Day 679: The Obvious Perspective

Adding onto Day 482: Missing, The Obvious

Obviously it’s an obsession of ours to overlook the fine print that’s printed in braille, as the simple responsibility one has when living life, to ourselves first and the life around us, without thinking about the too much I have on my plate, which is not much at all, when it comes down to having stuff to do, I mean I wish there were more hours in the day, meaning more time to figure out my mind, because I’m not directing me, making this statement useless, but useful when the obvious is seen and taking responsibility for, the more we look, the more we see, to seeing that everything is me, so why not clean up my world, my act, and to actually standing up when I see within myself that something is drastically wrong with the way I’m doing things, which should be obvious that the problem is ME first and then You.

An issue unseen is a blind eye closed and turned outwards to not face the dark parts of ourselves that we perpetuate, then see spill out from another human being, I mean isn’t it obvious that something is wrong, when roaming through one’s mind into a worst-case scenario that hasn’t happen? Yet and still will happen, if we continue to fear one another in this self-created situation, that I can wait to change the placement of my minds preprogrammed design, but enough of the small talk.

We all walk the same and shove food down the same hole in our face, so why is it that we can’t all live life the same way, equally respectfully of one another that’s just basic common sense, I mean we all commonly sense things going on in our world that obviously need to be fixed, but blame it on a culprit somewhere out there in terms of them and they that you can’t see right here, until one looks in the mirror and see a cold pit within the face that did it all, but still fail to take responsibility for it all.

I mean it’s obvious when we talk about bad things, somehow they magically happen, then sit back and say, ‘I knew this would happen’, to ‘what’s wrong with humanity’, including the humans that is us, who sat there and thought about it until it came up, like WTF isn’t it obvious that I’m creating my own reality, which is corrupting and disrupting the whole of reality, with my imaging a nation divided and waiting for someone to put an end to it all, because I’m so impatient, but when it just so happen you find yourself responsible, will you have the courage to stand up and move through the obstacles, when walking through the consequences of what we have allowed, I mean I’m facing this myself still and I’m not proud, but have learned how to correct myself, self-correction is the key, and the holy grail for saving the whole world from catastrophe, and blasphemy only exist in belief system that lies, to control you into thinking that you’re about to die, and we fell for it with feelings we filled in with fear, I mean it should be obvious what’s going on here, but for most it’s not, and is at the same time, where you’d rather stay in your bubble and me in mine.

Without a spine to stand up when seeing the obvious, face and correct it, one remain lost in one’s own perception of what’s really real and what’s not, I mean that’s why it hurts so much when we realize ourselves to be wrong, and would rather shy away from those who points it out to us, like how dare you, then recite the age ole saying; “Those without sin let them cast the first stone” that veils the gift of being shown the nature of ourselves by another, during a conversation or interaction, and this we have accepted as the norm.

The correction to it all is self-forgiveness where; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to miss the obvious, that I am responsible for my actions, but act as if what I do/have done is acceptable, without correcting me, where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that the point of correcting me is a step in the right direction to directing myself that would break the grip I’ve accepted and allowed my mind to have on me, and within that I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed my mind to have a grip on me, to the point of thinking believing that my mind is who I am and so follow it, because I can’t see it, and so it’s not obvious to me, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not investigate my reactions to things, that afterwards, I wonder why did I do this or that, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think investigating myself is too complicated and serve no purpose, which is in fact the problem in itself, being that I have defined investigating myself as a purpose, instead of a gift of understanding myself in and out/thru and thru, that would open the door for me seeing the obvious plain as day that’s always been right in front of me, everytime I look in the mirror, and so within that I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand that the Obvious is ME.

And so on and so forth to all have corrected oneself, and see the residuals of what all as One and Equal really means, to doing that which is best for all, in all ways, always, which starts with You and Me right HERE, if you dare.

