Day 837: Imitator

We often times present ourselves as the walk of a walk we’ve learned to walk from watching someone else walking their process, and the talk of all talks to be the talk of the town, from hearing what others have to say when expressing themselves, where we learn how to express ourselves just enough to be able to put our 2 cents in perspective and have it make sense and be satisfied with the nonsense we’re really emitting to the public, in imagery of the copy cat character in fact, I mean it’s really only wrong if you copied the wrong cat, or haven’t lived the corrections to how that cat became that, before blasting out facts of what they’ve realized lived and seen, that we should take the best from and live ourselves before imitating them.

I’m it a tailor, tailing after what someone else do well, never to learn from or be like, but to soak up the claim of it as my own, as if all the good ideas just pore right out of me, and I have knowledge about everything you see and think about, and if I do, I don’t want share the source, so you can always come back and praise my intellect, it’s amazing how we interact with others, to keep them under the cover of our thumb, where rule of thumb is to practice to faking it before you make it, but end up getting the big head from all the attention you get, and never make it to implementing the knowledge we know, because playing the imitation role is so much easier.

Seeing a fresh face you haven’t seen in years takes for premeditation of what character will we present, so scroll through the memory banks of all the characters we’ve imitated to pick the best one to emulate towards an old friend or family member, where the old friend or family member in turn to the same, and you fine yourselves wanting to leave as soon as you can, because it just not who you are and the characters butt heads, in a way of being very hard to maintain, so miss the opportunity of catching up from old times, because we’re comfortable with the imitation of a life we live now.

Not necessarily a knock off brand, we’re off brands of the mind, with branches of preprogramming stemming from Eons of time, knowing how the mind work in imitation of life, we side swipe to the left instead of accepting what’s right, that may not look how we think it should, but good for us in any case that’s misunderstood, because we’d rather take after a branded version of life, instead living the limitless possibilities that life have to offer, and been offering itself up for free, that we’ve declined responsibility for and now have to prove that we can be Trusted with Life, in Every way possible to become life in fact, and be the examples the imitators emit to.

Following in the sense of walking along side, without any sense of pride that I got this alone, is a way imitation can be redefined to support, meaning ‘do what I do in steps to correcting your walk’, which makes it easy for one to correctly imitate a walk, because one soaked in what was emitted through practical example, from another who presented practicality as their standing for life, and so learned what real imitation is really for. In which case I’ve learned how to live, as a work in progress and so –

Imitate THIS.

Thanks for reading

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