Day 931: The Illusion of Panic

Being at wit’s end is just a holding point for pending correction, except when this end becomes your means to express frantic behavior, panting yourself into a manic depression, that shortens the length of one’s breath into manipulated spurts for air, interrupting the blood flowing freely through the body unrestricted, assisting the mind to stop the body from functioning correctly, all because of the idea of losing your self-interest, for putting ourselves in a precarious position. Built up in a matter of seconds to minutes is usually how long it takes, to go from stability to wavering hoping that you won’t faint, where if you stand up too quick the dizziness will cause you to black out, that why it’s important to breathe in – before such worst cases occur.

Could it be that one of the main reasons why one’s vision becomes blurry, is the rhetorical self-question ”What am I going to do now”, especially when all resources have been depleted and you’re faced with looking at you, sort of brings a new meaning to the saying “Here’s to looking at you kid”, and because we’re not used to looking at the face of ourselves, we’re unable to see the answer that resides inside us – that’s when the heart starts racing and the eyes becomes big, hyperventilating attempting to retake control of a mind that’s lost, but not really lost only directing our thoughts, we’ve accepted as the guiding force in our decision making process, like just because a reward may be given for pushing something you don’t necessarily agree with, doesn’t means you should overlook the effect it will have on others implemented by you, where the implications will fall dead on your shoulders, as so the consequences that’s soon to follow, that would overwhelm even the strongest person when the truth comes out, where in the system it’ll be hard for such persons to walk down the street.

Let alone breathe when realizing the nature of our ways, as these ways have paved our road to dismay, dismissing the equality equation every chance that’s given, because panic would have you to believe that others have it in for you, so do stupid shit towards one another never once making it right, then hide out in the day time, just to go out at night and in spite of coming across the same ones we despise, we still think “I’m right” for the shit we’ve pushed.

Where in the end it never pays to be a minion to say I was just trying to survive, especially when “In the interest of your safety” is the disguise for keeping you in fear, where just doing your job also comes with a bit of common sense, that’s missed when presented with things “Hard” to resist, I mean panic is a failsafe mechanism used to keep one compliant, that’s as easy as throwing you a bone on a string then pulling it back right before you bite it, with the expectation of deliciousness from being so hungry, or the idea of success from being so poor. (Hmm) Who wouldn’t fall for the mind game of having things right within your clutches, then rushing to pull the trigger just to have the rug pulled from under you, frustrated at the basics of not bringing it back to self, that I am the one who created the panic within me.

That I am the one who didn’t listen to myself, that I am the one who followed along with society, whose priority is to listen and don’t ask any question, that I am the one who saw the problem but didn’t walk the lessons from it, meaning didn’t want to stand up and walk the path to correction, where as a collective we’re quick to remove ourselves from the (I) equation, and replace it with the Eyes to the sky Divinity, remaining eternally enslaved eternally for infinity, all the why’ll Panicking in route to our own demise.

With lies upon lies do we lie in wait for the surprise, playing chess with our chess hoping to be vindicated, but for being vindictive the only surprise comes when the time runs out, then the truth comes out and our fulfillment is drained, that’s when holes become apparent in the stories we tell, and the store of energies begins to fade when the blame game no longer works, and the stage is then set with the spotlight on you, and your accompaniment scrambles like roaches when the lights comes on.

From going along with the system having you to believe that the majority is the few and the few “Know it All’s” is in charge of you, but if you notice an interesting thing there is always only one person with the bullhorn at a time, advancing their fear porn narrative simultaneously through different platforms, that for some reason doesn’t seem to work well these days, as most humans are no longer afraid and have had enough, and starting to stand up against the corruption going on, and realizing no other time in history do we need to do more.

I mean more in the sense of making equality common, and the common denominator always equaling what’s best for all, and not more trusting in the establishment to have your best interest in mind, and if you see an outstanding distraction know that there’s something behind it, and spend more time getting you identity back, instead of falling for the ritual of changing the very fabric of your body, as the body knows more than you think you know, and if you listen closely it’ll tell you that – (Shh) “Panic is an Illusion”. Now Breathe!

Thanks for reading.

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Day 930: “I Believe”…

“Everything is a conspiracy theory; I mean everything, because how‘s it possible that what I’m hearing is not what’s meant, No way, things are just the way they are, impossible to change, it’s just life and you should just deal with it”: As we fall head over heels into believing our sole purpose here on earth is to be at the beckoning call and will of another, spewing big words and happy thoughtful ideals while at the same time telling you what they’re doing against you, but everything is “A OK” while seeing that it’s not, creating our experiences as a preemptive blind spot before investigating the anguish we’re feeling, to see where it’s really coming from, as the sum of all fears is realizing how we have been Duped/Bamboozled/Hoodwinked least lied to, and more or less despised too as useless eaters, but still believe most human-beings in power can do no wrong.

With Stork-ish intent we spend most of our days in defense of our distractions, head down to not see who is passing you by, and dare not say ‘Hi’ for interrupting My Me time, believing looking at someone else is time well spent, especially if they make me laugh, claiming I needed that – that the same goes for believing in the thoughts we think, I mean just let that sink in for a moment… then breathe… You see the veil of human nature have you to believe in the idea of powerlessness, that spawns cowards and why the weak stick together, out of fear with the idea of weathering the Storm that’s coming, that’s why it’s important to correct the Storm within you, within me, before Storming around in reaction believing everything is fine, and will soon pass so we can get back to feeding our minds, that’s why the real crime is giving up on yourself when you need you most, and it’s not a hoax that “Evergreen” doesn’t mean that nature is well. Wake you!

