Day792: Anger (The Good/Bad/Ugly) Pt. 2

They say turn that frown upside down, as an acceptable way to look in a social setting, that may not be accepting, except when all is good in one’s life, I mean I’m angry and I might just hurt somebody in my mind, because in reality I wouldn’t hurt a fly and cry when I’m alone, until I realize I’ve allowed myself to react for nothing, but felt something, while No-thing was physically wrong with me.

You see anger also comes in when your attention has been side swiped from what you’re doing to the hype of having a good time, that might just divide you into two, from what I want to do, to doing what I’m told to do, but when realizing the Told was To-Leading, I fight myself for giving up on what I was doing and wanted to do in the first place, to grace the idea of another’s satisfaction that caused a reaction in me and now I see how I created this angry self.

To pick and choose who, what, when, where and why we get angry, is societies version of Anger Management, stating it’s ok to be grouchy, if you don’t get your way, that has nothing to do with being in defense of life, but in spite of life at the expense of life. We get angry when destroying life for money, with no real purpose, but to buy expensive purses in Birkin bags and Chinchilla coat, that shows how rude we are to animals and rodent alike, and hate the sight of a rat in fact, in fact may despise anything black, but that’s another story with the lack of understanding we’re all ‘cut from the same potato’, and do nothing about it.

Ask yourself how can you possibly be angry at the way the world is, like growing another conscious that you already had, better yet not even knowing that consciousness was bad, in the sense of allowing it to take over our existence, or maybe even that word is to big to listen to, so let me scale back a bit, the mere smell of another’s shit makes some angry in fact, as a point that I too smell just like that, but don’t want to face it within another one’s movement, to prove it, I’ve broke up with an ex-girlfriend for that, which is sad because I really wasn’t mad at her, but didn’t want to face up to my own shit too, get it.

Anger encompasses a lot of thing, like being angry that someone is looking at me crazy, and classifying a look as crazy is crazy, something I no longer crave to be, which enslaves me to the point of judging another for the way they look and looking at me, if looks could tell the real story of a person, this process would be easy to immerse within self, because everyone would be an open book and ready to forgive before they look, but look at how anger is making us angry, and strangely were apparently fine with that.

Erase those 11’s in the middle of your forehead, that could cause permanent wrinkles all over your face, then wonder why we’re getting old ever so gracefully, without realizing how we let anger grace our day, but hey I got wisdom, that the gray hair states, we relate to Moses or some of the other greats, from back in the day, that showed us back then what challenges we’d face, but didn’t take heed from the history we’ve placed in story books and literature to put a lid on the truth, that Anger is the corruption of me and you, so we would never realize the correction of self, and in the next post I’ll write out my correction to this selfish state of being, “Anger”.

To be continued…

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Day 791: Anger (The Good/Bad/Ugly)

A cancer-causing expression that’s expressed when you can’t see ‘in direction’ a way out of a situation you’re in, and then suppress it, except when you express anger when in danger of having to change your expression to suit someone else’s lesson about an Ego.

Then it’s that Damn-Anger that equalize the situation for the stranger to see straight and erase the façade they’re hiding behind, and it’s fine because I’ve been there before, but now remind myself of a time in my life when things didn’t go right, like now, lol, but hell we love to rebel against ourselves, some would call our intuition, with a mission to royally fuck things up, and it sucks after being screamed at, that was needed to shake up our beingness to the core, then wipe my eyes and realize I’ve been asleep on the floor this whole time, in a mind that ignores you when you ask, what am I doing here.

But don’t hear what you’re asking ‘Here’ that pierces the reality of always being Nowhere with a faint glare of wanting to be figured out. As the frustration ensues that oozes through your pore, with a restricted chest we start to shake profusely, that ignites the fuse to a verbal time bomb into using our lips ever so loosely, it’s amusing to see how we abuse the opportunity to communicate ever so effectively, then run out of breath with no energy left and want to sleep the rest of the day away.

