Day 676: Looking for Approval

One goes to a boss and ask for an approval, as the completion of a work done, but in the mean time unsure about the work one has done and until the Nod of acceptance is given, one remain in a state of uncertainty/nervousness/fear of being spited in a way, which is a form of self-judgement along with the distrust we have for ourselves, because, if with self, one is assured that one has done things to the best of ones ability, so why look for Approval, when the proof lies within one ability to effectively get things done?

Looking for Approval, interesting how, (And I’m guilty of this to) when two guys pass each other on the streets they give each other a head nod as if to say what’s up and call this respect and leave it at that, when this should be done by each of us, to/towards all equally, amd as the acceptance of all that all is equal to We.

It’s ingrained within our DNA as the programing we exist as, that others are more important than we are, to the point of making everything we do about them, to show them that, “Hey I’m human too”, but is it human to believe that you’re not, I mean the whole lot of us in a way experience inferiority towards someone in our world, thinking that in a way we’re less than, and then go about our life, in chase after what each other got, just to say, look at me, I got it too, when in essence, if you look at it, we all have and/or have had the same abilities that each one has, but what differs is the opportunity afforded to some and not all equally, and so look for approval from those who have more.

And interesting how those who have more look to keep their approval rating high, while in the meantime, on a downward spiral of disapproval, from those whose toes been stepped on by them, on their way to the top, unaware that it takes the support of everyone underneath them to stay on top, so but when the tower starts to crumb, and equalize itself into a rubbly fashion, one’s approval ratings become null in void, but still we hold onto impressions, impressing our imprint of the character we’ve created for the acceptance of others onto others, which is still Looking for approval, looking to be approved, then lose touch with reality that’s calling for the equalization of you and me in every way possible, and still don’t see it.

How can one possibly keep up with the Joneses when the Joneses have only combines there STUFF to present a fake face, that’s veiled by a fake smile and eating crepes, in front of the kitchen window for all to see, while on the inside looking for approval from the Andersons, so to speak, and them the Jacksons and so on and so forth, causing refractions that ripples and spread throughout existence as a whole, and expect and Holy than Thou Being to come and equalize the separation we’ve perpetuated for Aon of time, up until this point of compartmentalizing ourselves away from each other, while looking to be approved by each other, when all one have to do is to walk outside and get to know your neighbor as yourself.

With the removal of the idea that we all should live in fear Here of each other, equalizes the playing field, where no deals need to be made to be on the same side, outside the cages we’ve placed ourselves in, the little boxes and bubble we claim people are in, when what come out of your mouth is you in fact You and not them, because they didn’t say it, You did, and just now only pointed it out to yourself, so take heed to what you’ve just Approved yourself to say, and to see it as a gift to correct on the Christmas day, to walk into tomorrow with an expression of the Approval that you are, that’s far from looking in a sense, because you’ll Now be living it.

Thanks for reading.

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