee, then out the door with a clear starting point of making sure that I’m here with me, where throughout my day it’s become a routine to check if I’m here and present, so that every interaction I have with others I can see if points needs to be corrected, and correct it in the moment through sounding Self-Forgiveness, the realness that erases the feeling and ground me to being here with me.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 895: Pay Attention (2020)

Hindsight 2020 is the name of the game, but the mind’s ‘I’ loves to step in so we don’t realize a thing, it’s strange how old issues are now back at the forefront, that interestingly enough distracts us from looking behind the scenes, where the ‘sleight’ of hand trick is perpetuated onto/towards a dumbed down society, with white lies that just lies about where our priorities should lie, choosing words like hypocrisy toward those speaking the truth, where the point is for the masses to remain aloof, by way of brute force forcing one to concede, as if one must go along with agenda 2020, and 2021 the implementing of change, but in a way least expected controlling the uncontrollable, by way of holding those accountable for the ailments of this reality, like each one is accountable for the way we lived our life, thus far that’s been a farce to think this world was just made for you and me, while forgetting that all life in existence was made like you and me.

How easy is it to be distracted by stereotypes, knowing these names are but a symbol of division, implemented with precision everytime you’re about to realize something, that turns one around and onto a different track, in order to distort the facts of what you’re looking at, that cataracts our ability to see with precision, or make sound decisions with sound provisions, to stop the perpetuation of this imprisonment we’ve become so accustomed to. ‘Pay Attention’, before finding oneself worse off than once was, that makes systemic racism look like a walk in the park, compared to what’s to come after protesting in the park, in the dark before waking up to seeing a world on fire. ‘Pay Attention’ to the things you see/hear and desire that angers you purposefully placed to deter you, from any determination you may have to experience Just-all, instead of Justice that states Just-Us meaning them and not you. ‘Pay Attention’ to the friends you disassociate yourself from, because of disagreements that makes no sense, ‘Pay Attention’ to the things you think makes you feel good, thinking because everybody else is doing it, so can I.

But if you really pay attention you’ll see that it’s not a black or white thing, or a different country thing but a humanity thing, where human-beings attention span goes only as far as we feel, and if it doesn’t makes you happy we’ll fight for the limitation, like the limitation of not really wanting to know what’s going on, like everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to figure out how gravity works, or spaceships that takes you to the edge of the earth, but would rather space out in our minds and fear what’s being shared.

I mean, if you were dared to change would you do it, or remain impaired to what’s happening in society, where the only way we can understand the human condition is to pay attention to the controlling mechanisms that causes division, it’s rare that we look inward at our own acceptances and allowances, but allow our dollars to distort our confidence, in making rational decisions that would equalize existence, changing our participation within it from a failed point of creation, to a place of consideration, considering all life Equally, as Oneness = more than just being a believer in God, but a voice for life to unify all that’s alive, to all thrive together not just one or two of us.

The remedy for overwhelmingness is doing your own investigations, because the reason why we become overwhelmed is because we resist investigating, but would rather wait to be told what to believe, then go into a reaction about what we fail to investigate, the same as (and to bring it back to) the lack to self-investigation, where we fail to ‘Pay Attention’ to our own experiences, meaning failing to ask ourselves these few questions; i.e. “What’s the reasons behind what I’m seeing/hearing and experiencing, that makes me feel uneasy within myself”, that for most don’t want to ask ‘self’ the question, because of being defined a certain way our entire life, and would rather go down despite having plenty of opportunities to rise, then; “Why don’t I want to know what the truth is”, outside of being told – “this is the truth”, because of the comfortability of living in a selfish comfort zone, that’s really self-less for not knowing who self really is, and most importantly, “Why am I reacting to what I really don’t know about”, (Again) instead of investigating what I don’t know that leads me to the point of reaction, in which case the satisfaction would be the demonstrating of self-responsibility, meaning I am responsible for how things play out in my life and world.

The sum of everything always stems from one, so could it be that we’re the one’s who’ve allowed things to happen, for so long without taking a stand when things actually happen, but waiting for the News to bring it out and to the forefront, just as one is quick to pay attention to how you look in the mirror, should be as quick to pay attention to see if you’re being deceived, without any belief attachment that distracts our sensibility, away from common sense reasonings for why ‘We the people” have never been put first.

In any society, what creates the divide is the lack of equal rights, between the poor and middle class with rich people alike, where no matter the social standing all should stand for one thing, and that’s to make sure that every LIFE (form) is treated equally, that would make it so that everywhere you go would be a safe place, without the idea of someone invading your space, replaced by creating relationship with no more hate, ultimately elevating the world to it’s rightful place, and that’s heaven on earth for all meaning you and me, that all starts with Paying Attention to you, You and me Me, and then come together with ideas (Best for all) that shapes society, with no more lies for those in power to continue to hide behind. Pay Attention!