You couldn’t pay for a better moment to own it and take responsibility for the anger within, and if in sin we were born and raised in iniquity, I quit the point of being mad to preserve my sanity. Being Mad is like Making an Arrangement with the Devil inside, and it’s the Devil inside we’ve connected to our mind, and it’s out minds we hide behind and let destroy our lives, and it’s out lives that we push aside in a moment of rage, and it’s the rage we let playout in a moment of dismay, and it’s the dismay that’s an array of emotions and feeling, but if we erase the array, then we can start living, that’s hard to explain when we don’t like listening, and listening is the key to making informed decisions that’s missing when we decide to perpetuate anger, and anger is a premeditated act upon a stranger, or a family member, a partner a friend or a foe, and most times the friend or foe is someone you hold close, and near to you that’s in no way afraid of you, so we perpetuate anger because we’re afraid of them, afraid of what they may say in the wrong setting, around other people that don’t know me like that, and that’s when we really start to get mad, claiming that you hurt my feeling.

There’s a million ways to get angry, but only one way to stop, cold turkey that’s a perky idea of withdraw, for those of us addicted to the shock and awe of energy, that’s mentally and physically draining to say the least, where our lease of a life will soon expire if we keep, on playing with the fire of desire that would lead to putting our hand on someone, which in fact is a slapping your own self in the face, and fall from the grace that life has given, and live in fear for the rest of your life.

You might experience anger when things don’t go right and that’s where the blame factor comes in cocktailed with spite, that is until we realize and become aware of our faults in life, do we erase the blame and wanting to fight, but interesting how we then turn the anger towards self, stating, f*** man I really just did this to myself, that’s a cocktail of disaster when we react to it, especially because we know better then to react to it, but still do that creates more consequences for self, I mean anger is one of the deadliest weapons when perpetuated towards self, and it can kill me we exacerbate the use there of, and love when someone else reacts to our anger, as a point of them feeling the same mental pain, which is on a default setting that’s connected to your brain, and everytime it goes off we begin to be lame in the attempt to get our point across.

Nobody likes the ‘nice guy’ character, an ‘uncle tom’ or even a ‘yes man’, but yes man they experience anger too, especially when they’ve suppressed it for so long, and when it comes out everything goes wrong, because it’s used as a justification for being so positive, then hate everybody for being so negative, and hate the world for being the way it is, and this is how we’ve created a world like this, full of hate and a lot of anger, that makes human-being a danger to our own kind.

To be continued…

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Day 790: Shaking things Up

Interesting THIS interview speaking on which we think, but do nothing about, wanting things to stay the same out of fear things would change, while secretly wanting change, but do nothing about what we’re thinking, which opens up the point (for me) of ‘Shaking things Up’. Enjoy.

They say kids say the darndest things, while adults think the damnedest things that’s handpicked from a selection of secret thoughts in our minds, that we reflect on and do nothing about. The what if’s, to if I were to change my way of thinking, what’s in stored for me on the other side, that keeps us trapped in a perpetual state of just laying back and enjoying a cup of coffee, reflecting on a life that’s past, then amass to a moment of taking responsibility and walk right passed if gracefully, but a bit weary on the attempt to shake things up, and give up before the process even starts.

Even if you had a Dinosaur heart would you have a bigger chance at a life without strife, or siphoning off the energy of others, so why heart the fact that people like us are starving in this life on our watch, where we just sit back and watch, with our heart going out to them, because we fail to shake things up in our own worlds, that would shake things up in the world around us, and around the world people are shaking things up and standing up for life that we forgot about.

Outside of earthquakes that shakes the earth, with manmade machines that breaks the earth, the earth stills allows us to inhabit its bosom, until we no longer accept and allow the destruction of earth and heart in absolute that the earth is our heart, and place back together the things falling apart, that starts with the shaking up of you and me, to live with all life in Oneness and Equality, and one day we’ll see that life was worth attaining to, and that the experience of me and you was well worth walking.

