Day 471: Reduced to an Act

reduced-to-an-actReduced to Another Character Trait, acting out a feeling and/or Emotion, where the stage is set that is not conducive to what we feel in the moment, so we go into the dressing room in our minds and put on the Character suit that best suits the situation, person or incident we’re facing, which most likely always end in a stale mate of consequences as punishment to no resolve.

How have we let ourselves get to the point of being reduced to an act, by reacting to the word of others, by reacting to an Ideal from the voices in our heads, by reacting to the position and/or placement we’ve put ourselves in, being a product of our environment, which screams; by our inherent design, programmed to act out our lives in real time, instead of living our lives one moment at a time.

Act 1:

Growing up I was forced to create a personality around being a Religious Character and was told, in every way I should act, walk, talk, live the part and whenever I would or wanted to step out of this Character, I would be told; Get you act together’, meaning straighten up or you’ll be punished, as an unspoken form of discipline that stuck with me throughout my life, up until the point of being out on my own, where I then pushed myself onto the world and was forced to change Characters.

Act 2:

This is where I really started Character building, when in the military meeting all sorts of people, from all different walks of life, with different Character of their own, where I learned to mimic and take in these newfound Character, create a whole new personality and become that. Thing is, in doing so, I began hating the person I was, the way I was raised and anything that had to do with religion, reason being, I was dumb to the plight of the world and what was actually taking place in this world, where when asked any questions, I made up what I thought would be a cool answer, which was always nowhere close to what was really going on, in this world, on the streets and in reality, and people knew it and I hated it. This Character was more of an intern Character of disassociation from my past, so I created nicknames to hide behind, to hide the real me from what I knew and became that Character as a person, which help me to suppress my past, where I didn’t want to remember it and didn’t want anyone to know who I was back then. Within that Anger ensued me, where I then forced myself to change Characters again.

Act 3:

This is where I create the Quiet, Angry type Character; quiet because I didn’t want to be laughed at for not knowing nothing and saying some dumb shit. And angry at anyone who would bring up my past and/or embarrass me in front of others in any way what so ever, within this Character I held a lot of things in, that would build up and come out at the wrong time, showing that I didn’t know how to communicate with people or express myself, which forced me change into another Character.

Act 4:

One thing that could do was dance, where I found that whenever I danced there would be a crowd around me, people liked the way I danced and the things I could do with my body for being a tall guy, which opened me up to getting attention and communicating, where I found that because I could dance and people liked me, it didn’t matter what I said, they still accepted me because of my dancing. All the bullshit I spewed was taken as being solid where I created a follow of people who loved to see me entertain them. This Character was rather hard because I constantly had to keep up this act, which eventually wore out, where that forced me to change into another Character, that of perpetuating the act of being in a relationship.

Act 5:

I felt I needed something/someone to cling on to, being that my following had dwindled down to nothing, so I went and buried myself in relationships, where now I had to face only one person and thought it would be easy, boy was I mistaken, because funny thing was, I perpetuated a character to get into the relationship with the fake name and things, which then lasted longer than I expected, where me and the person I was with started becoming serious and learning each other, so I had to drop the act and the name and be plain ole Carlton, lol, but since I and all these characters still engrained within and as me, it wasn’t easy to just drop it and time and time again I paid for it with the downfall of all my relationship, which forced me to change into another Character yet again.

Act 6:

Solitude, I depended and relied on these characters so much my entire life that, I had lost myself, so far gone that I forgot who I was (ACTually, I really never knew me), then found myself introverted and alone with all these characters, where after a while I realized that I had Reduced myself to an Act, to my own demise, I mean it really sucks, once you realize that you’ve done nothing substantial throughout your entire life to make a way for yourself, then find yourself starting over at a later age, trying to build something, with no one to blame. At that point in my life I had had enough, I was tired of always perpetuating an Act and getting No Where, I mean who am I and what the fuck have I been doing with my life, I thought. This is when I found Desteni and got the shock treatment of my life, where I was Awed, but from the beginning of my process, I totally understood without question what was being said, I mean to me everything made complete sense, even some of the things I couldn’t comprehend at the time and although I was faced with major resistance, I’m still sticking with it, and this has changed my life dramatically to where I no longer have to Act the part or create Another Character Trait, I no longer have to get my act together, but instead to get my life together.

