Day 726: How Do You Know?

They say knowing is half the battle, in the age of knowledge and information, where we battle against one another to see who knows the most, that comes from someone else and stick to our guns as if we saw it first hand and/or investigated it for our-Self, tried, tested and true and invested the time it took to figure it out for ourselves, before we go blabbing about what we think we know, that’s just a script courtesy of the last person who got the information from a tip given by someone else.

I heard that knowledge without application is useless, so I tried it out for myself and realized that I was just a know it all that didn’t know s***, let alone myself, so I quit the band standing and started my investigation with the History of Mankind that didn’t stand in Oneness and Equality with all as life, just to find out the Truth of the matter was in reverse and really Hurt (Which is truth backwards without the T) – that I became an actor with preprogrammed lines in the “Play of Circumstance”, which had me running around in circles, while standing in one spot, talking about what everyone else got, instead of looking at me.

“But how do you know”, is the question that’s accompanied by, He or She said and I believe, that’s only spoken when what we say is in question, instead of; “Don’t believe me, investigate it for yourself” that I’ve done for me, that won’t happen because the word investigation is shunned upon by many, that takes away from the time we value in doing nothing, because the rest of the time is spent surviving in the system of “I’ll just do, say and believe what I’m told”, that works for me and I’m fine.

Interesting how we’ll make statements about things that’s widely spread and everyone believe, and use as a conversation piece like “Dogs are color blind” and that’s it, without realizing how dogs can obviously see more than just color, being that if you walk passed a brick walk on the street alone, how is it that a dog on the other side barks at you before you even get there, and/or sitting in the house with your dog, expecting someone to come by or home, when they pull up/walk up, the dog start barking and you say ‘What is it boy” and the person you’re expecting then knocks on the door, that for a spit second we’re perplexed but leave it at that, blaming it on they can just sense things, that takes away from the exceptional seeing abilities they have, as just one example.

But sitting in a gathering/get together, let’s say at a Barbeque or elsewhere, with a group of friends with different conversations going on at the same time, things we say are taken for face bases, where what we know and talk about is subject to reality shows, social media and “I feels”, where our feelings trump any common sensical conversation one could have, and if you impede on them, you’ll be seen as a party pooper and scooped into a category of a negative downer, and will not be invited to the next function, lol.

All and all the reason for this blog is a note to the Selves we are, to before speaking/believing and acting on what we’ve heard/seen and or thought about, to ask ourselves the question “How Do you Know”, that way, what we talk about is in fact what we’ve investigated and so lived.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 725: A State of Judgement Perspective

That was inspired by a conversation I had with my brother, about family dynamics and how those of us that grew up in a religious based system, experienced being in a state of Judgement towards one another and others in our worlds, which is more like a state of emergency, when urgently looking to be in the lime light, to appease the one we call Pastor/Bishop or Reverend, that tells us to expose others WHOA, and what they do good sweep under the rug, while preaching the scripture; “Judge not less Ye be Judged”, that changes the family dynamics from loving to, I’m telling momma on you, because you’re not supposed to do that, which becomes the dividing factor between sibling when they get older, scared that you’re going to judge them for what they do now, that has had a profound effect on the way we choose to live our life, around the people we’ve known all our lives, up until the last time we connected with them, back in the state of Judgement, as how many of us were raised.

Being unable to relate fact with fiction, we created Friction between the two polarities and barely knew which one is-which, then Judged each other for it, because that’s all we knew, without realizing, I would be judged too, under the claim that exposition is the way to freedom from accusations, without asking the question why are-we being exposed in front of a congregation and judged for not following suit.

Because the tailor couldn’t get the dimension correct in what they were saying and so scared us into a tight corner, and forced into a tight suit that restricted the blood flow, as the limitations to our self-expansion, and so remained within a state of judgement, that sticks to your flesh, because it hard to scrape off the vest that’s part of the three piece suit, as the trinity that religion brings, stating that who so ever, can’t relate to these things, Judge them until they do, then bring them into the fold, to be controlled too, and as well.