But until that time Ima keep on talking and writing out the corrections that needs to be taken, for myself to awaken from the slumbering eyes and correct all the lies that I have been fed. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think ahead in my head with thoughts and memories from my past, projecting them into my future, to live presently, without acting on the correction in proper placement of them within myself, my world and reality, but instead would worry about these things that I think would change my point of comfortability and contentedness, without doing a damned thing about them.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be content with the way thoughts come up in my mind and walk through them into internal reaction, allowing all these emotions and feeling to come up within and as me, that I accept as a superficial shaking up of myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to shake myself apart, spreading me out and thin, instead of shaking myself up to stand up from within, and act on that in which I think about, in the correcting of me to change these moments I accept as my pass time.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spend my pass time thinking and contemplating on things in my life that needs correcting but do nothing about.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to do nothing about the things that I think about that needs to be corrected in my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to put too much emphasis on hope and wonderment in the fashion of what if, when having a moment sitting with a cup of coffee, thinking about my family and/or partners in my life – that I hope things would just sort themselves out (as a collective), I wonder how did I let my life go this way, instead of embracing the “My life now” factor, in expounding on and correcting the realizations I see that is me now.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how this shaking things up is helpful to me to fulfill myself, through reaching my utmost potential, starting with doing the opposite of what I resist doing and acting on what I think about, but leave lingering, to be sorted out later, that would definitely change how I experience myself in my life in this life as a whole, that’s best for me and so would be for all.

I commit myself to shaking things up in my life on the regular, whenever I feel complacency arising up from within me.

And within that the shaking up begins, as I have experienced, but still walking myself through the ‘shaking earth of me” digging up old roots as thought patterns and planting new seed to bare roots of change, and that is but one perspective on shaking things up, in my life and that of all life for sure.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 789: What’s a Point

Once a point in time was once a point in my mind and once a point in mind it’s hard for me to see straight, a magnificent design embedded throughout time, that’s a fine line between existing and living. The gift of giving is worth expressing and living, especially when the gift is directed toward self, and all that’s left is to see a point as a gift and gift yourself the self-help.

If it’s all about me let me tell it myself, I think we can pick and choose who we want to be vulnerable with, and if spite is at table it’s hard for me to sit, because I can fill it as a veil that covers up the real shit, so please don’t anoint me with your words of praise, because these same words of praise are the same words that fades, when secretly envying what you didn’t say first or face on face first bases that could be worse, in which case the light should be shined on the points you face, without using what I’ve done as an example for your own saving grace.

But what’s a point? Outside of pointing fingers the reaction to the finger being given to you, gestures that quester out the anger in us, and feel good about being the last one to speak, with all this energy accumulating to consequence, we rarely ever notice our fault in the matter, and after taking matters into our own hand, stand in the background with no responsibility taken, until we’re awaken with back pains and a stiff neck, then beg the doctor for a prescription of Percocet’s, or any other medication as a quick fix cure, that lures us in to suppressing the point, and at times this medication can be smoking a joint, I mean I know because I’ve been there plenty times before, but didn’t use it for what it was really created for, that is to see how I exist within my level of programming, then deconstruct the programming to rebuild a new me, and rebuild this new me into the best I can be, so that all may see that I can be trusted with life.

It may sound foreign but we do this every day, when waking up emotional to start our day, that in turn destroy our day from carrying this baggage around, that’s usually an idea of saying; “What Now” when getting out of bed and someone has pissed us off, and if you live by yourself, you done pissed yourself off, from thinking about all the stuff that has pissed you off, then become overwhelmed with being pissed off, and lord help those under you, if you’re in an authority position, and missing the point, that I make critical decision on other people lives that’s alive like you, that ends up making it bad for guys like me, but it’s guys like me who’ve let it happen to self, because of missing the point of standing up for self, while standing next to you as the self I am, that we will inevitably handle the point.

What’s the point when making it a point to argue with someone, that gets you nowhere, but drained by the point, and drained by the fact that we had nothing to say, but said something anyway that complicated things, that complicated the real point that we’re obviously missing, if an argument is imminent then it needs immediate attention, to stand up within without moving a muscle, and hustle towards correction that’s a blessing for the both, that I know the real point is obviously me, so here I do a correction on what I see.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to excuse the point of explaining myself, by explaining how deep I was still connected to the point, in so many words that took my breath away, and created thin air in the relationships I’ve had. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to afterwards feel sad for the exposure that posed a threat to me, because of wanting to express my own vulnerability with whom I pick and choose, as a chosen way to handle it all, then fall trying to handle it my own way. I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see the fallacy in the point of a fall, that is to relive the standing up from within it again, as many times as it takes for us to get it again, and get it to the point of seeing it coming and doing something about it the next time around, and ground ourselves within the point of correction, and that’s a point.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 788: Turn the other Cheek (Another Perspective)

Interesting how this statement fits in so many aspects of our lives, where most have defined in a hitting abusive way and one is supposed to walk away from conflict, fights, to be the better person/man, but then when one gets hit on the other side of the cheek, everything goes right out the window, lol, I mean I have defined it as such when first hearing this growing up, and didn’t understand it, thinking this is a cowardly act, to walk away after being hit, and so question the statement as improper, but improper it was for me to define this statement as such, impromptu believing things without investigating the true meaning behind them for myself.