This is what I’ve been missing, a way to get my life together being that I was so far gone, and Desteni did that for me, I mean this is all I got and there’s no way I will give this up, to go back anywhere, so Here I stand – to continue walking my process – in my Journey to Life, of figuring out and living who I really am as Life as all as me.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 470: Everything Around You

everything-around-youBelieve it or not is there to assist and support you, to understand who you are, to test you for reactions, to stop you from letting your attention be diverted, when you should be focusing on a specific thing, including the situations we enter become a test of patience, a way to see how you will respond to it, I mean this world is alive and aware, not only us human being, thinking that we’re the bliss of life, when in fact we’re the epidemy of Life, how we have become so lost in our minds, always saying sorry, I didn’t know, but no worries, you now have help from everything around you, if we but only become aware of and realize why, the reason things happen and/or not work out the way we want it to in the moment.

For example, a bird doesn’t chirp outside your window, without telling you something, a dog doesn’t come up and put its head on your knee without telling you some, a fly doesn’t buzz around your head without telling you something, a situation doesn’t arise without showing you something, your computer doesn’t “act up” or turn off without telling you something, your child doesn’t whine for no reason without telling and showing you something, because they lack the word to explain to you that you taught them this, you don’t feel pain in your body without your body telling/showing you something, you don’t have a dream without the dream showing you something and obviously the interpretation should be the realizations of our own introspection, but instead we think these few things is just by chance, when we are creating them to happen.

Think about this, have you ever pulled up a past memory and start reacting to it when no one was around, by getting angry or starting to feel disempowered about the situation that took place back then, then you see a big ass Bee start buzzing around in front of you, as if it was scanning you, that scared the shit out of you, that made you jump, duck, yell or scream, as you moved away from the area with lighting speed? If so did you notice one important thing? That the memory you had was gone and you snapped out of the reaction you were in and empowered yourself to move, meaning the bee did its job, as in one of everything around you assisting and supporting you to get out of your mind and come back Here. Another one is; Have you ever been driving down the highway in deep thought and heard a loud “Thik” sound as a rock hit your windshield, that jolted you internal, stopping you from being in your mind, but instead of taking responsibility for being in your mind, (when you should have been focusing on the road), you blame the truck in the right lane in front of you, saying fucking truck, when you should be saying thank you rock, that probably saved your life, as one of everything around you assisting and supporting you to get out of your mind and come back Here.

I mean we can go on for days with these little incidents of everything around you assisting and supporting you to come back Here, fact is that most of us would think this to be a paranormal event if you were told about it, shown it, then realized it on your own, I mean we would think it’s the work of demons, or that your house is haunted or that the Devil is trying to get you or something, truth is the devil is more life than we are, and if that’s the case and you think what you hear, see or realized is the devil, then be grateful because the devil is trying to assist you and support you to stop your fears, get out of your mind and come back HERE. Get it.

I never really paid attention to everything around me, from the perspective of it being aware, I as for most Human being in Humanity would look at things as Props, there for our pleasure and luxury, not for assistance, but for most part they are, just as a chair is there to assist and support you, a table, a spoon, a fork, Knifes and so on, as things we use for common assistance, but what I realized is that, situations that occur that involves some things, are there to assist and support as well, example, so the other day I was on a chat with my buddy and as we were chatting, I let my attention be diverted, to be distracted but for a moment, instead of focusing on the chat at which time my computer turned completely off, on it’s on, and instantly I knew exactly why it did that, as if it was telling me, Nope, Stop, get out of your mind come back Here and focus on the Chat, lol I then turned it back on and it was fine, so when my computer booted back up, I told my buddy about it, which opened up a few points and dimension, that we looked at in relation to this occurrence, which made the chat that much cooler.

What I took from this, what I realized, is that, what I used to call obstacles when things didn’t go or work right, was actually more of me becoming aware of everything around me being there, that have been there to assist/support me this whole time, but what it took for me to see this was/is self-introspection, where everytime I experience something amiss = to introspect, correct and change and sure enough once I see it and move into the corrective phase, things go back to normal (per se), but of course the tools of Self-Honesty, Self-Introspection, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application that’s needed as the immediacy for you to be able to see everything around you, as the way life should be. It’s a work in progress, as I am still walk my process. And That’s it

Thanks for reading.