So now walking around with this shell trying to break free, everything and one we see, we look at differently, then initially judge them for being different than what we’re used to seeing and being around and talking to, without really talking to them to get to know them, because the idea of knowing them may shake the fabric of the suit we’re in, and since it has been a part of us for so long, we feel that without it, would leave us bare and naked, vulnerable to the element, that would only eliminate the idea and belief we have about things, but in the moment of a potential interaction, we freeze up and go straight into the state of judgement.

I’ve come to realize that vulnerability is not all that bad, being that holding everything in eventually makes one sad and mad at judging oneself for what we’ve done, and think that others are exempt from making the same mistakes, then project the idea of our mistakes onto others without realizing we need to clean this s*** up, and the way to doing that, is to become vulnerable in accepting as a gift the mistakes we’ve made, instead of judging ourselves for the state we’re in, then when it come to friends or family, it’s easy to accept them for who they are or have become since the last time we really interacted with them, without judgement, and with someone new, to look within oneself first to assess what comes up and if anything correct it if needed, with self-forgiveness before interacting with them, as in; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge this person in front of me, for the way they look, that I perceive them to be different than me, but haven’t talked to them yet to get to know them as who they really are.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe that I’m superior to this person, because of the way I was raised – that told me to see others who didn’t follow the belief system I grew up in, as inferior to me and so (in a way) judge them until they follow what I now believe, other than that separate myself from them. And so on and so forth until one has corrected oneself for what came up in that moment – that would stop us from always being in the state of judgement towards others we don’t know, because we’ve corrected our-Self first.

But towards those in our immediate environment/household/family members and/or close friend, the correction comes in the way of; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fall prey to being in a state of judgement, and so prey on my sibling growing up by judging them for stepping out of line, and so felt the need to expose them as the normality of occurrence that was acceptable to me back then as our way of life, that I didn’t see would put a damper on the relationship I have with them now, that has become more superficial than beneficial for the both of us, and so for so long shied away from having a meaningful conversation with them out of fear of being judged.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize, how I had given my self-control and reasoning away to the idea of a belief system and those in charge as the authority figures, and blindly followed what was being told to me (to judge and expose), instead of truly loving and accepting my sibling/close friends for who they are and how they are, which would have created more of a trustworthy relationship between us all, because of accepting the vulnerability within each other, without exposing them, through gossip or and other way.

And so, we begin to break the mold, and move out of the limitation that being in the fold brought into our lives/family/friendships and worlds, that would stop one from always being and living within a state of judgement.
[Side note]: Embarrassment is only an Illusion. Try it out.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 724: Human Programming to Self-Automation (Perspective)

From young we’re asked; “What do you want to be when you grow up”, then recite from a programmed list of things we already have stored in our minds, that we’ve gathered from the reality around us, the environment we live in and our parents, which is interesting, because when having a look at it, it’s like a test question asked by our parent and/or teachers to see if we’re programmed correctly, in essence, ‘did I do a good enough job programming you the way I was, and if the child respond with ‘I don’t know’ or something off the wall like wanting to be an animal or something else, instead of asking why this is, we’re then tweaked into a programmable state of conformality, that we then take into self-automation and carry with us throughout the rest of our lives, without realizing how we’ve adopted the programming of ourselves since childhood, so now what we repetitively see, we store and become that in which it is, creating a personality around it, until it embodies and suffocates who we really are, and believe this to be the real me.

I did it to myself without realizing it, but with help from the inundation of social media, T.V., Music (of course) and the different group (belief systems) I choose to be in, where if something sparks my interest as the ‘IN’ thing, through self-automation, I ‘tweak’ my own programming (personality creation), to make it fit into my list of things I wanted to be when I grew up, and so now all grown up, I can be any of these things I’ve built a basis around, to at any moment grow into and perpetuate as the new me, which is just a character I’ve created as who I now believe myself to be.