Now, you can’t read another person’s mind but you can somewhat direct an action being perpetuated towards you, where in some cases a ‘re ‘action is in order to prevent further actions from being done unto you, without reacting to it, but simply looking out for the well-being of self, you, you and me, me, in which case we are turning the other cheek on the acceptance of abuse being done unto us, and so in our world in the long run, by not allowing it to happen anymore in any form towards life, I mean I can’t go for that, and I’m sure you won’t either.

But a calculated, premeditated response to a response that haven’t been perpetuated towards one, the mind takes and manifest a situation for us to see the nature of our thoughts, meaning we at times sit around and think, ‘what if this, that or the other happens’ and when it do, we then say to ourselves or others “See, I knew this would happen, just like I thought it would”, and in this case, turning the other cheek is on the abdicating responsibility for the thoughts we think and so manifest consequence for us to walk through.

Next you have things that comes up, in relations to seeing something gruesome, or horrid, then say ‘I don’t want to see that, because it’s too gruesome’ and turn the other cheek away from how we are allowing horrific things to take place in our world and reality and on this planet, while sadly thinking those people are crazy, but we are the craze one behind it all, for lazily turning the channel to something more positive, thinking that if I just stay in my little bubble I’m fine, then find crime in your own neighborhood and wonder why.

It’s obvious that turning the other cheek can refer to many things, but what I’ve seen within myself is interesting, where when doing things throughout my day random thoughts come up that I do see but don’t follow, that then turn into reactive ones, meaning being filtered through the deep dark secrets of my mind and presented back to me, like “Look at Here”, that I quickly, literally turn the other cheek and lower my head with a frowned up face in disgust at what I just seen, to not see what had just taken place in the picture room in my mind, and say NO, Stop, that only makes it worst, because I’ve then just given more attention to it, now being aware of the pre automation that goes on within and as me, I react to it, instead of immediately correcting it, that has become a pattern I’ve coined within myself, therefore correction is needed, so.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the phrase turning the other cheek, in the sense of being the better man and walking away from conflict, abuse, that I obviously had part in creating for myself and the other to experience, then would veil my participation within it, by walking away and leaving the situation open ended, and whenever it escalated I would feel vindicated for responding with aggression, because I walked away first, and people saw it, which was obviously an antagonizing, manipulative act, towards the other person, that held consequences for the both of us to walk through, even if I didn’t initiate it, but perpetuated the prolonging of it, we’re still at fault which is the part we most overlook thinking our action/reactions are validated, but not, we’ve just turned the other cheek on accepting our own point of blame in the matter, that gifts to us a moment of correction, thing is will we take it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how I have turned the other cheek on many of responsibilities in my life, thinking things would pan out in the long run, such as and most importantly, the random thoughts that comes up in my mind, that I don’t initially follow and leave them to be filtered through the deepest dark secret parts of my mind, to be presented back to me, like “Look at here”, then literally turn the other cheek and lower my head with a frown on my face, to not see what came up in the picture room of my mind, but just said NO, Stop to it, that would only make it worse, because I’ve then just given more attention to it, instead of immediately correcting it in the moment of occurrence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize how I have disregarded moments of opportunities of correction to look at/face and correct all parts of me, that I thought to be too gruesome for me to look at, and/or not able to correct, and by turning the other cheek towards it, I would create consequences for myself to walk through.