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Day 469: A Few Words About Suppression

suppressionThe thought that one gets, in thinking I feel like I’m going to die, when experiencing pain throughout one’s body, leads to going to the doctor and getting medication as an intern cure for the pain that suppresses the pain, is an excuse and justification to not have to face what one has conjured up in the brain as the mind, because we think too much about shit; we then feel like shit afterwards by inflicting pain onto our own bodies, from the shit we think, react to, become emotional about, then go into a mind possession, which leads to a body depression that compresses and restrict our air ways, because we forgot to breathe, I mean do you really think a thought can breathe for you?

Suck it in and hold it down Sub-Press-In, to our inner core that would soon built up, corrode and erupt, causing a flash point of pain to warn you what’s about to happen, if you keep this up, as your real defense mechanism defending the body at every cost, that we suppress to feel good now, but much worst later, but in the meantime, I need some weed to calm me down and I can’t stop, because it makes me feel so good.

Depending on the context of use, your prerogative to suppress an intense pain or to really see what’s going on
in this world and reality, the truth of things, truth is either way we have to face ourselves in every way to replace our way of thinking to handling, doing and accepting what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as Doctor/Pharmacist/Medicine = Suppression.

I’m not saying if you’re sick don’t go to the doctor, by all means it’s common sense to get the corrective medical attention that you need, that’s a given, but to suppress your mind from thinking is a different story, because your mind will come back stronger every time, just like going to sleep, hoping when you wake up your problem will just go away, it won’t, if you think it, same as if you create the problem you have to face it, and no amount of drugs and/or alcohol will suppress anything indefinitely, because once you release the nature of your suppression, it’ll come back tenfold.

Same as how we think we can take a secret to the grave with us, I mean I’m not going to tell nobody what you did/I did, it’s our secret and I’ll take it to the grave before I tell anyone, suppress it, hold it in, not realizing that you will inevitably have to face yourself for what you’ve held in, especially if it was life change/detrimental to the next person, where when the consequences arise all you can say is, I meant to say something, but didn’t, at which time it’ll be too late.

In comes the saying; “Don’t eat yourself up about it”, meaning as long as you are suppressing it, you’re thinking about it, and the more you think about it, the more your mind is gnawing at your flesh, which makes you old and wrinkly, with more back pain, neck pain, leg pain, thigh pain, shoulder pain, calf pain and head pain, because we’ve suppressed the Life right out of our Life and lived in a bubble this whole time and couldn’t breathe our way out of a wet paper bag (so to speak). I mean one should take this saying literally.

Back to Self; I was one to hold it all in, which only put me in a lot of pain, then blamed the pain on something outside of myself, like the food I ate/when the weather changed, and/or the way you made me feel, not realizing that the chemical imbalance I experienced was self-induced, by the thoughts I would think and the shit I would hold in, until I learned how to release myself from these thoughts memories and the mountain of things I’ve come to suppress over the years, through my Writing and Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application, as the changing factors for whenever I find myself suppressing anything within and as me and still today, I continue working on releasing myself from all my Suppressions, to be free from what has been bogging me down my entire life, to be able to see, be and live who I really am as life, so my suggestion is lose the suppression and you’ll began to see what you’ve been hiding from yourself as who you really are as life.

Thanks for reading.


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Day 468: Control

controlAs a Consciousness Troll puppet you around on a string. One of the most profound stories of control (believe it or not) is the story of Pinocchio, a created puppet on a string made by a woodcraftsman name Geppetto, who controlled Pinocchio. To make a long story short, in the story one day the puppet (Pinocchio) became alive, then realized himself as a puppet when he saw other real children and wanted to become life, wanted to become a real boy and in order to do so, all he had to do was to stop lying, because everytime he lied, his nose would grow, after a while he stopped lying and became life, became a real boy and he stayed this way for a while, until he started lying again and turned back into a puppet, fascinating thing is this was a children’s story I learned growing up and really paid no attention to the underlying points in this story, the message that the story was trying to get across, until I became adult, Now.