Before getting stood up like a blind date by the Mind, that works with wizards and warlocks to war monger against you, have a look at those that have suffered uselessly that didn’t have to, that was muffled from free speech just for telling the truth, how is it that you believe this will not happen to you, when history is the proof ‘the suffocation of people’, packed into tiny cities instead of living free as you please, but still can’t see how we’ve accept this through our beliefs, plus there isn’t a thief in the night coming to take you away, unless it’s changing your ways to become equal to and one with life, that happens when the blame game is stopped from being played with your life, so the rest of our days can be lived free as responsible human-beings.

“Believe me you” is quite a plea of ignorance, ignoring how we’ve trusted our minds more than our Self in each other, the defamation of individuals into characters/groups and classes, denigrates our understanding of the collective power we have, that we can’t see as long as our interactions is flawed, meaning everyone wants to direct the situation instead of collectively/together working through it, by way of educating through sharing, but also accepting each foreign perspective, to create our One Accord that would bind us together.

We tend to lay in wait when realizing how we were mistaken, when given disinformation then learning the truth, where when learning the truth the best thing to do is, to share the truth that you’ve learned to break the cycle of belief, like how is it possible that I’ve accepted so much grief, believing my life will be fine just as long as I keep my head down, but again when looking down it’s impossible to see your surrounding and the astounding things going on while turning a blind eye.

Action trumps belief bringing the impressiveness back to Self, instead of looking up to someone else try looking up to You, at what you’ve done and how far you’ve come to this point in your process, to see how you can only lead you in the right point of direction, that’s real leadership, directing Self by yourself through remnants of correction, meaning every time you see a belief investigate the design of it, where if it’s something you can see yourself physically moving into physical action with, nullifies the believe into forward moving progress.

So anytime you think ‘I believe’ do consider the outside stimulation and what feeling attachment that moves you into being anxious, or is it just a guessing game to further on a conversation, and if so do make the statement that I do need further investigation, that way I’m not limited to just what someone has interpreted, to create a purposeful feeling for me that I don’t necessarily agree with, but by leaving my beliefs aside I’m able to see my own structural resonance, that will show the common sense of what’s best for me and so all life in/as matter, in fact.

Thanks for Reading.

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Day 929: Intimidation (Perspective)

Hey, size doesn’t always matter where words do, but with no words worth we factor in size to hide behind, like there’s always someone bigger, but being a biggie should come with a tag of responsibility that needs no flexing to get our point across, as standing within the point when crossing paths with another that’s redefined as sharing our perspectives with each other, is a sign of our generosity when comparing in reciprocity not in a way of acting superior towards someone, from bums to races we tend to turn away in intimidation of them taking our “Chi” away or so we think, you see debating is the form of intimidation we use because it plays on the minds of any onlooker’s questioning, and when seconded be someone who follows the same narrative, is how we base our perception in which direction we should take, but it’s never our own it was intimidated upon us, by way of being scared into an undesirable path.

Freedom will never last if we keep using the word (Freedom), that only implies’ it’s not our innate right to be free, the same as saying I need to breathe when you’re already breathing, but realizing it is the most important thing we don’t do, so could it be that intimidation reside in the words we use, we let limit us from seeing who we really are, where it’s in the words In-Time-I’ll-Debate-About-Nothing that doesn’t allow humanity to see the equality within us all, so we fall and rise on the words of another, with the idea that if I don’t something will happen to me, and just like that we’re subjects of deceit, unable to see that it’s fear formulating our fall.

How can consequence be learned if not faced by the mistaken, unless the consequence was created by the intimidator that made you miss, but the interesting thing is the blame is still our own, for allowing ourselves to be pushed into doing “wrong”, where no reaction can satisfy the distraction of being intimidated, because those that intimidate are in fear themselves, for whatever reason we intimidate our Self, into believing that intimidation can really change our minds.

And then comes the shaking in the belly to a cold chill in summer, as we try to run away from our own self-induced experience, and as this accumulate we’re overwhelmed for nothing, except questioning “Why do I continue letting this happen to me”, where each time it does we build on our weaknesses, instead of embracing our weakness with a display of strength, that could be as easy stating NO before going into folding, and walking away with a resolve that helps to reestablish our confidence within Self.

Like what do you believe in that’s no fault of your own, but your own fault for believing this impression is real, where the trick is a series of calculated moves, not allowing you to pin point how you are being manipulated, stretched out over a period of time through little tweaks and subtle changes, as bits and pieces of our freedom being slowly stripped away, and because it’s believed to “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, we can’t see it’s the intimidator who is creating the crisis.

Like in the subtlest forms of intimidation, there may not be the yelling or screaming or even the “In your face” physical abuse, but the constant virtual signaling of things to cover up how the crisis was created, i.e. blaming you for being alive, using the air you breathe (that keeps you alive) as a patsy, a proxy to change your “life’s worth” in to a Network, to live/work/play when you’re told to do so, that leaves no room for the point of Self-Creation, but a small space for assuming “I’m doing the ‘Right’ thing”, while in that small space being groomed to believe the opposite, as the intimidator take composites of your mental state to see how else they can intimidate you.