And so, when and as I see myself having something to come up within and as me, and that something being something I need to look at and face in the moment, because it’s bringing out a reaction in me, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that my reactions are acts of validating how I need to correct things in my life, that turning the other cheek would only perpetuate and suppress it even more inside me, causing pain and other un-natural physical occurrences whatever they may be, from loss of energy/depression/stress and anger, to mention a few, therefore; I commit myself to no longer accepting and allowing myself to keep turning the other cheek on prominent things in my mind that needs my immediate direction through introspection, but instead to ‘horse with reins” myself to face it head on/ look at it and correct it, in the moment of occurrence, that way I don’t create any more unwarranted consequences for myself, adding onto what I’m already facing, and within that, I commit myself to turn the other cheek from being complacent and staying within any problem that I face, to moving towards correcting the face front I presented to others and myself as me.

Thanks for reading, and this can be applied in your own life as need, as I am applying it in mine, on the journey to unlocking the potential I know exist within and as me, to be brought out and expressed as an expression of me, that all starts with self-correction.

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Day 787: Social Media (Perspective)

The medium between being here with me and out there with them, in a mind that allows you to travel without moving a physical muscle, but muscle around the brain power it takes to react to what you see, that’s scripted when you subscribe to a world full of thoughts gone wild and everybody wants to be a ready player one, in a world that’s not quite ready for one to stand up and take responsibility for the way the world is today, and today just might be the anomaly of change for that one to realize themselves when seeing the world in the way we church the internet.

All massing to one spot to feed our minds with fallacious accounts of connecting with one another in the passing of time away, away for a momentary possession encapsulated by characters we know best, begets the demand for human interaction, that takes a fraction of the time it takes to type in what you want to see/hear and/or read about, what someone else has done, in a space bar that records you every request, then wonder why what you’re thinking comes up on your feed, claiming, ‘How did they do that, I must be connected or have some kind of special power or something’, but NOT, it’s designed that way, to accumulate your thoughts the way you think them, and feed them back to you, that’s why it’s called a feed.

But please don’t partialize me, along with the bad comes the good, where because of social media/the internet, one can now leave one’s block/neighborhood/city and state, to see how the whole world is in the same place and space, searching for answers, that everything is not as bad as we were taught, but bad in the sense that it’s all our fault for how we all had a part in creating our own trap, that trapped us in the individual states of mind we’re in, from the rich and wealthy to the poor and unhealthy, addicted to many things, addicts to the belief that I had no part in what I now experience, I mean social media is like the sins of the fathers in real time, where I can anonymously spite you and fight you with words in a smear campaign, because I didn’t have the same chances you did growing up, but won’t look up to see that you now do and the world is your target audience.

Where whatever you’re selling someone will buy, that makes greed something extra really, because now my ideas can come into fruition, so why not stick to the basic of real capitalism and let’s all capitalize on Life, instead of compounding more lies to feed to one another while disregarding all Life in fact, I mean is it really that bad to make room for all human being and animals alike, to have their own piece of earth, to connect with the earth we all came from, that gives us things freely (mind you), and guess what, if social media wasn’t here you wouldn’t be reading this, which brings me to the next point.

Fear of loss, losing friends in an unbefriending world that’s not friendly, unless I know you. The comfortability of being addicted to a click button in a stone age mind, is the realization of ‘where have I been my whole life, and why do I feel like I’ve done this before’, because we’ve become so comfortable with it, where if you take it away from me, my life would end in a shamble (and that’s where I just lost a few people, lol), I mean we know people from around the world more than we know our neighbors, in more cases than none, but then again our neighbors do the same as we do, that’s why neighborhood street are baron, where kid don’t play anymore, because we feed there minds with electronic, that snatches the expression right out of them, turning them into mind craft zombie, weak and petite (small and dainty) with no knack for life but their own, and others we feed too much, because they’ve learned how to push your buttons through social media, so we make sure they don’t, by giving them what ever they want, and when they grow up, they’ll hate you for that, and you’ll end up losing them anyway, fear of loss.

But it’s a good look, when using social media to share yourself with the world, your realization and insights without spite, because it’s all about me and this is what I’m doing that has nothing to do with anyone else. A friend shared how they find it cool to be able to see how other parts of the world is, where on one side it’s sunny and tropical and the other it’s snowing, fresh powder, for skiers and snowboarder, so if you got it like that and you’re bored with doing one thing, in one place, you can pick up and go to the next, no problem, but a problem because all can not do that, that’s why ‘at least’ a Basic Income Guaranteed for every human being is need, to facilitate what’s best for all, and what better way to get the word out there, than Social Media.