The similarities is impeccable to how we live in this reality today, where we don’t realize how we are being a puppet on a string to the Mind Consciousness System Troll, controlling us, thinking that we are in Control of ourselves, while at the same time wanting to break the strings of Control that we do see in search for/of life, becoming a real boy, thing is we can’t stop lying, we can’t stop lying to ourselves, we can’t stop lying to one another, thinking that we’re different than each other, so our “nose grow”, meaning we create consequences for ourselves and other people in our world, which veil’s us from being able to see, we are the life we’re seek, and yes it do take us to stop lying and become life, to become a real man, a real woman, a real, boy, a real girl, as who we really are as Life.

But it’s like, we’ll take a step forward, then lie, turning us back into the puppet on the string (so to speak), I mean one of the most prolific lies there is = is lying to yourself and believing that you are in control of your own life, your own world and reality, your own family, your own friends, your partner, your mind, and as I read, believing that we have a free gift from God to be able to make up or minds. Obviously you can make-up your own mind because it’s not real. It’s just a make-up. You are making it up as you go along.

The control is so extensive that we don’t realize it and wouldn’t believe it if someone told us it. I mean I didn’t, I didn’t believe that I was being controlled, by anything (after I left my parents, left home). Being out on your own screams control, but I didn’t realize it, funny thing is, is that when people say don’t lose Control of yourself, as if we’re in Control of ourselves, but No we’re too busy thinking about other people in our world and trying to Control them, saying I know you, I know what you like and don’t like, then hold it over their heads, in the attempt to Control them and if it doesn’t work, we make-up some excuse for them to not be our friend any longer.

Is it hard to gain Control of yourself? I would say yes, it’s a process that I am currently walking to take Directive Control from my mind and direct myself, which starts with me taking self-responsibility for my actions, for all the lies I’ve told, thinking that I was in Control of my life, while all the why’ll (hypothetically speaking) my nose was growing, meaning I was creating more consequences for myself to face and walk through, in my search for life, to become a real Man and no longer be/live as De-Mann a (Demon).

So as I continue walking my process, I am slowly but surely stopping my mind and gaining Control of myself, no longer accepting and allowing the thoughts to come up without my permission, no longer reacting to things that I used to, letting go of my past and most importantly learning how to and practice my breathing, to become the breath of life that I breathe and life as who I really am as everything around me.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 467: If the Tables Were Turned

if-the-tables-was-turnedWhat if it was you that fed the masses humanity with your flesh, what if it was you lying on the Forest floor with a 30 odd 6 bullet hole in your chest, waiting to be skinned, cut up and shoved in the deep freezer, then hacked limb by limb with a meat cleaver.

What if it was you with a shock collar on that’s tuned on every time you pissed in the wrong place, or what if it was you with a leash on getting yanked by the neck until you obeyed. Sit down, lay down, roll over, play dead, what if for Sport we had to fight each other and do what the animals said.

What if it was you sitting in a 4×4 cage from birth till death, then choked by the neck until your last breath, gutted and stuffed with bread crumbs, so the flavor would come out, I mean what is this really all about, would you still run around if your head was cut off too, I guess it would be hard if your legs was used for chicken soup or chicken curry or chicken stew, I mean do you at least thank the chicken for nourishing you?

What if there were Human Control, instead of Animal Control trucks, driving around looking to pick stray Human being up, then taken them to the pound and put up for adoption and unless you’re cute enough you have no options, but to be discarded thrown away with the rest of the trash, I mean how long do you think this catastrophe will last?

What if it was you and a bunch of friend in the ocean swimming in droves, then rounded up and directed to swim through a cubby hole, then trapped inside and slaughtered like Dolphin in The Cove, a story that over half the world don’t even know, “Oh”, but we’re too busy trying to save our soul, if it was your ass on the line, tell me how would it go, but don’t tell me let me guess, hmm everybody would know, it’s a shame to say the least how we’ll just say “So” , it’s not my problem, I ain’t got to deal with it, what if it was you that really had to live in it, I mean you’re living in it, the evil that Mankind brings, the machine that drudge the oceans, oh what a devious thing.