Thanks for reading.

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Day 894: Danger Us

The ranking of social injustice is depressing, especially when no one gives a f*** about what you think, as much as we talk about how dangerous life is, we miss the point of how we’ve created it, through words stemming from our imagination into embodiment, then into physical reality manifested into objects, with systems of dishonesty we calmly accept calamity, that’s covered up by consumerism, consuming our souls to death, but if you really have a look at, the whole world’s problems, is all about money that’s connected to energy, like who can have the most money, and so all the positive energy, that comes with all the power because our world revolves around money, where it was once said “You can learn a lot from a dummy”, so why haven’t we woke up to seeing how dumb we’ve been, in manifesting a dangerous life for men and women and the children in itself is a whole other story.

Family’s breaking up over a political party divide, just because we’ve been a certain way all our life, is a limitation in saying life is too short, accepting illusion as fact thinking we have no choice, excommunicating change just to have ‘our way’, by way of forcing it upon ourselves through fear and danger, of stranger trying to make a dollar out of 15 cent, and for the rest of us we’re accustomed to saying “I’m content”, but when the contentment turns into conflict we’re quick to wonder why, because we were lied to about the things that’s hidden in plain sight, like the delusion of freedom of speech, where when speaking it we’re terrorized, then go back into our shells and this supposed to be alright, I mean how dangerous it is to perpetuate spite, toward someone in your life who really cares about you, and those who don’t care we believe speaks the truth, and remain aloof to the common sense that we’re dangerously playing with fire here.

But then again what are we scared of, ‘we like to be controlled’, just as long as we have a house and money to buy new clothes, I mean how long will we accept this pushing into the corner, from having the world to be your playground, to being restricted to your Countries limits, to then your State lines, until other cities are forbidden, and neighborhood are locked down with no children playing in them, and every time you go outside there’s someone looking in, it’s a 1984 movie played out in 2020, we only have two choices, either stand up or give in, but since given in haven’t worked out, and we’re now awaken to what’s happening, will we continue passively destroying one another while the Elite sit back laughing?

Danger Us, we all fear death, but quick to destroy ourselves for a paycheck, until there’s nothing left and we’re back to the stone ages, from rushing head first into the apocalypse enraged, as if that’s a solution for our human nature and way, I mean words really don’t matter when you’re mentally enslaved, where it was said no matter how much you try showing someone the truth, they WILL NOT see it until they’re entangled and rooted, into the web that’s weave by our own deceit, as we delete everything this existence was meant to be, the dis-ease is becoming our own worst nightmare, that makes worst case scenarios a point of reality, as we casually drift towards the point of no return, and when it’s too late we’ll turn around and say what have we done, but if that’s what’s needed for the world to wake up, then so be it, I suggest learning how to become stable and stand up.

Interesting how finally when there’s someone who steps in to protect the little man, the little man don’t see it and becomes angry at the protector, because we’d rather choose to protect our own self-interested lies, and will die doing so then cross over to the other side, just to realize “Oh s*** I f***ed up” for not recognizing, it was the Life of someone who had my best interest in mind, but turned a blind eye to being shown a way out, and now I have to start all back over from the beginning.

Is winning that much fun when only YOU reap the benefits, what happens at the end of winning when there’s only you left, and no one wants to play your game because the odds are only in your favor, will the savior in you then give up and try and go hide, where the same one’s that’s paid to disrupt our life, will turn against you when their life is on the line, and even in your hiding Life will come for you, for you to experience and go through everything that you dished out.

I can tell you from experience it’s not an easy thing to go through, for in my own world I’ve lived dangerous too, it’s the excitement and arousal energy that gets your blood pumping, mixed in with an energy fix and God as our Money, it’s funny how we think our power will last forever, until the energy runs out and forever turns fermented, then realized the only thing that works is Self-forgiveness, as the initial correction for how danger-Us we’ve become.

Where, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how the danger that’s perpetuated in the world today, is a direct reflection of the dangerous thought that comes up in my mind, such as the idea of wanting to get even/revenge and wishing bad on others, all because I/we didn’t get our way, and accepted and allowed things like power position and hierarchies with money and greed at the forefront of our existence, so much so to the detriment of our children being groomed to grow up to be just like us.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to as a collective get a rush out of conflict and the idea of winning, to be in control of another trying to force change upon them, not realizing the rubber band effect of stretching the lies to far, that in the long run will come back and welt your reality, leaving you marked and scared to face the dangers that’s projected onto the masses, where what’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light, and most may not be acceptable to your asking for forgiveness.