Before we completely virtualize the world, in search of other dimensions, how about we clean up this one first, before things get worst, until worst case scenarios don’t exist any longer, and there is a way to do this, that you can fine right Here on Social Media.

By seeing the best and the worst of us on social media, should give us indication as to where we stand as a society, where the worst can be corrected and the best can be expounded upon, without pointing the finger at any one, because as it was said, positive thinkers/doers create the negative and negative thinking/doers also create the negative, (that all of us), therefore all that’s left is to look inward toward self – to correct ourselves internally with what comes up and what we let ourselves react to, that we create our outside world with, then the outer reality will be a place where all life would thrive, and we can meet socially ‘in the physical’ with respect towards one another. Investigate

Thanks for reading.

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Day 786: The Correction to Talent as Purpose Pt.3

From in house rehearsals and practices to using different tactics and ways of doing things with exactness and specificity, defines what we do well and want to show and tell, but what’s the reason behind these refined actions that just so happen to be an expression we can express to the best of our abilities, to really get the best out of how we survive.

For some it’s just like riding a bike or muscle memory when putting our talent down for a while and picking it back up from where we left off, and often times forget it’s the same as we left it, with no elevation or placement to use in our world at the moment, but what can be taken from it, is the drive we had that pushed us to be good at it, that we can transfer over to other things we do in our lives, that would turn what we now do, into a talent itself and balance out the equation, from giving it away to learning how to play with it, in what we got and do.

At the moment of resistance, is when our purpose goes right out the window, so to speak, especially when having no one to motivate you to keep going, that I have experienced, and experienced a draining effect of the energy I sought after, where I paid too much attention to doing things for others (as the giving away affect) than for myself first, that ultimately altered me from being happy to express my talent, to seeing/looking at my talent as a job that wasn’t fun anymore, but did this to myself and ended up dropping it and giving into what was popular at the time as an easy hustle.

Interesting topic because, whenever I’ve found myself in a position of thinking of what to do,, my talents never came up, but only thought about not having a skill set needed to fit in with society, and so again tried the whole work force thing, that didn’t work, but only forced me look at things differently, I mean we only get older everyday which means, if you have something you do good, now, stick with it, to watching something good come out of it, but fascinating how, when going back to my talents what comes up is all the reasons I stopped in the first place and so played these mind games with myself thinking, “It’s just going to be/go the same way as before”, with no consideration on how we have grown from then to now, that would obviously make our talents that much better, so don’t give up on them, and keep pushing yourself and working at them, to the point of it fitting somewhere in your world, that would make for a better life for you, I mean they’re still what you can do best, and so why not get to point of expressing your best, as a means to survive, you got this/I got this, therefore;

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how my talents are still useful/can be useful, although I haven’t used them in a while, whether it recapturing the drive I had when realizing I have a talent for doing certain things, to consulting others about the things I know how to do well, that would be what I need to put me back on track of expressing the best of me as a means to live/survive, that all is not lost and/or forgotten.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to momentarily forget how good I am at certain thing, but not in the sense of self-praise, but the actuality of it, that I can still use the methods in which I went about these talents in other parts of my life, to make what I now do into a talent itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to blame others, the world, the system for exploiting my talent, when in fact it was me who was giving my talents away, in essence, accepting pennies and praise for expressing them for someone else, instead of realizing I could have done that for myself, but thought I needed much more than I had to put myself out there, thinking big, instead of moving in baby steps that would have ended with the same results in the long run, of having a solid foundation for me to land on, when stepping into the future of things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thought the future to be too far ahead for me to take my talents serious, way back when I first started honing in on my talents. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to step into my future unprepared for what was in stored for me that I created for myself, by myself – as the laid-out consequences for not following through with/on what I know how to do with the talents I have, and so on and so forth.

That, our talent are somewhat of a defining factor of who we are and what we express and do, not to be taken lightly, and no one can or will take them away from you, especially a God that’s unseen, as we have programmed ourselves to believe, they will always be with you, so why not play with them, taking bits and pieces from them as needed to apply in other parts of our lives, that would make what we walk, as the life we’re living that much easier to get through.

Thanks for reading.

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