We’ve all become programmers of ourselves and of those around us in our worlds, and for some on a global level, where one of the most prolific mind control techniques now is Music, that puts you in the mood according to one’s own perceived imbalance within oneself, with a belief that I need to fill this void left in me from a past relationship, interaction and/or being told something that I can’t deal with right now and/or do anything about, so my retaliation is done through the music I listen to, that empowers me to become that in which I’m hearing for a moment, but when the song is over, the let down as hopelessness and victimization ensues, as the energy I derived from the music is gone, but want to hear this song over and over again to relive the moment, and if that’s not enough, some of us get high while listening to it, so it sticks in our heads on repeat, and so once again have choose self-automation to conform even more to the Human Programming we already exist as.

Advertisement that ties in with Human-Programming, is the spam that corrupts our beingness, that goes unnoticed the most when wanting to be like the person on the Billboard, and drive that car, and live in that house, because, I’m close to being what I think I wanted to be when I grew up, and now up I’ve grown, following my own self-automated design, and think I’m fine as I perceive, but couldn’t see how in the process I was losing me, and having lost our way, away from connecting with everything in this reality as me, to being a slave to my own Self-Automation, as a product of my own self positioning placement.

A foreign topic to most this is, because what’s being discussed is unseen, like the ghost in a shell, but seen through the actions we perpetuate, and hate to admit that I’m suffering from a trait of my own Self-Automation, meaning I began adding to the Human- Programming of me with Self-Automation, when I became old enough to realize that I’m that person in the mirror, which makes me responsible for who I have become.

Therefore, this Journey to Life, from Consciousness to Awareness (that I’m walking/We’re walking) is the actual exploration into Self, to see what has always be right in front of our faces, and as our face, with what we face on a daily basis, as the all of who we really are as life, and what life is in fact, being everything around us, that doesn’t take Self-Automation, but patience to see and realize all as me, and into correction, which is definitely a work in progress. But so, if you’re looking to correct and change what you have gown up to be, into who you really are as life, I suggest the Desteni I Process Lite, as a start, that has assisted me to see how I have been programmed, into programming myself, to realizing I have the power to change this programming and recreate myself to something more than just the Automated Self I existed as.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 723: This Reminds Me Of…

Without wanting to remember, but yet and still the memory comes up, and continue coming up, even when we don’t want it to, especially know what the tumbling effect may bring, back down, into the rabbit hole we go onto memory lane, and if it a good memory (parity), we long for the experience of it again, but if it’s a disturbing memory, we blame the trigger point for sending us back into it, without correcting it.

Easy to access but hard to get rid of, these memories will always be there, waiting for the right moment to keep us lock into the idea of what has been in our lives, that would create the future experience of us from past experiences, in every moment missing the present, even if the memory housed a profound realization about oneself, it becomes hard to expound/act on this realization, if we keep trying to live up to it, instead of living it.

An often said statement, when with someone from our past (Family member/Old friend) when seeing something/do something that re-hashes; “This remind me of the time when we”…, that’s coupled by those was the days, into, I’m glad I met up with you again, we should have done this a long time ago, is the point we use to validate keeping these memories fresh in our minds, I mean within that, all it takes is for a moment of silence when searching for something to say, then pick up on the next thing you see, to be used as a conversation piece and trigger point to accessing old memories again, to keep the conversation alive, simply because we really don’t have anything to talk about, because of not knowing the adult version of this person, who they are now.

And of course this happens more frequently in the accessing of Newly created memories, when looking at/seeing simple things in our daily lives, such as for me, My travel toothbrush, where the other day standing in my bathroom, looking in the cabinet and seeing it, brought up the last profound trip I was on with it, which was Colorado and start going back into the trip again, but to go into it now is to conform to the “This remind me of” trigger point that would take me away from the moment of focus it takes for me to write this now.