I mean you would think the world revolves around the idea of autonomy, but only in human nature does autonomy exist, where there’s really no equality for all life that here, because those with autonomy fear losing it, so make life dangerous for those who have not, not realizing that the meek shall inherent the Earth, Not those who have money to protect their self-interest, but all who’ve chosen to correct themselves.

Therefore, if you wake up and investigate what’s really going on, you will see with clarity, truth verses deception, where if Blame is present in what you see/hear/read, then someone is deceiving you and have been for a while, especially if you become angry when it’s not your fight, and start having dangerous ideas about life, at which point we need to SLOW ourselves down, take a step back to really see what we’re doing, and how Danger-Us we’re being.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 893: That’s Not Here!

Often times I’ve found myself thinking about/bringing up (in my mind) things that’s not here, such as old memories, interactions conversations I’ve had/seen or came across in my past that I’ve programmed within me to come up at the wrong times, but interesting how this happens mostly after something I’ve done in my world to myself, participated in that has mistaken my standing/stability/means and ways of survival in a sense, where afterwards I then look for things that has happened to others, conflictual situations in the world and/or what I believed others had done unto me in my past, to veil what I’ve presently done to myself in the current recent moment’s (And/or random s***), where what comes up is the resistance to “The facing me point”, what I’ve done unto myself that has nothing to do with anyone else but me, to so time and time again suppress this point into eventually repeating the same pattern again, like for instance one would do something then go back and analyze what one could have done but didn’t do, that keeps the same way of doing things fresh in one’s mind on rinse and repeat, with no change for the next time and then the next and the next, creating this seemingly unbreakable pattern. And then comes the wonderment of “Why does this always happen to me”? “There must be something wrong with me”. “The universe must have it in for me” and so on and so forth, not realizing these questions are part of the trap, the suppression mechanism that keeps us bound to failure, away from realizing/reaching our utmost potential.

I mean it’s essential for man to know thyself, that doesn’t necessarily means what I would do in the face of others, but more so what I do and how I experience myself when alone with me, because the things that’s not here that we bring up is not only the problem, but more so what we’re covering up when bring these things up, that cakes this icing of a cover up as a major portion of our own eventual self-sabotage.

When you look at it, like with common things, is it others fault that we trip and fall naturally over obstacles when not paying attention, is it others fault that we lose our keys, or forget what day/time it is when time is of the essence, is it others fault for the health crisis we individually face in our own worlds, by our own acceptances and allowances, which dictates responsibility not being our own and so not taken, I think not, as what we do to ourselves, is for most part triggered by what comes up in our minds, things that’s not Here in moments when focus and awareness should be at the forefront of our actions.

Self-Accountability is not that complicated and doesn’t mean that you’re in trouble and need to fear all the consequences, as we’re apt to make miss-takes but should take the miss as a gift, and hit the ball the next time out the park and over the fence (so to speak), but only after we’ve faced the point and corrected our stance, that if done at the onset stops suppression in its tracks, while remaining on track with the life we want to lead, that’s seeded by maintaining our self-honesty and self-integrity, which states, I’m committed to creating space for investigating me, for introspecting me, to get to know who I really am, and understanding that I am my own strengths and weakness, but don’t have to weaken myself with my own resistances.

The premise of ‘That’s not here’ is to stop this pattern I exist as, of making what I face last to be looked at, while in the midst of thinking let me look to “solve” someone else’s problem, as well as in this case, random thoughts/pictures and memories that comes up, that’s not here by any means, but taking on more than one can chew, as an additive when one’s plate is already full, with mind chatter as a dessert before completing my self-serving, in service of correcting the complications of my own selfish will, as I will get through the point of bringing to a momentary halt my forward movement and progress.

Ok so, since I started walking my process with Desteni, I’ve used the tools provided such as writing, self-forgiveness, self-corrective application/commitment statements and so on and so forth, to bring through the awareness of me more, and in doing so I’m able to realize/see the intricate behavioral patterns I’ve participated in within myself for so long, that I would normally let go unnoticed, slip by and go unchecked. Now of course it’s a process to walk through all that comes up, but also within that, I’m able to simplify this process with hacks, life-hacks like mantras of sort, ways of looking at things, things to say that simplifies my commitment to stand up from within my own mishaps.