And as this fear mongering goes on we become more compliant, too scared to stand up to a loud mouth bull horn, with a mean mug that scorns how we were born with inalienable rights – as such to breathe and experience the best of what life has to offer, that starts with a new understanding of ‘Losing your mind’, in the reverse sense of things by standing equal to and one with it, directing our acceptances and allowances towards what’s best for all life alive here on this plane, because Dammit if we continue allowing ourselves to be intimidated. So just say NO to the drug of manufactured happiness – to In Time we will ‘Not’ have to Debate About ‘Nothing…

Thanks for reading.

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Day 928: Dual Projections (Mind Perspective)

Dauntlessly pointing out the daunting things we face, in anticipation to intimidate the next person we talk to, in ways of not wanting to go there for lacking the utensils to ‘clean our plate’ (in the moment), is the same when our response is inadequate for not having the correct words to say, that could explain why we face projections as points of amazement, then project our dismay onto/towards the next person questioning, the why behind our expression all of a sudden changing, to aggression when simply wanting to know how you’ve been, it’s a deprivation when passing along the projections we received, as if this would release us from the anguish we experience, where the anguish we experience is from being caught off guard, that makes it hard for us to focus on the next thing ahead.

The immediacy of a next interaction after the last was left open-ended, pushes our lingering uncertainty to the forefront of our presence, and so no matter what’s being discussed our response becomes abrupt, because we can’t seem to let go of this unresolved feeling, and thus begin the long chain of Projection duality, taking one times two, plus two to forward it throughout our worlds, and as this continue on our whole day becomes shit, forgetting about the consequential factor at the cost of our relationships, where we’re now split into two different realities trying to cope in our day, one based in the self-placement of a projection that was given, and the other within a tugging trying to pull our-Self out of it, and because we haven’t moved through the point of self-forgiveness, we stay within it waiting for the next distraction to possess us.

{This works as such}: Take a person in your world who seems to feed off of the energy of making you mad, so every once in a while/or day they get in touch with you to get their fix, where at the beginning of the conversation they calmly draw you in, and as soon as you become vulnerable with them they snap at you (for NO apparent reason), and leave you standing there with your mouth wide open, wondering how the hell could I have just let this happened, now because we know them oh so well and have probably spent some cool moments with them, each time when giving them the benefit of the doubt, they turn it around on you and make you doubt yourself.

The interesting thing about it is that somehow we feel the need to be drawn to that person, as if we like being shitted on but don’t know why, where we have designed within ourselves the idea of being accepted, and because it took us time to build this relationship we don’t want to lose it, so become a “punching bag” at times just to maintain our memories, that’s clearly not healthy for the both parties involved, but to minimize the impact we involve the next person, and project onto them consequence for the way we now feel.

For most part it’s a real occurrence that plays out in many ways, from a rebellious individual to a boss that shouts, to a stubborn child that pouts when you’ve spoiled them then stop, to the road rage we experience and can’t do anything about it, for not being able to catch up with the car that started it, we carry these instances with us and release them on the next one we come in contact with, especially when calling a friend or family member to tell them what happened, hoping to be seconded, but most of the times we’re not, then turn it around on them as if they’re the problem.

I mean this is how we perpetuate these dual projections that lessens the possibility of having a good day, and as each day goes by we continue to spread hate, until we wake up one day and say why are people so hateful, not realize it all started with us passing along our projections, that have come back around full circle to teach us a lesson, where the lesson shows that the pattern of our reaction is the magnet that attracts the opposite, disrupting the frequency in which one is standing, but when flipped around the negative energy is then repelled, by one who chooses not to attach themselves to it, by way of covering up the negative with a positive vibe, to hide behind one side of an interesting relationship.

But when it’s mirrored and we react shows the pole position we can start from, erasing instead of racing around in circles chasing after energy, moving ourselves to see that this has nothing to do with me, so why let another rent the space in which I’m stably standing, meaning, if I put a log on a fire it will take up too much of my time by burning, plus why pass alone the burn for others to feel my pain, that will turn into a bonfire and now the whole world is burning, when all I had to do was to extinguish the flame.

So do we really want to reap what we sow when sowing is not our best suit, but mending an unraveling relationship every human-being can do, until we’ve mended our world into that which is best for all, that starts with me not accepting myself to react from being presented a simple mind projection, Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to subject myself to reacting to mind projections perpetuated onto/towards me from other people in my world, and because there was no immediate resolve during or closing the interaction, I carried this energy with me and into my next interactions with others close to me, creating an uneasy day for the next person I came across – pushing a now dual projection onto them what I took from another, as well as my own shortcoming in hopes that it would mitigate what I was experiencing in the moment, not realizing how this would then be spread throughout my world first and then into humanity as a whole, and in not seeing this would wake up one day saying people in this world are so hateful, exempting the Fact that it all started with me, pleasing someone who only feeds off of our energy, to excuse the point of not handling their own problems.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how simple it can be, if I turned the other cheek towards my own reactions specifically allocated from the mind, by stating within myself that I will not accept and allow myself to react to any mind projections directed towards me, but instead to direct myself to remain within the expression and experience of stability, that way the buck stops here with me in the moment of occurrence – to not feed into the energy behind what’s curtailing the other persons presentation, as this would only exacerbate the problem to continue existing, until there’s no way out of the mess we’ve all created.