Thing is I don’t need a reminder for the things I’ve experienced and should be expressing as a moment with me now, because if I’m reminded, means I’ve forgot about it and/or suppressed it, mostly with points not seen or overlooked, then the reminder becomes a trailer that pulls one into the direction of correction, which makes the reminder cool in essence, without the accessing and going beck into the memory connected to it. And if the memory does arise, investigation is needed to see why this reminder is so pressing and prevalent.

On the other hand, within investigation, every correction reminds me of the more that’s needed to be corrected within myself, so a two-way street (so to speak) this is, where the re-definition thereof would be; I commit myself to redefining the phrase “This Remind Me Of”, from that explained above, to that of; “A showing to oneself what I have suppressed, not seen, overlooked and/or forgot about correcting to correct it, that gifts me the moment to take action when seeing the memory connected to it. And that’s it.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 722: Feel the Need to be Pacified

Pass me the satisfaction, of telling me that what I’m doing is right and that everything will be ok, that passes the time by for me to wait until I get to the next energetic experience, then I’m fine to pacify myself with the fix I’m on, instead of fixing what’s wrong as the matter of me that’s fractured, that I don’t see, but walk around in acceptance of a limp mind that makes me slump when this energy is not present, as I no longer revert to the “Thumb Sucking” effect that once pacified me, when tasting and exploring pieces of myself, that I was then seeing as a baby, but now have spread pieces of me all over my reality and can’t find the self that I’m looking for, because it’s veiled by the characters I’ve created and come to adore as me.

But even realizing all that, what can I do in the moment of a panic attack and confusion, when losing myself in a web of emotions, within a feeling of disempowerment and victimization, I mean all this commotion is going on inside of me, and slowly but surely coming closer to breaking a part of me off into somebody else’s world in conflict, as an extreme case that we let replace the common sense of things, and so look to be pacified.

I mean why do we believe that we can’t do for ourselves what others can do for us, outside of showing us the
learning curve of a point we’re walking that’s been faced by them, without pacifying our reaction within it and want validation for it, where the more we see our fault in the matter the more we ignore it and feel sore when we’re not pacified.

So, what brought this topic on is waking up a voice mail from an old friend in my past, that I hadn’t seen for years, that reached out to me recently, and in the message was this quote he said;

A student said to the chief monk, “Help me to pacify my mind!”

The chief monk said, “Bring your mind over here and I will pacify it.”

The student said, “But I don’t know where my mind is!”

The monk replied, “Then I have already pacified it.”

What I took from it is interesting how we accept the placebo effect of believing something has changed within us, after looking to be pacified for the current self-interested state we’re in and will accept any mumbo jumbo in the moment of desperation to satisfy and or validate the experience we’re in, and so see how being pacified is but another way we abdicate our self-responsibility for being sloppy in what we do, and so do what we can to continue suppressing it.

And being that I hadn’t heard this friend speak in such a way, I also took it as them wanting their mind pacified, and so proceeded (through txt message) to explain to them how “The mind is only a terrible thing to waste if we continue to separate ourselves from it, so the pacification of it, is the realization that yes I do have a mind, but what comes up within it is not who I really am/not what I always want to think, but you do, I do, we do have the power to direct and change it (our minds) through accepting the way we feel in moments like these, but snapping ourselves right back out of it, by telling our minds; “Hey wait a minute I’m in control of the experience of me”… and so on and so forth, that’s sort of a watered down version from the process and tools I’ve come to know and walk with, being that this person is in their own location position placement in their process, I didn’t want to overwhelm them at this point with how I have gotten to the point I’m at in my process, unless they ask. So later on, in the day I received a call back from this person, stating; “Awe man that’s exactly what I needed at this time” for what they’re going through, and told me the next time they see me they’ll fill me in on what’s going on in their world, and left it at that.

