Day 891: Fear Mongering

Agendas agenda from September to September and in November we’ll see what best fits the narrative, the mirroring of a collective, a system trying to stay alive, when change is in the air, but would rather scratch and survive, it’s a design known ‘Oh so well’, but have yet to be realized, by a masses that frantically drift towards the divide, how cancerous it is to participate in lies, that strips life away from the beings in which it resides, through fear mongering tactic that has drastic consequences, I mean how many time do the world needs to be scared into submission, before waking up and listening to that soft voice of doubt, telling you to ask questions on what this is REALLY all about, when no one really knows the true effect of this dis-ease, but one man telling you to submit to me please, that has most people running away from a common sneeze, thinking “Oh S***” they must have CV and quick to tell on someone touching their own face, I mean how much more of a distraction can we possibly take?

It’s an action of half-truths turned into faction, and because we see it on the News, it must have been fact checked, instead of checking our reaction to being told such News, we abuse the right to tell the truth, and become amused when seeing abusers blame someone we don’t like, then jump on the bandwagon to exploit our “Rights”, which is the right to be Opinionated or Agree to Disagree, when it’s really not the masses disagreeing with each other, but the few with all the money telling the masses you should disagree, I mean have you ever considered the divide and conquer analogy, which states; If you separate the masses it’s easier to control them, and if this is not the case, it’s still worth knowing, and exposing the sheep herding mentality that’s been taking place for centuries, shepherded by greed, fostered in belief, we’ve allowed to have a monopoly on the way we live our life, by telling us what’s wrong and right and what we should do, then every so often you’ll find someone who tells the truth, but since we’re not used to it we disregard what’s being shown, and would rather stay home in fear of the perceived unknown.

One of the greatest deceits of spite is making one believe that I’m not the one that’s driving you into fear, and so manipulate you into believing it’s coming from another, like the sleight of hand trick pulling the strings of your emotions, so you can move back into place and continue being enslaved, I mean this only happens when the masses are awakening, and fear is running ramped in the minds of the deceivers, scared to be pointed out for the veil purposefully placed over humanity, in order to maintain control over an uncontrollable society.

So we dug into the bag of the past to pull out reactive points, like racism and inequality that does exist but not really at play here, like how is it that just now is the time that most News media organization choose to put this in the forefront, when the world has known this to exist since it’s inceptions, with no correction so what makes you think this is anytime different, but a political stunt perpetuated until after the election, then back to the same old democratic divide, where only us 99% (As the monkeys in the middle) feel the consequences of all the lies, from both sides we’ve allowed this game to go on for so long, all because we’ve subjected ourselves to a little four letter word call “FEAR”.

But here’s a perspective of where this fear mongering could have come from, as a watered down version of something to consider; “Could it be that from the beginning of time when we first got here on this planet we felt worthless and insecure, so desperately wanted to reverse this feeling so said let’s come together, but soon realized that this coming together made us feed of off each other’s fear, then a few of us found that we had the ability to make things others may like, and so started the bartering system of trading with others that made things we like too, we then started feeling a sense of worth from the things that we made, but only after others liked the things we made did we start feeling secure about ourselves, until others started making the same things that we did, so went back into fear about having our sense of security taken away, we needed to devise a way to keep this positive feeling alive, then started spreading rumors about how bad others product was, saying if you barter with them you may get sick and die, then started ostracizing others who did do things our way, and that may have begun the point of fear mongering for selfish gain.

This then went on for quite some time and with the advent of money and belief systems, we used this to validated our point of fear, where now all we had to do is tell someone if you don’t believe what I believe in, then you’ll disappear, and from then on with every child born we the parents forced into submission, that fear is relevant in order to survive and stay alive in this existence.

Once this was established it was easy to control the masses, because now all who have the money controls everything that was bartered, and love the power that comes with being able to tell people No, and so chose propaganda instead of what’s best for all to promulgate this sideshow, and when all else failed other fear mongering tactics was invented, to prevent anyone from ever figuring out where did it all go wrong, because if this was discovered all hell would break loose, in the sense of breaking ourselves loose from this fear that binds us all”. I mean when do we stand?

Before I started really walking my process for consciousness to awareness, a friend of mines little girl asked a question that I was privy to hear, that was; “Why do we as humans remove animals and people”, that baffled me how young she was and I didn’t have the answer, but looking though the eyes of a child you can clearly see how they’re able to see something wrong, I guess that’s why we insist children go to school all day long, so the system of things can stay intact and nothing ever change, and by silencing our children this way things are bound to stay the same – just watching the world deteriorate because we’ve allowed fear to take the place of Life, not considering that if we accept one life to be lost, we also accept this for ourselves.

So how can we possibly expect or tell one to stand that haven’t realized that we’ve fallen, fallen for one man’s consequences we’ve gleefully taken on, that’s all our fault in becoming comfortable with the design of an hierarchical structured system, that’s built on the long suffering of the average human being, where no matter how much you tweak the system won’t change a thing, until we look into ourselves to change our way of thinking.

So, the illusion of fear that exist, exist as a protection in defense of our Ego, that if this fear is dropped so would the Energy of being controlled, and if all would say NO the controllers would lose their power, then just maybe we can get to a point of solving the worlds problem, because controlling a persons life is NOT a solution to correcting the system, but exacerbates inequality that’s the downfall of humanity, so why not correct ourselves by caring for all life equally, that way we turn this existence into a place you want to be.

And if you’re interested the correction would be; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to subject myself to the fear mongering tactics that’s projected onto the masses, and me as one of the masses have went into fear, fear of the unknown and where do we go from here, where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, how this is because of the fear I exist as internally, that I have perpetuated to/toward/unto others in my world throughout my life, by spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories so others would be on my side, conspiring with myself to stay within the conflict of things, instead of looking for a solution within myself to stop my own point of fear. That way I become a fearless stable human being that’s able to exemplify stability, by investigating all things and keeping that which is good, then stand within the understanding of what’s best for all, and not just the few.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give credence to money, and accept and allowed monies coming and going to drive me into fear, where even if one is financially free, the fear of losing it would still be here, not considering with these ideals in my mind have created this world to be the way it is.

So, one can see how it’s not just the fault of the few, but also from the 99% of us that have accepted and allowed this to happen on OUR watch, as we have watched this happening time and time again, believing that we’re powerless to do anything about it, that’s not true, as the numbers of the have not’s when standing together could equalize things, but starts with equalizing me/myself Here with me and you, you, then come together for the betterment and upliftment of all, to stop this fear mongering once and for all. We will get through this.

Thanks for reading.

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