Day 838: Do You Mind (Perspective)

When getting to the brim of a breaking point and the rim lips a downward slope over the edge, the claim one’s cup runneth over, is but the tip of the iceberg, that’s braked beforehand, when saying ‘Do You Mind’, preceded by ones short coming of irritation that’s clearly in formation with our perceived interruption, that states ‘stop bothering me, I’m thinking’, too busy in my mind blinking through chapters of character placement, wonderment and what if’s, and what if what they have to say is a point of support that’s being missed, into miss taking the opportunity to hack what I’m conjuring up in my mind?

Thing is, all we do is mine away chances for advancement, by shhh-ing one another, which may not always be the case, where the words ‘do you mind’ can go either way, where that’s what’s busy happening here, from them, as a test of ones resolve (if the point has already been walked) and from you, a failure to see the mirrored image of what we’re thinking, accepted and allowed, and for most part our awareness of being here is shot, and at times need these subtle nuances to awaken us back to the Real that Is You, Reality in essence, that should be counted as a blessing (so to speak) and to speak easy to those that communicate with me.

I mean these day’s it’s not that often you can find one to communicate with effectively, because of the taint we’ve placed over the trustworthiness of one another’s words, where if things sound unbelievable to us, we belittle the other in our mind and say stop lying, because we probably haven’t hard of it before, and so stick with it, and when explained more the context behind it, we already have our minds made up, to stating “Do you Mind”, that would bury the situation that has just been uncovered, and realized through the lack of understanding, that there’s more to this life and existence than we imagined, because our Ignorance is bliss created room for us to stay within the comfortability of not wanting to see s***.

That’s why when woken from a deep sleep, we get mad and want to fight the person who woke us up, literally, and at 6oclock in the morning we even knock the alarm clock off the night stand for interrupting our dream and/or so push the snooze button trying to pick up where we left off, because we’re too busy minding, which makes this a question “Do you Mind”, and answer how you will, because that’s all we do, like thinking it’s a feat to perfect the spoon bending technique, that take ectoplasm to achieve, but the mind won’t allow us to see that, and realize we have the capability of standing equal to and one with it, which opens the door for directing me within and as it, The Mind.

Things these days don’t just happen by chance, but programmed into enhancing the devolution of man, which when looked at it in reverse, show how we created it all, therefore must also be the solution for these problems to be solved, that starts with the way we interact with others, that I forgive myself for the way I’ve interacted with others, in character, accepting and allowing separation to be present, that I validate with irritation and so tell others “Do you mind”, when all the while being stuck in my mind, directing any situation according to a feeling, and emotions that’s potent enough to sabotage my world and all relationships I’ve made thus far, and so on and so forth.

And from there one can see just how important it is to treat others how we would like to be treated, and live the message of Jesus in fact, for all believers and all who is self-aware of just this point, could be a point of equalizing humanity as a whole, so “Do You Mind”, we all are a work in progress. Investigate you HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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