Day 677: Mind Contagion

As if we can’t help but to follow suit, when the saying goes Yawns are Contagious, should be Human Minds are Contagious.

In the company of others, with different people in your world, at different locations within their process, the belief of what’s being said is so strong, it become hard for one to listen, let alone see any common sense reasoning presented/brought up by any party involved in the conversation, where the stationary topic then draws one into reminiscing along with the subject matter of what’s being said, that for some really matters, because that’s all we know at the time and/or want to know at the time, while in the meantime, what does one do, when pressed into answering a question, or placed in a position of accepting a label/title of the past person/character one used to be?

What you think, say and/or feel, spawns a thought in my mind to respond and/or feel the same way, due to the adamant way that it’s presented, therefore the Air becomes thick with emotion and unwarranted energy, that energize the bunny of a mind to move faster and faster, until one ends up jumping on the energy bandwagon and join in to the same old classic that’s playing (so to speak).

The Mind, if seen as contagious, spreads like a wild fire in the room and throughout the house, and group that resides in it, that pressures the point of gossip into exploding bullshit everywhere, clicks and secret groups within the group follow suit and that’s the truth and a matter of fact, where one has no time to relax one’s mind, so always on guard to shield off the invading virus of a thought.

Which if not corrected will corrupt the simple minded, cause mine did and faced the consequence for not applying self-forgiveness in the moment, but instead took a back seat and watched my mind go Ham’, like damn how easy it is for me to slip back into a character suit, that’s too tight for me to breathe, now stop and breathe, (and as a friend once said); “Just let it all go Carlton”, remembered, appreciated and thanks, to be used in the moments when I feel I can’t, I mean something had to give, before given up became an option, and so opted out of holding on to what others would think and say.

It’s fairly hard for most to realize that change is only one breath away, when being used as a sounding board for random thoughts, where going against the grain (telling it like it is), can get you ostracized, and I have to work with these people, therefore I become susceptible to the Mind Contagion.
And then at times when it’s just not in you to explain every single little detail of things, that’s been said simplistically as possible, but still questioned by another, become a bit overwhelming, like well Hell, just read the damn material, but said in a way to keep the peace from falling into pieces. i.e. (Slow down and I’ll get back to you).

So living this way throughout my life, attaching myself from mind to mind, when mine hadn’t been realized yet, obviously I also followed suit, projecting without correcting, unaware that I was spreading the same shit that I oh so hated and received from others, to then realizing through walking process, that I was part of the problem, and so started correcting myself, (still am) and longed for the day I would experience being in an environment where I didn’t have to always deal with the minds of others, and lo and behold, I was gifted with the experience of a lifetime, that I wouldn’t have missed for the world; that was to meet up with others whose walking their process as well, and it was mind blowing to say the least, in the sense of being able to experience what I longed for, that I didn’t know was possible and wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my eyes and experienced it firsthand.

A group of people all living in the same house for a short period of time, without any mind contagion, that erased the stigma I now once had, I mean it is possible, grown folk living together, getting along, on a way other level, that leveled the playing field in my mind flat, like that’s what I’m talking about, and had to go back again, because this experience doesn’t just happen every day, and took away with me the understanding of the potential I have, and ways of correction to achieve this, and now long for the day to do it again, but in the meantime, I stand within the correction of myself, correcting myself in any atmosphere, without any fear, that I may be affected by someone else’s mind contagion, but instead, in realizing that it’s me, to contain myself and so continue correcting my own. Thanks to all, and;

Thanks for reading.

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