And I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how when standing firm, being direct and staying calm in any strenuous situation, we’re able to defuse the situation (With mostly those in our worlds), that can be as easy as talking in a low tonality with a lower voice, that would casually help guide the other back to being “Here”, for them to be able to come up with a solution for themselves, and move throughout their day with some form of resolve, as I have experienced no one likes to walk around having a stressful day, so why not resolve all issues ourselves before letting this stress set in.

And in doing so we create the stopping point ‘without energy’ of “From Here No Further”, as a healing mechanism of sorts that could help mend the unraveling relationships we have with people in our individual worlds, and thus in time facilitate the baseline point of change we need to see, to being a part of it by stopping our flawed projections onto each other in our worlds.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 927: The “I need Proof” (Trick)

It’s unbelievable and not even conceivable to be reason-able when doubt is present, especially when what we need we already have, but trick ourselves into doubting our own understanding, and because we’re standing under the shadow of doubt, we opt out of anything that validates our initial commonsense, hence, The ‘I need proof’ trick to go against what we resist, hoping to remain in lock step with ignorance is bliss, but at some point we have to shake our Self awake, and stop falling for plans deemed as fool proof, being that there’s no such thing as a fool proof plan, but only a fool planning to fool you by changing the truth, that’s often a bruise we take when following this ruse, a deception that lessens our possibility for change, in moments of being hospitable to our wants/needs and desires, we turn away from the Gospel of our Structural Resonance, in alliance and alignment with our irresistible human nature, that tricks us into believing that we are Charming, but only an incantation that spells our impending doom, as long as we continue to doubt our Self for Proof.

If you look far enough ahead you’ll ultimately see the outcome, not limited to historians but also the common man and woman that knows the difference between living and survival, especially when given opportunities more than those in extreme poverty, I mean have a look at the polarity between the haves and the have-nots, from running water to having a pot to sit on that luxury our blind spot, where in order to stand up for those who have nothing, doesn’t require proof to see how we’re a stone’s throw away from it, meaning that which we accept and allow to happen to others in our world, we too will consequentially have to face the same, for being part of the problem that’s been suppressed to not see, that’s why investigation is key to realize who we really are.

But to scale it back a bit we do this in our individual worlds, with those we think left us to fend for ourselves, which opens the door to believing I can’t elevate on my own, but have everything we need to step up, show and improve, where our moves is then overshadowed by wandering doubt, so think we need others to prove us right, instead of cross-referencing our questions with ‘self’ first and then others, we let being ‘liked’ smother our perception in which direction we need to take, so when the other do resurface instead of sharing our progress, we resign our stance in looking for proof from them, that’s NOT needed, but need to quarrel our own self-dissolution, into reasonable cognition because no proof is really needed.

If you know you exist, walk, talk, eat, sleep and shit, what more proof do you need of your right to be here, except for the reasons behind why we are here, that we’ve kept from ourselves since exiting the womb, where could it be that we are the proof that life exist, but instead of moving towards it and embracing it as who we really are in every way shape and form, we distract ourselves from it with our individual God Complexes, God in the sense of manipulating power, where once it was the ability to facilitate change, through expansion/growth and development that’s best for all life collectively, but over time have given away our power to the plight of a few, who we let change this definition into something to be bought and sold.

And with this separation we now need proof for everything, that’s interesting because our simple recognition as a human is now ran through machines, that id’s to one man the classification in which we’re placed, before being erased as irrelevant if we’re not conforming, but more so than that conformity now comes with ease, when given money to buy things as we please, which is just a beg to continue to spend your life under the illusion of prosperity, that’s really another way of the controllers saying please trust me, with a straight face that’s laced with malicious deceitful intent, that’s hell bent on keeping you as dumb as possible, so you’ll never realize how your inheritance as LIFE has been squandered away, to spending the rest of your days thinking I’m too late.

I mean it’s massive how we’ve become ‘passives’ to standing up, look it up and see how there’s no will to stamp our fortitude, or steadfastness to sitting back and resting because we’re tired of challenges, that just so happen to place our life on the line, but even when proof is given we recline to look at it, because this would in-tell us doing something about it, and since we doubt the whereabouts of our standing, we remain Subjects in compliance to over-complaining.

But one of the most estranged ideals of proof needed, is that within relationships when told “Prove that you love me”, like what on earth can possibly prove to me that you love me, expecting a trick or treat feeling achieved through sexuality, because anything else is just a manipulating fallacy that can’t buy love if it was up for sale, because if love was real there would be more arguments, until an agreement is reached to not accept anything less than who we really are.

So par for the course inevitability is the proof, that’s unable to be deduced being that change is busy happening, and whosoever walks through it and stabilizes oneself, exemplifies a reason why we are here on Earth, so never criticize the person you don’t agree with or ask them for proof hoping it could second your self-interest, because expectations excommunicate you from patience, and no one wants to be the last to wake up for anything.

Now when it came to me, I thought I had all the proof I needed, so wouldn’t ask another to prove me wrong, huddled up in a bundle surrounded by my beliefs, as sheets that would keep me from the cold hard truth, so what a shock it was when un-blanketing my weak preferences, confessing that everything I thought I was, revealed the opposite, meaning I couldn’t prove a thing for not seeking out the truth, but when stepping into it, proved that what I spoke was quite facetious.