Thanks for reading

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Day 678: A New Year’s Perspective

(For those in my world, and around the World)

Trouble surrounds the New Year and who here hasn’t been in it, the beginning and the finish, or is it just one minute or moment before 12 midnight, where in some parts of the world the night is still young and fun is the consuming of alcohol with all y’all, telling tales about how Ima change this year, that didn’t work out too well last year, so here’s another beer for you and I’ll drink to that, said around the globe all at the same time, in the same mind-frame, just to wake up with a hangover from hell, but hell I had a good time though, consisting of chasing after tail, to plant a seed of who self has become, until one gets a call that there’s a baby in the bun and on the way, then the Happy New Year becomes; “Just one of those day”.

And Yes sure enough, something did change, but not in the way you thought it ought to, but you saw you in every move that you made, while taking a back seat in your mind with a pitcher of cool aid, hypothetically speaking, I mean I should be ashamed, I should be ashamed is the name of the game, that’s not played, because I’m too comfortable in my way, staying tipsy, why’ll taking a puff to keep me dazed and inundated to not face my own creation, constipated with thoughts, I should be on probation, but wait…, It’s not too late for You to change, but it’s been about time for You to stop the Blame and have a New Year that’s worth looking forward to, “Yo” if I can do it, then so can You, so stop playing with yourself and start investigating yourself (HERE), before you’re totally depleted and there’s nothing left of yourself, but fear.

Thanks for Reading.

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Day 677: Mind Contagion

As if we can’t help but to follow suit, when the saying goes Yawns are Contagious, should be Human Minds are Contagious.

In the company of others, with different people in your world, at different locations within their process, the belief of what’s being said is so strong, it become hard for one to listen, let alone see any common sense reasoning presented/brought up by any party involved in the conversation, where the stationary topic then draws one into reminiscing along with the subject matter of what’s being said, that for some really matters, because that’s all we know at the time and/or want to know at the time, while in the meantime, what does one do, when pressed into answering a question, or placed in a position of accepting a label/title of the past person/character one used to be?

What you think, say and/or feel, spawns a thought in my mind to respond and/or feel the same way, due to the adamant way that it’s presented, therefore the Air becomes thick with emotion and unwarranted energy, that energize the bunny of a mind to move faster and faster, until one ends up jumping on the energy bandwagon and join in to the same old classic that’s playing (so to speak).

The Mind, if seen as contagious, spreads like a wild fire in the room and throughout the house, and group that resides in it, that pressures the point of gossip into exploding bullshit everywhere, clicks and secret groups within the group follow suit and that’s the truth and a matter of fact, where one has no time to relax one’s mind, so always on guard to shield off the invading virus of a thought.

Which if not corrected will corrupt the simple minded, cause mine did and faced the consequence for not applying self-forgiveness in the moment, but instead took a back seat and watched my mind go Ham’, like damn how easy it is for me to slip back into a character suit, that’s too tight for me to breathe, now stop and breathe, (and as a friend once said); “Just let it all go Carlton”, remembered, appreciated and thanks, to be used in the moments when I feel I can’t, I mean something had to give, before given up became an option, and so opted out of holding on to what others would think and say.

It’s fairly hard for most to realize that change is only one breath away, when being used as a sounding board for random thoughts, where going against the grain (telling it like it is), can get you ostracized, and I have to work with these people, therefore I become susceptible to the Mind Contagion.
And then at times when it’s just not in you to explain every single little detail of things, that’s been said simplistically as possible, but still questioned by another, become a bit overwhelming, like well Hell, just read the damn material, but said in a way to keep the peace from falling into pieces. i.e. (Slow down and I’ll get back to you).

So living this way throughout my life, attaching myself from mind to mind, when mine hadn’t been realized yet, obviously I also followed suit, projecting without correcting, unaware that I was spreading the same shit that I oh so hated and received from others, to then realizing through walking process, that I was part of the problem, and so started correcting myself, (still am) and longed for the day I would experience being in an environment where I didn’t have to always deal with the minds of others, and lo and behold, I was gifted with the experience of a lifetime, that I wouldn’t have missed for the world; that was to meet up with others whose walking their process as well, and it was mind blowing to say the least, in the sense of being able to experience what I longed for, that I didn’t know was possible and wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my eyes and experienced it firsthand.

