Day 919: Living the Illusion

Board games are painstakingly believable where it’s conceivable to go a lifetime not realizing that you’re playing in it, i.e. manufactured lifestyle. It’s like a massive game of Simon says, going from one man’s opinion to ideal information that makes you feel good, question is, who are we beholding to but ourselves, but hold others opinions close to us when we’re broken, even if it doesn’t resonate with us, we’ll still listen to them because seemingly they got their shit together and money to back it up, which creates the perfect environment for corruption, where because we’ve made living life a thing of survival, we’ll rival anyone we think is there to administer our demise, but a mistake to think that every person have an ill intent, when looking in from the outside, where we’ll only rise to the occasion if we’re brazing to do so, meaning if the illusion looks great enough to awaken our Ego.

In fact what has mattered most is not lives but lies, whenever we speak upon what someone has told us in a roundabout way, where all the likes we get just makes our day, until the day comes we find ourselves not being liked, and so let spite direct our decisions making process, where because we’ve made a mistake we’ll never admit the graveness of our decisions, but will make sure to try and take everyone we can with us, while missing the obvious that it’s really not a competition but fear driven, eluding the question of; ‘Why am I accepting and allowing myself to live like this”? That presents the opportunity to look at me, and although what I may find may be hard for me to see, it’s the first step into breaking through the illusion I’m living.

Like why do we think we need divine intervention, when those on the other side really don’t give a shit, it’s the prolonging of time from doing something about it, while giving too much power to the devil inside us, externalizing the coward-ness that got us to submit, distracted by the illusion of broken promises, and just when you think things are on the up and up, that’s when we think it’s ok to give up, I mean there’s no steadfastness, instead we’ll run away fast, and hide behind the idea of not being cancelled, but who gives a shit about an unneeded subscription i.e. a broken down system that doesn’t need fixing, but replacement it’s ok to change the way things is, imagine a world without changes and easy to live in, a place for future children to really express themselves, that depends on you and I correcting and changing ourselves.

Hell is a state of mind we manifest in our worlds, then live within the illusion of self-perpetuated hard times, and although the system has much to do with keeping us there, what comes up in the mind is our sole responsibility, so while the reality around us may be somewhat of a mess, doesn’t mean we have to waver from the stability of our presence, that way when it’s time to stand up for a new life adjustment, we can support the adjustment of others seeing who they really are, their capabilities and ability to respond to things without fear, that takes you/me to release ourselves from the fear we exist as, in order to pass through this season of consequence without giving up, because an illusion can only last as long as we continue to believe it.

I once questioned; “How can I change what I have no control over”, until I was shown the only thing each has the ability to change is themselves, then share the process you’re walking to give others more options, than what we were born/raised to believe. And with this it took me about a half of century to see, that who I really am takes a process in lifetime to re-getting to know myself, along with forgiving oneself for our miss-takes and dis-ease, and in doing so makes it easier to look/correct and change our reality, from illusive to all inclusive. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live the illusion of thinking/perceiving/believing that my world is fine, just as long as I stay within my bubble of comfort and complacency, away from all the mess that’s going on in the world, not realizing, how others may think the same as I do, and so as a collective abdicated our responsibility to stand up for life, but rather sit and wait for a savior to divinely intervene, instead of stepping out of this illusion to realize my first responsibility is me, then stand up for what I will and will not accept and allow in my world – that if we each individually do this will change the world as a whole, eradicating the idea of thinking how can I change what I have no control over, being that we are now living the change we want to see in our world, in our lives.

There’s no quick fix for what we fixate on and believe, as we’ve fixed ourselves to only see what we want to see, like you can show someone what a lie is, but if you told them that they’ve been lied to, they’ll think it’s a conspiracy theory and blame you, as we continue to run away from the truth of this ”conspiracy” being hidden in plain sight, where only if it affects us will we open our eyes, but until then we should investigate the things we may not like, to see the long term implications of what this illusion has done to life (Ours).

Thanks for reading.

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