But in the process of simplifying our life with common sense, we began to extract what’s irrelevant to our existence, like the removing of our disassociation with one another, helps to rebuild our connectivity with each other, through transparency that’s apparently a transition into connection, and with two or more in the name of life we can start creating, ourselves first into the best possible versions of each other, then our world as proof that Heaven can exist Here on Earth. Who’s down?

Thanks for reading.

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Day 926: A Surface Barrier (Perspective)

Inside a Nutshell is simply a Nut, nothing to “ride home about”, talk about and/or make a big deal of, correct, but once it enters the pallet and then ingested the properties within it excites the sense, where it’s interesting to see how those who partake doesn’t do so for looks sake and/or as a delectable treat, but simply for the substance that fuels certain organs, enhancing our perception in rejuvenating the body, partly of course along with other nutrients of sorts, that doesn’t necessarily appeal to the eye that most resist, but know that at some point I must consider my wellbeing, so forget how it looks, this will sustain me in the long run.

The same as underestimating the look of another, then making a judgment call on whether to nod/frown/smile or ignore, where superficiality is only based on the surface that coerces our common sense into following the common core, core being the majority of what society has deemed acceptable, until the eventuality separates you from the accepted, and only then do we look for the truth as the Nutshell, that doesn’t come with a hopeful pretty picture as a propaganda presentation, pa-gan-da meaning an advertisement of an surface based ideology, that will most likely prey on the Emotion and Feelings of the Human mind, and the more we think we can ‘relate’ relinquishes our credibility, to simply falling for everything we see on the surface.

We base our decision making off of the warm fuzzy feeling we have, stimulated by what we see on the surface of a presentation, nice stories with pretty pictures that allegory our common sense back to sleep, while we participate in the disguise of our own defeat, given rise to unthinkable acts of deceit, just to maintain our position in the enslavement scheme, with dreams of making a killing that only kills off life, then wonder why things in our lives doesn’t go right, so through the point of agitation we perpetuate strife, striving to pull everyone into the level we abide, and because we’ve accepted this as our undefined purpose, it has become nearly impossible to see what’s under the surface.

For what Life is worth there should be no comparison from one person to the next, but if the person abuses Life, our children and spite their fellow man, there will be no escape from the damnation to be experienced, that mirrors the effect of what’s reaped is then sown, (Even me) no matter how meek on the surface we’re showing, it still seeps through our pores our disgust for human life, knowingly or unknown we’re programmed to not know, but actually know the programming in which we reside, it’s lies upon lies buried in lies behind lies, that lies in front of every opportunity to stand up and make a change, where even the attempt to do so is called a dangerous game, because of the fear that lies about death being the end.

But since we’re still here we should have a meaningful conversation, to see what’s underneath the surface of the things we’re facing, where if all were to have a look at what we’ve allowed in our lives, you would see points of greed veiled under the guise of human rights, my health as the point of fear begets the survival of the fittest, and with just these few things we lose sight of common sense, self-absorb to ignore what’s going on around us, so from the outside looking in we become stunned at first glance.

This is then covered up by our attention span that makes you believe you have ADHD, and since it’s a disease we excuse our Mindscape, to be given medication that takes more of our attention away, you see it’s a dangerous cycle we’ve become accustom to, claiming its something wrong with them when it’s really on us, for accepting gifts and presents from the bad actors in charge, because we’ve acted badly when given the opportunity to stand up for life.

Yes the I’s (Eyes) have it to keep us eternally enslaved eternally, as a surface barrier that reflects more so the things we want most, if not only for the things we want most it could be that, we wake up to see the things we ourselves need to change, so take charge and scan surfaces with a “fine tooth comb”, to see where in my life have I neglected my own self-responsibility, before looking to blame others for their surface presentation, for when we do see it we’ll immediately know what needs to be corrected. (Us)

Therefore, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself inundate myself with surface based ideology, being that I never wanted to look passed the surface to see what’s behind the picture, as the picture only resonated with my self-interest, occupying my time to stay connected to the system, where realism would stay as a figment of my imagination, and so reclined myself into being shown/told what to think/who to be and what to do, that way I would never realize the ‘You’ as the power within me, within each as one another as all life Equally, that starts with uncovering my own faulty foundation, to RE- Mason the solidification of building my creation on solid ground, so when the wind blows back the surface all you see is Oneness and Equality, that shows how I’m in the process of become equal to and one with Life.

That way the surface is no longer a barrier of complexities, but just a cover to open the book and investigate all things, where in doing so will cross-reference if the surface narrative is best for all or Not, and if not off we go back to the drawing board.

Thanks for Reading.

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Day 925: Collapse/Cower/Fold (Perspective)

Happy times get old real fast when learning how we let things slip by, it’s the great awakening but not how you think because at the end of the day we’re responsible for letting the ship sink, where with no means for in between we start to lose faith, coming to grips with there being no one out there coming to save the you, I mean what is responsibility if no one wants to take it, more so or less than the ones busy collapsing and changing their system, where in their minds “At least we’re doing something”, while all we’re used to is cowering and folding, especially when questioned about side-taking and stepping, we digress into a catatonic state and play dummy. It’s funny because we’ll drag others down to our level, then fight for our spite to stay there and do nothing, accept point the finger for someone else to knuckle up for you, because all we know is to hide and wait for change. I mean it’s not a fist fight with just one person, so why do we get mad and take our anger out on another, blaming them for what’s going on inside us, and as we exhale our whole body becomes limp, with no back bone to fall back on to push ourselves back up, thinking this is the time to “Fold Em” instead of Holding accountability, and as the saying goes, “This too Shall Pass”, but not until we pass alone the understanding of what’s really going on. Enjoy!