A group of people all living in the same house for a short period of time, without any mind contagion, that erased the stigma I now once had, I mean it is possible, grown folk living together, getting along, on a way other level, that leveled the playing field in my mind flat, like that’s what I’m talking about, and had to go back again, because this experience doesn’t just happen every day, and took away with me the understanding of the potential I have, and ways of correction to achieve this, and now long for the day to do it again, but in the meantime, I stand within the correction of myself, correcting myself in any atmosphere, without any fear, that I may be affected by someone else’s mind contagion, but instead, in realizing that it’s me, to contain myself and so continue correcting my own. Thanks to all, and;

Thanks for reading.

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Day 676: Looking for Approval

One goes to a boss and ask for an approval, as the completion of a work done, but in the mean time unsure about the work one has done and until the Nod of acceptance is given, one remain in a state of uncertainty/nervousness/fear of being spited in a way, which is a form of self-judgement along with the distrust we have for ourselves, because, if with self, one is assured that one has done things to the best of ones ability, so why look for Approval, when the proof lies within one ability to effectively get things done?

Looking for Approval, interesting how, (And I’m guilty of this to) when two guys pass each other on the streets they give each other a head nod as if to say what’s up and call this respect and leave it at that, when this should be done by each of us, to/towards all equally, amd as the acceptance of all that all is equal to We.

It’s ingrained within our DNA as the programing we exist as, that others are more important than we are, to the point of making everything we do about them, to show them that, “Hey I’m human too”, but is it human to believe that you’re not, I mean the whole lot of us in a way experience inferiority towards someone in our world, thinking that in a way we’re less than, and then go about our life, in chase after what each other got, just to say, look at me, I got it too, when in essence, if you look at it, we all have and/or have had the same abilities that each one has, but what differs is the opportunity afforded to some and not all equally, and so look for approval from those who have more.

And interesting how those who have more look to keep their approval rating high, while in the meantime, on a downward spiral of disapproval, from those whose toes been stepped on by them, on their way to the top, unaware that it takes the support of everyone underneath them to stay on top, so but when the tower starts to crumb, and equalize itself into a rubbly fashion, one’s approval ratings become null in void, but still we hold onto impressions, impressing our imprint of the character we’ve created for the acceptance of others onto others, which is still Looking for approval, looking to be approved, then lose touch with reality that’s calling for the equalization of you and me in every way possible, and still don’t see it.

How can one possibly keep up with the Joneses when the Joneses have only combines there STUFF to present a fake face, that’s veiled by a fake smile and eating crepes, in front of the kitchen window for all to see, while on the inside looking for approval from the Andersons, so to speak, and them the Jacksons and so on and so forth, causing refractions that ripples and spread throughout existence as a whole, and expect and Holy than Thou Being to come and equalize the separation we’ve perpetuated for Aon of time, up until this point of compartmentalizing ourselves away from each other, while looking to be approved by each other, when all one have to do is to walk outside and get to know your neighbor as yourself.

With the removal of the idea that we all should live in fear Here of each other, equalizes the playing field, where no deals need to be made to be on the same side, outside the cages we’ve placed ourselves in, the little boxes and bubble we claim people are in, when what come out of your mouth is you in fact You and not them, because they didn’t say it, You did, and just now only pointed it out to yourself, so take heed to what you’ve just Approved yourself to say, and to see it as a gift to correct on the Christmas day, to walk into tomorrow with an expression of the Approval that you are, that’s far from looking in a sense, because you’ll Now be living it.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 675: A Startling Realization

The alarming shock treatment perpetuated onto the physical body, that some connect to the statement; “Being caught read handed”, with big eyes and a solemn look on one’s face, is not necessarily a point of fear, or being scared, but a return to the Here-ness of Now, out of one’s mind, during the following of a thought around in one’s head, that in most cases we dread to leave and believe it’s who we are and in the midst of creating, that’s misconstrued as contemplating, which is an actual internal conversation that’s taking place, interrupted and erased when a noise/sound, movement and/or person comes into our vicinity unannounced, and in our unawareness we say; “Man you scared the shit out of me”, while really it’s a gift (if realized), that one was in one’s mind, which is NOT into-me-I-see (Self-Intimacy), and so become startled.