Now the other day I was faced with a point of something working out in my favor, that could have done so but I ended up sabotaging the point, that again had nothing to do with anyone else but me, as it was me, myself and I who brought it up and acted on it that ultimately didn’t work out, so I ended up losing out then beat myself up over not doing certain things differently, and interesting what came up was all these random thoughts, pictures, belief’s and memories, that had nothing to do with what just happened, but surfaced without a moment’s notice, so by that time I had laying down to rest for the evening and was still in reaction towards myself, within this point of reaction, while these random thought kept surfacing, the words “That’s not Here” came up, and so I started saying that with meaning everytime a new random thought/picture/memory arose, and every time I said it, they would disappear which initially surprised me because most of the time before resting I would have to do endless self-forgiveness statement in order to fall asleep, but because I was in this reactive state, I was able to transform it into being something supportive, so transforming reaction into perseverance.

The next morning when I got up, I was able to see all the points within what had happen and wrote it out in my morning self-forgiveness, but took away from this, a cool hack to get me back to baseline, by saying “That’s not here”, (meaningfully) when needing to immediately correct something I’ve done, makes it quicker for me to look at, see, walk through, face, correct and get back to stability that much faster, verses spending time correcting these random thoughts, memories that comes up in my mind, to suppress and prolong time away from what I need to face in the moment, and just face it, because “That’s Not here”.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 892: The Earth is Not Your Dumpster

Everything that’s in and on the earth is already in it’s designed place, with a particular purpose that helps the earth flourish/grow/develop/thrive and expand, a paradise for all life to commune/interact and evolve simultaneously, long before mankind had graced it’s shores, as a hybrid connected to a mind conscious system that doesn’t experience the emotion and feelings it excretes out, on and into the human physical body that has direction over where and how we dump our s***, from verbalization to idea’s and broken promises, the only confidence we have is the illusion of dominance, from within that we lose connection with the earth, and do things unbecoming to the life we are, like wiping our nose and throwing the paper on the ground, then walk away thinking I’m “So fresh and so clean, clean”, as a presentation we present ourselves as being so clean, but won’t hesitate to ‘hock and spit a loogie’ on the street, (That’s forcefully spitting out a mass of saliva and phlegm from the throat ), that sounds nasty because we hate to look at the nasty things we do, and would rather blame it on being a force of nature, where with nature we’ve mushed together things that interrupts the body’s function, all for having a few trees in our pockets, and dominion over something we can’t control, and would lose our souls over what the mind tells us to do, like dumping our waste a few blocks away from me and you.

How can one possibly usher in a good/new life through strife and destruction, when it’s taken a thousand years for God to program one day, do we really think we can keep on going this way, when history has shown how we let fear interrupt our change, where time and time again we’ve trashed the Earth in cycles, then built on top of the destruction to cover up what we’ve done, but just as nature sprouts through cracks in the concrete, so has the truth sprouted through the cracks of our own deceit, as we continue to spray ‘Roundup’ to kill off the weeds, human beings are not weeds we play a vital part in this existence, that starts with being the Guardians of this Earth and the life that inhabits it, for the children of the future to come and live life to the fullest, I mean who knows if we might be one of the children coming back again, entering into a world still full of sin, and trash we’ve left from previous generations, that has created disease and viruses that pirates away our way of living.

I mean we talk about the children as if we know what’s best for them, but show them it’s ok to throw our trash out the window, on the ground while driving or standing ten feet away from a trash receptor, thinking as long as I drop it in the vicinity someone else will pick it up, then the next person do the same, and then the next and the next, until that whole side of the street looks like a war zone for food fights, where the grass surrounding it can’t grow because of all the mites, that comes for the food in trash trying to assist our human neglect, when all we had to do is pick something up before stepping over it, that’s considering the Earth and the next person walking behind you, that could possibly assist an onlooker to do the same, and when they do it (as well) creates a chain of change.

I mean imagine going anywhere, anyplace on this earth (for those living in heavenly places) and there the neighborhoods look the same as yours, no trash on the streets, thriving gardens, just a breath of fresh air, wouldn’t it be comforting to see that this is one less thing for the world to stress about, where the saying goes cleanliness is next to Godliness, so why not God the space in which we live, work, walk, play and breathe, exemplifying a point within Oneness and Equality, that if we can all do this one thing, (that’s cleaning up our own space), would help facilitate the foundation for bringing heaven to earth.

But what I find interesting is that it’s not actually the food that trashes the earth, but the things we’ve created to wrap around the food, from paper wraps, to plastic containers and crates to carry loads, and boxes to keep it “fresh” that when left alone manifest mold, then take these moldy boxes and pack in our clothes, and when the boxes tear apart we throw them out on the side of the road, to be pick up and carried to the landfill to be buried or burned to the heavens, and when the stench reaches the atmosphere, it rain back down on our crops, then wonder how we’re creating a society of malnourished human beings, it’s because we walk right passed the things on earth that needs to be cleaned, and this is just one perspective. The Earth is Not your dumpster!

Thanks for reading.

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