I mean this process has done wonders for me thus far, knowing that it’s a continuous thing and without it, I too would still be looking to be pacified with mumbo jumbo and accept it as my status quo, but again, not saying that I’m more or less than anyone, but see myself equal to all, and having been in the same position I was assisted to see a corrected way out of, and so if the words I write and live can assist other as they do me, then so be it, because it helps me more along my journey to life.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 721: A Belittled Perspective (Real Ouick)

Just as quick as it comes, the mini me of course is the limitations we place on ourselves, stating to oneself; “You can’t do anything right, what’s wrong with you”, instead of coming to grips with what one has done, then saying; “Come one Man or Woman, pull yourself together”, then stand up from the infraction that has occurred in our lives, but would rather beat ourselves up about it, without cord or string, as the noose around our neck that tightens our connection to the circumstance we’re in, in a moment of powerlessness, devout our-self to consciousness, in a constant fear that I’m not good enough, and so needs to be punished, in some extreme cases that degrades the Self we have created and now have to live with.

Then start believing we’re less than, with an anthem of a sad song playing in the back drop of our minds, that compliments the mood we’re in, Saying; “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”, that represent how we’ve lost ourselves in a moment of unawareness and now blame others with ourselves for not being aware enough to do better, when the gift in it all is stepping outside the little box were in, with a do better Attitude, where At-it-I-do all I can to get me out of this funk I’m in, because time waits for no one, and no one has time to wait for you to stand up, until you do it for yourself, that becomes a big thing, when belittlement is the bog the holds us down and back from seeing the big picture, that we’re all in a process of change, and change we will, how long it takes is up to me, but still as I’m walking these points I’m starting to see, how all of this is extra Stuffing that’s clouding my vision from getting to the meat of the matter, the root cause of things more quickly, that would swiftly change me from who I have become, to who I am as life, so for this;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how belittlement is a connecting factor to the circumstance one is in, being that we beat ourselves up about placing ourselves in such positions, then start replaying over the circumstances leading up to this position placement, that makes it that much harder to get out of, because we then start adding in, “If only I would have done this or that differently”, that keeps us in the funk of it all.

Therefore; When and as I see myself placing myself within a limiting position of belittlement, beating myself up about something that’s unchangeable, but correctable, I stop and breathe, then move towards the correction phase of it. I see/realize/understand that the gift within it all, is the realization that something needs to change within me, being that I now see how I have created this self-positioning placement for myself, and so a way out/light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak), without all the extra Stuff I add onto it, such as belittling me, and so commit myself to dropping this extra baggage to see clearly the root cause of it all, and immediately go into the correction phase of it and live it, into being the change I want to see and be in me., because the little things is what shows us the big picture, as I stand up and expand myself, within the process I’m walking.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 720: The Stress We Live

As the perceived idea that things won’t work out, when in the midst of working through them, to get to an outcome that seems far-fetched, when patience is needed, to pleading in frustration, what the f*** is going on, to telling others “I’m stressing”, or “You stressing me out”, “I can’t think or concentrate”, but a trait we follow is thinking too much and overthinking, to blinking a million times when explaining what we’re doing, that haven’t been figured out yet, so the blink is the scroll through the rolodex of one’s mind, in search of what can be figured in a moment of breath, but we forget to breathe, as the heart start pounding, to throwing a fit when things don’t fit, then forget to STOP.. and take a moment to sit still with yourself, to see how to do it.

If it ain’t one thing it’s another, as the compounding effect accepted as the way things is, without realizing my point of creation in the matter of fact that we stress about little things, like having to be someplace at a certain time and find ourselves rushing to get there, because we couldn’t decide in time on what to wear, or ending up with just enough to get you by, which may seem as if insinuating a lie, but the guy that was no longer reside inside, with the will to follow through, I will follow through, despite insinuating circumstances, I Will follow through, no if ands or buts about it, I highly doubt it, we stress about things and then pout about it, instead of laying things out for ourselves and doing something about it, where in a moment of dismay we start to feel crowded, with all our personalities trying to come through at the same time, we shout it out loud, I need help now, when help has always been standing right there, that’s veiled by stress and a stench of fear, it’s hard to see through the web of emotions, when emotionally driven have been our potion to the patterns we’re living and not forgiving, I mean is there such a thing as stressing out loud?