A simple jolt is all that’s needed to awaken the inter-you from participating in the sideshow, in essence, as if the cells in your body are asking you, have you learned your lesson yet, and still create an imaginative picture of ‘what if though’, and that’s where the fear of things come in at, which begs the question, are we really afraid, or just scared of the idea of something happening , I mean it could get extensive, when not realizing that nothing should move me in anyway what so ever.

And in some cases, we cleverly suppress the reaction inside, then go outside and smoke a cigarette to stabilize ourselves, stating to oneself; “I’m alright”, but Whoa to the act of none correction, which is self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing myself to not take with me the lesson and Art of being Here, but instead for the second time got caught looking into my mind and so became startled.

A borrowed moment from reality is a fallacy, because I fail to see the importance of being Here, and that time is not on our side, but a tool to be used and side with, in increments when spending one’s day in the moment, which houses clarity, which makes for a less startled me. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to inundate myself with an alarming shock treatment, as a statement of being startled when roaming around in my mind and awaken suddenly by a noise/sound, movement and/or someone coming into my vicinity unannounced, as if the cells of my body have announced to me in the form of a jolt, “Where were you”.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be moved into being startled, when following around a bombardment of thought in my head, and instead of realizing the gift within it all, fall for being scared of “what if”, something was going wrong.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become startled when my friend walked in the room where I was working, then look at him with big eyes, because of being shocked out of my mind and back Here.

So after I experienced this a few times, I started to investigate why this was and realized it not to be a point of fear, but a needing to be Here and focused on what I was doing, then tested it for cross referencing, where when he came in times after that, I didn’t experience such a jolt of being startled, but more of a stable calm demeanor, because I made sure I was in the Here-ness of Now, and as an bonus/additive was able to support him, when I went out for a moment and came back in on him working and startled him, and so shared my realizations with him about how I experienced the same thing when he came in earlier, and so became an “Ah Ha” moment for the both of us.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 674: A Past to Present Perspective

(In the Future Sense of Now):

The past is a pause on the present to perpetuate a preferred preference, idea of how we think things should have been, ‘if only I would have…” a statement of predisposition, in positioning ourselves in a precarious state or place of time looping and illusion, eluding the point of what’s Here right in front of us that needs to be looked at, handled, sorted out and corrected in real time, for real this time, to find that what’s Here, is in fact all that matters, where as a matter of fact the past is a blinding mechanism, stating that if you can only see me now, as if something would have changed between then and now if we could go back.

The realization is that nothing would have changed, I would have remained the same old pain in the side of other, doing the same old thing with pride, while hiding as much as I could, that I was in pain too, but who wants to go back to that, really, a feeling of disappointment, because I disassociated myself as a social misfit that missed my appointment with the Present/Here and Now, and now out there somewhere wondering how did I get here, which is there and not Here.

The horrific factor is a past that haunts you, but only if you haven’t correctly faced the faces you’ve made in and throughout the mirrors of time as each one’s mind, that each one designed for themselves and don’t want to let go of, because we created it, then say things like ‘”I want to remember you just the way you are”, (before time passes by) and/or “I wish this moment could last forever”, without realizing the demise we’re manifesting by stating these words, that’s spread and heard throughout existence, which contains an undercurrent of ‘the fear of loss’, because I know/think something is bound to happen, meaning I didn’t trust myself to live out a happy ending with you, because I don’t know myself, and so want to go back and do it again. The past.