Accumulated consequences is the result of dominance that promises to own every human alive, where since the beginning of time man has tried to reach the pinnacle, of Godhood to stand in place of the one’s that created us, in “Us” I mean this life form in which our being-ness reside, being-ness most misconstrue as being our souls, not realizing that if you “Think”, you’re also being controlled, by this little thing called the “Mind” we believe is a terrible thing to waste. It’s a system inside a system designed to facilitate our preprogrammed life path, and by life path meaning there’s no coincidence for anything we experience in our lives, but wholeheartedly believe we’re making rational decisions, when systems too’ have their own level of rational programming.

So by our choosing we individually chose to lock ourselves into the path we thought would fit us best, and experience ourselves in certain ways while correcting our Human-Nature, Human-Nature being our ability to Spite one another for Energy and Power, thinking whomsoever have all the power will be able to bend the world to their will.

We then manifested this Spiteful power as money in a physical form, then formed grouping of laws directing the flow of it to the top, and made everything that the Earth provide freely subject to having money, before putting the trickledown theory into place to enact world dominance, trickledown because it’s a trick to keep the common man down, where if you want more you must become a minion to the agenda of the narrators, and within that you can have all the money you want just as long as you can keep a secret, and that’s where the secret behind the secret that’s not a secret comes in.

This then spawned societies of power hungry people with money to create separatist groups, and as they grew they gain more power in the regions in which they were founded, with a sole purpose to coerce the individual into following commands, by way of giving’- in telling you that you need “things” to survive, it just so happened that these things you need would became distractions to keep you occupied, while the right to live the life you want disappears in front of your eyes, given rise to Masters that flatters the senses into believing the truth is a lie, for when the truth is told you fold and cower to not be ostracized.

It’s a cry-me of an epic proportion to believing in the propaganda that you don’t matter, the blatant degrading and inhumane shaming done by global partners, enacted through disasters of “Wag the Dog” in historic fashion, which is a prominent pattern we can’t seem to get passed for pending distractions, given rise to concepts like, “If it isn’t one thing it’s another” accepting the belief that “this is too much, I can’t take it no more”, ignoring how it’s still our responsibility to fight for our right to live and equalize our-self to life, so when the next cycle begin there’s no looming collapse in sight.

It’s the subtle emergence of an uncomfortable feeling is all it takes, to breach the line of resistance and see that fear can be replaced, where with every step we make turns our cower into power, and folding into embolden ourselves to no longer accept this inequality, which take a bit of understanding on the true definition of a leader, that has nothing to do with force but a practitioner of what’s preached, and with this understanding we can rebuild our common core, as; the more we stand (up) together the harder it is to be ignored. Therefore;

When the resistance to standing arises within you make sure to push through it, because making a statement in this age of information helps to awaken the questioning masses, and although there’s more to awakening one-self one must get to a base point of understanding, that if you choose to cower others are certain to follow and so find ourselves in this position again.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 924: Bubble Burst (Perspective)

If you watch/hear or see the same thing for so long you start to believe it, and as you believe it you attach yourself to it, more so or less it influences our belligerence, to/towards anything reasonable like common sense, it’s like layer after layer of paint caked on a wall, an because it’s hard to remove we put wallpaper on it, where if you ask a previous tenant what’s the original color, they’ll tell you to peel back the wallpaper and that’s what it is, meaning just because you see one thing doesn’t mean it is what it is, that we repeat in our minds and call this insight for what things are – happenings that only happen because we never used paint thinner, to see that the wall is moldy and bound to fall apart.

Where in the background if you look closely the truth is hidden in plain sight, but because we’ll never admit our faults, we only listen to the words = the absurdity of propaganda that only serve to burst your bubble, so when feeling unease we look for someone else to second our message, it’s the “Closed-Mindedness with broken desires that keeps the truth falling on deaf ears, where by design we don’t want to hear things that excites our inner most fear, so praise the sleeper for sleeping that ultimately keeps us asleep till November, that makes it a cold dark winter for those not apt to standing up.

Now when for a moment you do see something that doesn’t fit and want to suppress it, it’s the same as accepting our own demise as we sprint towards being careless, spare me the limitation of debating about something that’s currently present, is the idea of having no power to be able to change to a different direction.

It’s interesting how we only confess our blindness when standing to lose something, but when we don’t want to see things we continue playing the game, that is until we’re called out about the choices we were looking to get away with, and now have to backtrack in admittance the effect it has on ourselves, let alone others in our worlds who saw the mistake coming to head, and in so many ways letting us know they’ve been down that road before, but still then reserve no judgment because everyone works with human nature, plus it’s never too late to un-suppress what may be a detriment to any relationship.

High Hopes and Expectations are but a few examples that spawns the bubble burst, like putting your faith in something that feels good comes with the polarity thereof, thinking “I thought things would be a certain way” then realizing that they’re not, in exampling words spoken and not followed through on or with, by any head of society that violently pushes toward greed, but we’ve accepted this in our own worlds = wanting our own cake and eating it too, where the share becomes too hard to do when one is addicted to eating sweets, which in this case is the idea of power that ultimately causes our defeat.

