Day 839: The Ultimate Separation (From Me)

When your way is not a way of getting we say things like, Ima cut you off, because I need to surround myself with people who loves me, as the piney imperfection that I need love and to be love, which is a cry for acceptance from Yes men and women who won’t tell me that I’m full of s*** when I’m down and out and want to blame the world and you for the experience of me. These things are like breeding strings of separation, to becoming old, ornery and alone, simply because we ran out of people to cut off in our lives, and now stuck living in a state of evil, eventually withering away, because we were looking for love in all the wrong places and complicated the simplicity of a life worth living, with all in our world as equals to us.

The same as saying I’m downsizing to fit my budget, that’s a lie to covet the money I have, to eventually falling off because I thought hoarding was a point of investment in itself, instead of realizing investments is a point of self-movement, in circulation to keep the blood pumping in circulation, to circumvent the point of stagnation in a stationary position, waiting for things to happen that won’t, if we don’t reciprocate what life has to offer, that offers itself up freely for all, to have the ultimate experience of connecting with one another as all one Self, while being here just to connect with oneself, where what we have here is a failure to communicate, and this failure to communicate is how we separate, but after seeing that another don’t look like me, in the face because their skin color is placed of a different shade, that validate the point we’re trying to make, that each continent should hold just one race, and borders we use as our saving grace, to not take responsibility for this mess we’ve made that exacerbates separation.

A point of inception is skin coloration, to claiming I’m colored and you’re not like me, so separate ourselves from ourselves (each other), without knowing how this even came about, and for some of us we really don’t want to know, but would rather live within the idea that I’m the cream of the crop, and so blame the other for what we have and have not, that can be taken away at any given moment on either end, because things are not simply the way they were, where times have changed and in these changing times, skin color is now just a state of mind, that can easily be corrected and replaced with acceptance, that we all are cut from the same potato, and shapes and sizes lies to the eye in spite of us all being alive and well, we prefer the dissonance of being in hell, and so choose to say ‘hello’ to one another, instead of ‘be well’ that does wonder to our well-being, I mean I’m guilty of the same before redefinition, and so say hello as a point of creation, creating heaven on earth that will only take place if our ultimate goal is to stop the way we separate.

What’s the rush, why are we in a race to leave this place, to go someplace that doesn’t exist, and leave everybody behind so we can exist, as a ghost like image because our bodies won’t go there, where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have exacerbated the separation that exist in this world, in a rush to want to leave this place to go someplace that doesn’t exist, leaving everyone else behind who didn’t follow the same religious stand point of view I was born, bread and raised in, taught to be true, instead of seeing the likeness in every human being as me, and so become an example of how WE all can live on this planet as equals in oneness and equality.

That it takes all to come together to make a difference and this coming together is not a point of discussion, but a sharing of our own self-corrective points, that would solidify all coming together on one accord, and connecting ourselves to the life line of Life, and live life in abundance as caretakers of this existence, I mean I once thought I was special and never knew the mission, because I missed the obvious of speak and tell, in the sense of telling exactly what I see, when looking at my Self inside of me, that doesn’t make me any better than anybody else, and NOT a fight with the Systems that’s out there somewhere, but a showing how I’m processing to ever so change me, to be the best that I can be doing what’s best for all, and that’s it.

In fact, I’ve separated myself from getting knowing my body, I’ve separated myself from the thoughts I think, I’ve separated myself from each one I see, by thinking they don’t look like me. I’ve created spaces of separation as us over here, and them over there we need to be aware of, then tried to convert some from over there to follow my self-interest, thinking it’s imperative to have more on my side, where as a collective we say “You don’t want to die alone” then go out and find someone to die along with, interrupting their lives with relationships, that built off of a feeling and bound to fail, but all hail to human nature that separated us all, in spite of knowing that we are all one, alone but together in individual expression, that doesn’t change the First Molecule we all came from. Enjoy Process!

Thanks for readings.

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