Day 840: The Lady in the Red Dress (Perspective)

Plus the buff guy in the beige shorts (as an addon), and all other people and things in our world that appeals to us, should be congratulated for a distraction well played, and made in the nick of time right before or after we should have or have realized something, although seeing it coming, our roaming eye gravitate toward the curvature that bevels the body, where we probably should have kept our eyes from roaming on their own, and honed in on what we were actually doing, in pursuance of walking through the steps of our process, for each one of us at different locations, positions and placements at different times in our lives, that we’ve created to walk through this lifetime, and you’re right we all have been distracted, in fact we might be distracted right now.

An image of a god like body materialistic, that covers up a devilish mind unpresented, the thoughts that lies deep within such an acceptable figure, is the thought that we pick up on to be delivered, as one liners and pick up lines we designed, in hopes to connect to the other persons mind, and see if it align with our ideas of connection, that messes with the point of us standing as correction, but say ‘my god they’re beautiful’, is what we’re left with, and that’s it when all is said and done with this perspective.

But the affect only comes in when one reacts to what we see, then go into our minds and create possibilities, that poses a threat to our insecurities and doubts, that if I talk to them they may curse me out, so think the worst about them to validate our infractions, without them even giving us a glance, where in the midst we have a chance to stop this from happening, to stop our nose sniffing senses from being attracted to conflict, and self-inflicted mayhem when our feeling set in, and addiction starts to arise when thinking about them, that can easily be avoided by staying in our own lane, when we Know we have a problem when looking at pretty things, it’s strange that we have problems when looking at pretty things, where a memory comes up from what we saw on T.V., to thinking that’s me, it’s my time to get what I want, that’s cut short when not knowing the wants that I need, and plead to god ‘is this really for me’, because I feel like I’m in Love with what I see.

I mean this all happen in a moment of reaction, in imagining what if this was real, it’s really the lady in the red dress holding the blue pill, for us to go back and see just how blissful ignorance really is, and every once in a while you may be invited into a situation of grandeur that stamps and reason for acceptance in our minds, where someone in our interest may reach out to us, out the blue that you may think is compatible to you, so we entertain the idea for a short period of time, and that’s all the mind needs to distract us from being here, into thinking I got this because I’m aware of what’s happening here, and so use awareness as a war of energy surging through our bodies, to falling for the very thing we’ve committed ourselves to be aware of, and swear that I manifested this into my own life, for the good, that’s bad, until the bad turn ugly and find ourselves walking the same point again.

Addiction is the sucker that drains us dry, that sits right behind what the eyes see, that’s why most of us say I love people watching, that really only watch the way they look and walk, and from there determine how far our imagination will go, and if they catch us looking shift our eyes real quick, to not make such a defined gesture with our heads and/or act as if we’re trying to see something behind them.

But the purposeful purpose of the lady in the red dress, or the attractive buff guy (to me), screams the point of self-acceptance, do I accept myself more than the image I see, compared to an image of a person I would like to be like, that I allow to create judgement when relating with others in my world, causing me to lose sight of relating to the self of me, and so separate myself from the images I see, that all I envision is pieces of me, that’s been spread out over and long period of time and now seeing glimpse of myself in my mind, dressed up in characters to feed my eyes, that can easily be corrected this lifetime. Learn how HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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