The same goes for putting too much trust in the one leading the way, especially if we ourselves haven’t investigated the one we’ve chosen to lead, it’s like a blind date with ‘Colors’ led by a color blind person, who doesn’t see the glaring resonance flickering “Danger Ahead”, but instead we push forward out of fear or self-interest, that eclipses our common sense to being stuck with our own decisions, but again we don’t see this until our bubble burst, that comes with the feeling of worthlessness amidst a storm of depression.

Hopefully hopeful hoping that hope will somehow save the day, is us anxiously awaiting for News full of hope so we can breathe, because as things become more in-credible we start to realize our flawed decisions, panting/pacing/shaking, bracing for impactful conflict with others who’ve warned us.

But could it be the gift behind having your bubble burst, is Life’s way of letting us know our own Self-Distrust, because if we trust our-Self we would investigate our own experiences, structurally designed feeling that changes our fortitude into being compliant, as we accept lie after lies to hide our lack of self-will, and only fall in line with being told how we should feel, where at which point is it too late to release ourselves from this bubble, of ideas/perceptions and beliefs that sweeps what’s really going on under the rug?

Life is not a sad song but a melody worth understanding, like to become equal to and one with Life is to be trusted by life, that takes the Human Man and Woman to really get to “Know Thy Self” and able to equalize oneself with all as life that exist. So instead of accepting the all mighty as a Spiritual Belief Gimmick, have a look at the energy behind how we love to be in suspense, the quick turn in one moment from reality to a person’s true colors, that pricks the invisible cellophane to bursting our own damned bubbles.

In all never put much faith in things we resist investigating, because if it feels right and resonates with us is it then just something we want to hear, that should be an indication to cross-reference before embracing, then sharing what we see as our prominent point for taking responsibility.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 923: Bully Pulpit (Perspective)

You wonder why things are hard to see that could be attributed to the bully pulpit, with a feeling that things don’t quite seem to be the way they should, but can’t quite pinpoint it let alone put a finger on it, meanwhile it’s the finger in which fucks the world, that sucks the life blood right out of humanity, while human being have set back and given self-governance to money, we’ve allowed our bullish nature to be subject to bullying, but just as above so below, we look for forcible ways to subside human nature, claiming it’s the responsible thing to do, but really it’s to cover up our own fuckups.

Could it be why the concept “Sweep it under the rug” was created, as an attempt to stop one from questioning their own society, so when harm is done to a certain group of people, it’s blamed on another to make it more digestible, and as we go along believing the presenter is innocent, we subjugate ourselves to a forceful dominance, that will spread like wild fire being directed from the top, and the only way you can see this is to Stop Participation.

The bully pulpit will tell you exactly what you want to hear, then add in ideas of separation from one race to the next, but if you really look at it it’s the same playbook from the past, oppress a race then set them free then tell them they’re oppressed again, and time and time again we fall for this same design, but what’s different this time is there is more of an equal standing in society, and because they can’t affect all those of the race in question that has woken up to this scheme, they’ll approach the street dwellers to have them to do their bidding, it’s interesting because money is what we’ve allowed to define our self-worth, so become worthy for a cause that’s designed to take you out, and just because the bully in the pulpit gives credence to your insecurities, doesn’t mean that you are secure from what LIFE has to offer.

It’s just a watered down way of saying, “You Will Have To Face Your Self”, but in the moment of thinking we’re in control it’s just the Ego plotting against you, to in due time take revenge for not listening to your-Self, but can’t see it for having the dollar $ signs glistening in our eyes, never asking the question of how is the bully really created, then looking at the creation of the bully within ourselves, and because it’s ingrained within us to bully our way through and to what we “Want”, it’s hard to see how our own manipulation have given rise to being controlled.

Now when you look back at childhood to when you we’re stopped from making your own decisions, then told that the decisions you want to make is not the way “I” want you to live, by a parent or guardian or older sibling under the guise of protection, this is when we we’re introduced to bullying and became bullies in our own worlds, with loves, likes and dislikes, free choices and opinions, that oddly enough only resonated with the experience of catching Feeling, we unknowingly projected the bully within us onto people in our circle, that could be why most relationship from our past is not present.

And if you’re really trying to figure out how bullying works, start with looking in the mirror to see why you believe you are your thoughts, because if you believe your own thoughts you’ll believe the thoughts of another, then bully yourself into making irrational decisions, especially when it’s based in fear or repercussions, we’ll purposefully not look any further to see what’s really behind it, so when the truth of the matter comes out we’ll say “It was hard to see”, but really have let the bully in me be subject to being bullied.

That’s why we allow bullying in school because we see it in the News – that defines the domination of another as a good leadership quality, but more so it’s the damnation of ‘equity’ which is a race to the bottom, that shows how we’ve allowed ourselves to live life from a bottom feeders perspective, because anything coming from the top that doesn’t have our best interest in mind, is the exacerbation of a compromised authority figure that’s been bullied, where the only things they can do is Pull as many people as they can into the Pit of demise, so from the pulpit lies are spit to keep most of humanity blind.

Where within we make shrines to praise Gods, Gurus, Masters, Kings and Queens, then let their bully message massage our minds into being complacent, then teach our children there’s nothing greater in Life than to submit in concession, so our potential is never realized or reached to see who we really are, par for having glimpse into our own abilities at certain times, far and few in between for allowing the bully to direct our lives, we’ll still see how the responsibility is none other than our own, but until we just say NO will we allow ourselves to see it.