I mean do we ever forget who we are and the people around us, or is it that we’ve allowed ourselves to be calcified with a trunk full of junk thoughts, carrying it around as the burdens we bare, until we’re barely able to stand up straight, because we DID NOT just let it all go, the Past, hanging on to one’s flesh like the stench of burnt grass, then step into a different atmosphere with a bag full of shame, because these people are not the same, and it’s not what I’m used to, so I’m nervous as fuck, but just my luck, I’m assisted and helped to see the doubting of self, that I’ve perpetuated for so long, that nothing’s wrong, it’s a New environment that’s New, with a changed life that I have to get used to, by using the tools of self-honesty and self-forgiveness, in stating, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to bring my past into the present when interacting with people I’ve physically met for the first time in my life, and expected things to be different, but the same as I remembered, that didn’t happen in this case/situation, where interaction is always a moment of create, after correcting my stance apart from, then with the group.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to time loop the past in my mind, of jumping through hoops to please someone, to telling myself to please stop, because this is not a circus, but how the whole world should live in a circle of harmony without harming the me that is you.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand the harm I am doing to myself, by holding onto the past, as if it was the key to life, which is the minds way of using spite to stop any forward progress from coming into fruition in my life, when I am Here. Therefore, the past should be but a stepping stone, to living a corrected future, with emphasis on correcting oneself Here in the Present, that would be a present I gift myself to opening up a promising future for me to experiencing the breakthrough that oh so needed in my life, that’s been looming in the distance, waiting for me to make a corrected decision, So, HERE I Stand. Learn how to move passed the Past and live in the Present HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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Day 673: A Self-Supporting Perspective

The act of doing for ourselves what we think we can’t and need others to do for us, i.e, come save me from the shit of a life I’ve created for myself, because I can barely breathe, due to the suffocating experience we perpetuate onto ourselves, by accepting the inundating of thought that our mind present to us on the daily, that we follow around in our heads, live and act out in our world and reality, and so the support aspect of self is missed and/or unseen by most, because when seeing the problem as it currently exist, (that we’ve created) we become overwhelmed with powerlessness and hopelessness along with a magnitude of thought telling us that where unable to do anything about it, and so tell ourselves, “I can’t do anything about it”, which vails us from seeing the solution within ourselves/that we are, thinking that this to too great of a problem to even ask for assistance of show and telling me how I can fix it myself. The solution lies within you that you’ll see as the truth of who you are, once you awaken it.

And awaken to the fact that self-support is real and works, which works if you work it, without a thought of thinking about an alcoholics worst nightmare, AA, far Away from a proven solution, but a momentary remedy of suppression, because of the acceptance that I’m powerless to do anything about it, because “I” don’t know my own mind and self-worth outside a monetary value that doesn’t value the life that is me, so support me as the crutch I think I need and leave the hard things to an entity I never seen, is our beckon cry and plead, I mean most would rather die than realize I am responsible for Self and need to support me, Yes the me that put me Here in this position in my Life, Yes the Life that I disregarded in spite of knowing that the world might be different , but only if I change, then resist the chance/opportunity to stand up for life, by supporting myself. The question then is; What is Self-Support?

Self-Support (as an analogy) is like a stork that never put its head in the sand to hide behind a suppressed Idea from the past, but instead would say to the past; “Hi you Like Me Now”, that I now live in the Here and Now with no judgement or comparison, but dared to be different and did it, in equality with all that is life, and now live with all, learning to respect life that gives support, when self-support is achieved. Then again Self-Support to me is the taking of self-responsibility and responsively responding to the spontaneity of the minds design, that would have one stuck within space and time while being mined to the bone without realizing it, a divorcing in fact

The divorcing of oneself from oneself, thinking that the ring didn’t fit, but shit, I never knew that I was married to me, but only followed the tricks up my sleeves that thieved the life right out of me, to me taking a back seat with the rest of humanity, frantically waiting for a chance to step in/jump into the Double Dutch of life and support myself, I mean this mind shit is slowly but surely getting old real quick and fast, once realized how limited and slow I’ve allowed myself to be and the past I’ve clung onto, instead of realizing the need to just STOP… and BREATHE. Therefore, the solution is to seize the opportunity and opportunely support oneself to realize that our Self is more than just skin and bones, but the ultimate way home, back to the Oneness we used to be and live Equality with all as me from sea to shining sea, which all start with Self-Support. Support yourself Here to learn what Self-Support really is, and what it means to you.

Thanks for Reading.

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