What if it was you being hit by a fly swatter just for flying around, just for being in the wrong air space, I mean how does that sound or what if everyone thought that you carried a disease, then killed you because you got too close to the meat. It’s not a pretty picture for you to see, can you believe that flies have lives too, just like you and me?

What if it was you waiting in line to get your neck cut, as you watch all your friends go one by one, then it’s your turn and the only thing you can say is moo, meaning please sir not this way what’s wrong with you, but they don’t understand a word that you said, I guess this is the way that we’ve been born and bred, in the service of money, money, money, money, money, as in me moaning for the simple fact that shit ain’t funny.

If the tables were turned, would you then understand, the brutality, corruption and destruction that we have caused as man, or is it our plan to annihilate everything once again, even ourselves I mean where do you stand.

We can really change this if we but have a look at what we’re doing, is it really worth it, the things that we’ve ruined, all the lives that’s been lost, in the name of lowering our cost, while making more profit, I mean it’s far past the point that we need to stop it, but we need to stop it, just think what if it was you, and by all means I can’t tell you what to do, but the future is soon and after a why we’ll be all gone, so ask yourself is this the legacy you want to leave for your children to carry on? Stop Killing Me.

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Day 466: Calm as Suppression

calm-as-suppresionI’ve never really been the rowdy type, although I’ve had plenty of friends like that, thing is I would always suppress my rowdiness, hold it in and on the outside present myself as Calm, claiming that it takes a lot to piss me off, when all I was doing was using my Calm demeanor to hide the fact that I was pissed off and would hold it in forever, until I felt the need to not be pissed off any longer, so internally I was always in turmoil, but on the outside, it looked as if I was cool, Calm and collective, Bullshit!

I was asked the other day, when sounding the word Calm what’s the first thing that comes up and, even when saying it now, the thought of something bad is about to happen, which shows in one way, how I have defined calm, as the calm before the storm type of thing, sort of a bracing myself for impact, with expectations of something about to happen, in which case I would tighten my stomach and present myself as being Calm throughout the storm/conflict, but internally shaking for real.

A funny thing is, how I learned to be this way was, when I was young I used to be jumpy, at any loud noise or someone coming up from behind me, touching me and saying Boo, then I would jump or run and be embarrassed when they would laugh at me, I mean I hated that feeling of being scared and embarrassed, so I told myself, this shit has to stop, so my remedy was to devise a way to make it seem as if I’m not scared of anything, where nothing would move me, or make me react in any way what so ever, (so I thought), so I learned that tightening up my stomach, momentarily stopped the butterfly from jumping around in the midst of a fright, which stopped me from jumping in the moment, and the way I tested it, was in the dark hallway, going up the stairs in our house, growing up, where I used to close my eyes and cover my ears and make loud noises while running up the stairs, because I was afraid of the dark, but as I got older I started tightening my stomach and growling internally instead, while walking up the stairs. And it worked, where this was the beginning of keeping a straight face and Calm demeanor in school when I would see everyone else jumping, people would then say, why are you so Calm or you’re too Calm, I would then lie and say nothing affects me, but it did, they just couldn’t see it on the outside. But what this did do though was keep me from a lot of fights, because no one wanted to mess with the Calm, quiet guy, but little did they know the real fight was me beating myself up on the inside.

The consequences to me using calm as a suppression, was me becoming more and more introverted, secluded and alone within myself, in my mind away from others, thinking I was living the word Calm by just showing it on the outside, but not being it/expressing it as a statement of who I am, but as a facade, just a cover story.

I then stop jumping when I heard loud noises, but became more reactive, mad at the fact that I was still scared and didn’t know how to stop it, after a while I stayed this way and took this calm facade into every relationship I was in, where when the shit hit the fan, I would show no emotion and wouldn’t respond to being yelled at, but would just walk away and not face the situation, which made every partner I ever had even more pissed off, mad that I wasn’t saying anything and if they ended up leaving, breaking up with me, I would blame them, while telling myself it’s not my fault because I remained Calm throughout the situation. Not a cool thing to do.