Where it’s written all over our face through ageing lines, but a face we put on that things are fine, because we believe no one wants to know about the stress we live, while everyone else is talking about the stress they live, (to be consoled) we’ll sale out our-self for a moment of sympathy, and mentally stay within the same frame of mind, we stress about stressing when things aren’t fine, and when all is fine we stress about that, is there no end to the stress we enact on to ourselves, what is this reaction, is it the idea that I may lose everything that I’ve attracted, towards myself throughout my life, is stress the main cause for malice and strife, with the desire to inflict injury or harm onto another, because things are not going right in my life?

Being lame (Blame) is a pimp limp design by stress, that it must be their fault for the way I’m feeling, “Because if you”… is an agitating attack away for self, that we often use on everyone else. Deep seeded stress means I’m getting old quick, but (once) including myself, no one wants to see this, thinking it’s just an act of nature that we get old, instead of realizing the Human Mind behind the Nature, that has control, that makes it our Human Nature to lose control, and blame it all on having an Old soul, that seeps out of a pinhole in your head when you die, I mean how could I believe such a bold face lie, and so abdicate our responsibility for being responsible Human Being, and instead made Stressing out to be a big thing.

If the weather stressed out we would all be in a world of trouble, if the Earth stressed out, half of us would be thrown off, if the Sun stress out, we would all be burnt to a crisp, or better yet living in darkness, if are cars showed the stresses we perpetuate while in it, there would be more accidents, if the chairs we sit in stressed out we would be sitting on the floor, if our homes stressed out it would blow out the doors. Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it? So why is it that Humans are the only one’s who live this ridiculousness, that have created this entity in spite of one another and called it stress, through the advent of money and self-interest?

What has happen will continue to happen until we realize that all this extra-curricular activity is but an illusion of the mind, meaning it doesn’t really exist until we give light onto it, making this illusion our own, that we can’t see, but experience as this chemical reaction in our solar-plexus, that gives us anxiety as the exiting of real society for living in our minds, that has created a society of misfits out of you and me, missing a moment of being here, just to Stress, not to say be any means that it’s easy to walk through what we go through, that I’m going through, but to stress about what has to happen, is to add onto the consequences of what I’m currently walking through, so f*** that. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create stress for myself and live it, as if it’s the end of the world, when what I’m walking through is the changing factor of me, from the person I used to be, into who I really am and was meant to be throughout my life here on earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have stated that I’m stressing, to be inundated with sympathy from others, with the belief that this momentary energetic feeling I derived from it would change things, but didn’t and found myself wrapped within the comfortability of the problem, with no outlook on how to solve it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how stress is the disguise for anxiety brewing within me, where the blame factor then come up for me to abdicate my responsibility.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to carry around with me the baggage of stress, and so regress into a depressive mind state, without realizing the compression of me, headed toward the point of giving up, that starts with slowly but surely doing less and less within my process and so moving further away from resolving the problem.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how stress is the insinuation of a problem easily solve, that becomes a mountain when goes unresolved, requiring one’s immediate attention, to seeing that it’s something extra on top of the weight we carry, to being overweigh and then we fall.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have fallen and in the process of getting up, stress the whole way, without realizing that stress is what causes the back pain I would experience.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to realize that without stress, points become that much simpler to walk through and transcend, into standing as the resolve thereof.

And within that the specificity of what one is/has specifically stressed about, should be placed in as well, to be able to see the extra-curricular occurrence that compounds the point at hand, so

When and as I see myself adding onto (with stress) a point or problem I’m facing and/or walking through, to seeing no way out, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that I can’t see a way out, because I’ve let stress veil my point of direction and so tamper with my exit strategy, and so commit myself to dropping all unwarranted stress unconditionally, because conditionally I’ve accepted it as a point of abdication to my responsibility, therefore I commit myself to taking responsibility in making things easier for myself while walking through consequences, by dropping the stress factor, to in fact be here to get to my resolve.

Thanks for reading.

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