Day 841: The Question Behind the Question (Perspective)

[Real quick] Starting points are like bartering points for asking some of the things we do, and doing some of the things we do without asking the question, but why am I really doing it or what am I really asking, as King of my own self-interest, where curiosity is possibly the most nosy word around, but yet we remain curious and serious about wanting to know, unless it’s how things work to know more about what we do. Where what we’ve been through, (if questioned) is a prying perspective of sorts, that some may use to go against the grain and against you with no remorse, making vulnerability a question of how much should I say and who we choose to say it to that can ruin your whole day.

We devise way of manipulation to get the truth out of somebody, I mean is it the truth we’re really looking for or a hearing for our curiosity, and what will we do with the information if it’s not what we expected, that so makes the question behind the question a point of irrelevance, from questions like “Are you ok”, or anything from the past, especially if the question seem too difficult to ask, where we’re quick to pass judgement silently behind a smile, while saying in our minds, I got something on them now, that can be used when I see fit to throw a fit about something, in wake of becoming emotional, wanting to ‘fit’ about something, that don’t fit when emotional and not knowing what we want, so ask questions of grandeur to get the answers that we want.

And when it’s something else, we don’t believe a word they’re saying, to walking away with the idea that I can’t trust this person, is it really deserving to take what others have to say for granted, instead of managing the possibility they’re only answering what we asked, that we mask when using pre-questions to beat around the bush, with the belief that what I’m seeing may be misunderstood, and taken the wrong way which cause for investigation, before sabotaging a relationship by being complacent.

Adjacent to that there is such a thing of making a point, but only if the point needs context to get to, in the sense of contextualizing what one has been through, to get and understanding if what we’re saying makes sense, so the walking through perspective of each step makes perfect sense, to ensure that nothing’s missed or misconstrued as a hindrance, being that the way we see things may be different than others, so the question in front of the question poses no threat when uncovering, what’s needed to be seen when asked for a perspective, especially when in contexts of learning a self-lesson, and that’s it. We all are a work in progress.

Thanks for reading.

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