The kicker is and what I realized in hindsight was, I was able to continue perpetuating this Calm facade as long as there was conflict around me, but when things became Calm, I would be a mess and get roweled up, because it was too quiet, claiming that the silence was deafening, so as long as there was conflict I showed Calmness, but when the conflict subsided, that’s when everything I had built up inside me would release, as if it all came to a boiling point and boiled over, then I would blow up at the wrong time, taking all this built up/pinned up frustration and anger out on the smallest of situations. I mean how scary was I, when looking back at me, and although I have changed this point within me, what still persist is the Idea of thinking something bad is going to or may happen when and as the word Calm is spoken, instead of seeing myself as and living the word Calm as an expression of who I am as Life, Cool, Calm and Aware. So for this;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined calm as the calm before the storm, assuming and thinking, just because it’s calm, means something is bounded to happen, then present myself as calm on the outside, but internally, I was a mess.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as the word calm is spoken in any context, think that something bad is about to happen, although I know it’s not, being that I have engrained this belief within and as me since I was a child.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I present myself as having a calm demeanor, I wouldn’t be scared of loud noises or someone coming up from behind me, touching me on the shoulder and saying Boo, it didn’t work.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use calm as suppression, where I learned to suppress my fears, my frustration, my anger and any other emotion I didn’t want others to see me vulnerable with, by presenting myself as calm, not realizing at some point these emotions I have suppressed would come to a boiling point and boil over.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have suppressed emotions built up within and as me to come out at the wrong time, in the smallest of situations.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand that this calm demeanor I presented myself as, only worked when I was around any conflictual situation, so in essence, this shows that I thrived off of conflict, to fuel my façade of being calm I perpetuated.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, whenever the conflict would subside in any case, I would be a mess and get roweled up then blow up, because it was too quiet, claiming that the silence was deafening, as an excuse, being that I lost my widths about me during a Real calm moment.

This I have perpetuated throughout my life, until after I started walking process and learned that NOTHING goes unseen or unnoticed, any and everything you do is being seen, so there is really no hiding from yourself, so all my little characters, I had to stop and what was left was/is to release myself from these thoughts, Ideals, Perceptions and Belief about this word Calm, that I have so engrained within and as me since I was a child. So;

When as and as I see myself defining the word calm as the calm before the storm, assuming and thinking, just because it’s calm, something is bound to happen, then present myself as calm on the outside as a way to weather the storm, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand, that the experience of me and the presentation of myself as calm was, that which brought the storm within my life every single time and the more I projected it outwards, the more I would get slammed against the shores of my mind, because of the outward demeanor of me being calm.

I commit myself to redefining the word calm as that which supports me in moments of conflict to remain stable internally, that will show externally – to see with clarity a solution to any conflictual situation and resolve it.

I commit myself to no longer accept and allow myself to get caught up in the storm in my mind that I’ve created as a balancing act, because of the presentation of myself as being calm, but instead to drop the presentation of myself and be who I am as life, as Calm.

When and as I see myself listening to the word calm being spoken in any context, then going into think that something bad is about to happen, although I know it’s not, I stop and breathe, I see/realize/understand that I’m fucking with myself to say the least, which is a calling card for my mind to slip into a mind possession, thinking/perceiving/believing the world is out to get me, so I need to put up this façade of being calm, I also realize this to be a waste of time and energy, in over thinking about the word calm, so

I commit myself to stop accepting and allowing my mind to the game master that controls me into making and putting up this defense mechanism, because of my projected assumption of something about to happen, because the word calm is spoken, but instead to embrace the word as who I am and live my redefinition of the word.

When and as I see myself using calm as a suppression, where I learned to suppress my fears, my frustration, my anger and any other emotion I didn’t want others to see me with, by presenting myself as calm, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that anything suppressed will build up and come to a boiling point, which showed itself, whenever conflict around me would subside, being that my calm demeanor depended on conflict to survive / for me to keep alive within and as me, as a character I’ve engrained within myself, since childhood, so;

I commit myself to facing and handling all situations in the moment when they are happening, such as when I become frustrated and angry or become fearful in anyway what so ever, and no longer accept and allow myself to suppress these emotions, by presenting myself as calm, but calmly walk through and face each point utilizing breath.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 465: Human Idealism (A different perspective)

human-idealismWhy is it that we think that we can and will survive, by fighting each other at every turn about ways and means of survival, who should survive, whose fit to live and who should die? It’s like a sprint to the apocalypse, while calling it the survival of the fittest, I mean in 100 years, none of us who is here will be here, unless drastic changes are made in the way we think, that way we view things. In the midst of it all, there is one saying that remains true, that is together we stand and divided we fall, question is, who is the We in it all, I mean who are we with our big ideals to make the world a better place, but won’t agree with our fellow man in finding solutions to do so, because when a real solution comes about, we make the world think that it’s not real, simply because we didn’t come up with it.