You can never get rid of the bully as long as it exist within yourself, so how can I get rid of the bully that exist within me, you see because we’ll remember much more of what someone else says than what comes up in our minds, we must equally pay attention to the experiences we have inside, like are my reactions warranted when someone simply has a different view than I, and what will be the consequence if I attempt to force them to my side, will what I spread be lies if I haven’t investigated it thoroughly myself, plus why am I submitting to what doesn’t seem to be common sense, or do I really need to fight for my own limitations, is what I’m saying fear based projected onto another to same face, have I placed myself in a position of making things hard for me to see, and if any of the above is true I must be the Bully within me. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how I’ve subjected myself to bullying/being bullied in a way where I just went along with the ideas/perceptions/beliefs of a society filled with laws do’s and don’ts, as if things were in my best interest when they weren’t, where I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see how I’ve suppressed my best interest in the back of my mind, that in turn tampered with my stability, showing clearly how my life was being orchestrated around bullying.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have based my stability off of bullying myself into believing what everyone else does is what I should do as well, because I didn’t want to “Feel” left out, ostracized or degraded, and so instead of looking at how my bullish way would ultimately subject me to following along with a narrative coming from the bully pulpit, I became the drive of a “cattle car” to bring people to my side, that really wasn’t my side as I was being taking for a ride, and so accepted the Ego that came with it believing that I’m right, and didn’t seek to cross-reference the information I sided with, that opened the door for gullibility to veil my own common sense.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how I have been degrading myself by allowing the bully to exist within and as me, by way of turning a blind eye towards my internal reality, so when any authority figure spewed a narrative that seems incredible, I relinquished my own credibility towards self to fall in line with whatever’s in it for me, where as a collective that’s what we do thinking money is the ultimate self-governance, which makes it hard to see that our own self-autonomy, (Authority) awareness, equality and oneness is the key, to equalize ourselves to each other as all, in replenishing our common core so we no longer fall.

So the core of the matter is to investigate self and what resonate as common sense being best for all and not just for the ‘few’ (democracy), that way the autocracy coming from the pulpit is directed by the people that not subject to one man’s human bullish nature, for lack of better work meaning a devil in disguise, and what better way to start than to look at yourself inside.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 922: Hard To See (Just an Excerpt)

It’s so compelling that we rebel against what makes us feel uncomfortable, where on the surface when submerging our face, face deep in distractions, it’s hard to see what lies beneath the presentation of information we let drive our decision making process, like what’s the framework behind this picture, what’s the history that makes me believe this information resonates with me, when it really doesn’t = the questions we don’t ask our-Self for moving passed the opportunity to really investigate all things thoroughly, before injecting in fear to be projected onto/towards people in our lives, i.e. family members and friends etc., especially when it comes to our individual well-being/survival, life and living, where if we live our life according to our comfort ability, our ability to confront discomfort will be confined to uncertainty.

Therefore when emergencies arise we desert our stability for a point normality, claiming, “I just want things to get back to normal” as if to abdicate our responsibility for making things happen, and when things happen we want them to stop, to the architects of the narrative that only serves to feed you more poisons, and just when you think things are on the up and up, you’re wooed back to sleep by a poised manipulator, agitator of deceit that enjoys feeding you lies, and because we can’t see what’s hidden in plain sight, we’ll straddle the agenda and ride it off into the sun set, or better yet ride it to death until there’s no life left, because it hard to see a way forward standing on the edge of a cliff, not realizing the next step we take may take us down with the ship.

It’s like turning a blind eye then turning the other cheek, thinking “I can’t believe what you’re saying to me” or more so, “I’m not ready to go that deep with information”, but really I’ll never admit how gullible I am, because if this is true “I won’t be able to live with myself”, not realizing the way we’ve been living is not for ourselves, but a figment of our imagination we think is our-Self, I mean imagine living in a society where everyone knows themselves, who sees things coming before its enacted, then move in an orderly fashion to correct the situation, that takes no debating when we’re on the same page, ready to engage when things are not best for all life.

But this is what makes things hard to see, (i.e.) The best way to scare someone is to first draw them in, then massage their mind until they become comfortable, and under the spell of comfort ability make them believe they have a choice in the matter, then after – scare them something they can’t possibly see, where the massaging comes from the different “Shows” you watch, and the choice in the matter is the “Remote Control” you crutch, flipping through different channels as if you’re in control, not realizing this was a way of adding more memories to the soul, then after being mind-controlled tell them there’s an imminent danger, and you can’t see it so stay away from strangers, matter of fact stay away from everyone who don’t live in your house, because they might have the thing we’re talking about.

It’s the sleight of hand trick, “Look over there, there’s nothing to see here”, meanwhile you’re freedoms are stripped away because you can’t see clear, then years later when you’ve given up all your rights, that’s when the truth comes out and you’re forced to see it, but whether you see it, believe or leave it you’re still being deceived, because we’re still Not taking responsibility for Self, as life as the flesh you may think my body my choice, but what choice do you have when not standing up for ALL life?

This is the end of a cycle, we’ve been here plenty times before, where the only thing that remains “True” is we love to ignore it, the truth because it doesn’t really pay very well, not realizing that if we just pay Attention we won’t need to be paid, which makes for a society impossible to be enslaved, and paves the way for the redefinition of transparency, which is being forthcoming to all with respect and dignity, and only then will we be able to stand equal to and one with Life. Can you see it?

More to come…

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