These days the philosophy of Human idealism (as we have made it to be) is any of various systems of thought in which the object of knowledge are held to be in some way dependent on the activity of mind, only thing is, that some things that are innately real is misconstrued as Idealism and thus not realized or sought after by the masses and the things that are destructive in nature, to nature, to life and every living thing and Human being on this planet, are construed as plausible and acts of realism, which can’t be any further from the truth than it is, I mean just look at history, it’ll tell you something different, that we haven’t learned from our own mistakes, so are they really mistakes, or a cleverly devised plan, to wipe ourselves out, without realizing that we’re doing so?

Thing is, just simply stopping everything won’t fix the problem, as we’ve been looking for the problem out there in the wrong place, blaming one another as it’s your fault, no it’s your fault, then kill each other until the last one, group, societies left standing, you and your people, me and my people, talking about we will survive, but as separate people, Really, when we’re all one people as the human race, Human being, but yet and still the same problem still persist, until we’re all dead and gone and come back and the problem will still be there, like W.T.F.

Brainwashing and engraining destruction into someone’s mind is not a solution, is not a way of persuading someone to stop what they’re doing, or else this and that will happen, in the long run it only creates more fear and more fear and more fear into people’s minds, causing Humanity to be further displaced than we already are, with mixed emotions, beliefs and know how to do things for what’s really going on, but won’t share it with the rest of humanity, because we’re too afraid of being destroyed for our Ideals, so we keep it to ourselves, instead of making them reality.

Here’s one for you, why is it that we put our whole Hearts, Feelings and Emotions behind the Ideals we see in movies and on TV, like the other day I was at the movies watching one of the New releases that recently came out, with the classic action movie theme, the good guys Vs the bad guys, but what was more interesting than the movie itself, was the Emotional driven reaction of the people in the audience, where at a climactic scene, everyone would catch their breaths, inhaling dramatically, which was fascinating, because this the first time I’ve ever really noticed it, then when the good guy got the bad guy, everyone would exhale and started clapping, I mean for real, like wow, they’re really into this movie, I mean goes to show how we latch onto any ideal (of perpetuating separation) that suits our self-interest instead of the interest of all, Human Idealism, where we think, if it’s only a few of us, it’ll be easier to Manage/Control or Emotions, if that was the case, Noah and his Ark would have changes the world.

But again no one wants to understand of the problem and the simple solution to solve it. Human Idealism comes from our Human Nature, the Nature we have to spite each other when we see other people getting along, as simple as that, which is triggered by a thought telling us that we’re not invited, just as simple as that, then we start to believe it and tell others that God told us that these people are bad and should be dealt with, Like What, which simply shows that our God is the Mind, that gives us a feeling that we follow as an Emotion, where we then have a hunch, then blindly following this hunch commanded by the voices in our head and then saying Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Hallelujah and Thank you Jesus. Insanity is; The Human Idealism of a belief system in search of a higher standard of Living.

The solution resides within ourselves, within stopping our minds, seeing/realizing/understanding that it’s no one’s fault but our own and it is time for us to stand up and take responsibility for our assumptive nature, hidden blame and accusatory mentality, to stop the perpetuation of Human Idealism and get Real, to get to the point of change within ourselves, then this world will change, by our own hand, where we can create Heaven on Earth. For that;

There’s this interesting place you can go Online to learn how this is possible, how you can stop your Mind and learn who you really are and how to change yourself, called DIP Lite, which is a Free Course to Self-Awareness, it’s what I’ve done and it has made a tremendous difference in my life, where I’m now walking a process from Consciousness to Awareness and glad that I’m doing so, click HERE to learn more.

Thanks for reading.

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