Day 889: Passion & Purpose (Perspective)

What one do well, and love to do, is considered a passion we perpetuate in our pass time, that for most part keeps us grounded and out of our minds, when implementing an interest that stabilizes self, like for some choosing Music/Art or even Crocheting, helps with nurturing in part our point of creation, that insinuates elevation in a forward moving way, as a workout for the mind to not be stuck in one place, and although passion is sometimes confused as purpose, our passion may not necessarily be our purpose in life, as one’s purpose is the reason behind why we’re really here, that one must find to make our life purposeful. [Redefinition]

While Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something, is there really a purpose behind this passion, but a fasting emotion to connect/re-connect with someone or a thing, to experience a feeling of completeness that’s neatly nestled in limitation = the externalization of belief that something or another brings out the passion in me, instead of simplifying ‘The Passion of things’ such as loving to go for a walk, that also serves the purpose of constituting a healthy body, and for some helps to clear the mind from being cooped up all day, like sitting at a computer or on an assembly line for hours, that defines our survival in order to get to our life’s purpose, but first is to recognize our own potential that emerges, that may spring forth when acting on our purposeful passion.

Putting oneself in a position of self-worth, could be the start of personifying one’s life with purpose, where if one’s self-worth is realized, then the purpose is to share yourself in all the intricacies, the makeup of you, from the knowledge we’ve gained and implemented into our own lives, that when shared would have a positive affect on the lives of others, in the sense of progressing forward and the steps it would take, that’s been walked by you to facilitate change, like for some sole purpose is the care for the Animals and Nature, while others is to equalize the playing field between the haves and the have not’s, no matter our purpose education is the key, where if each one teach one we all would see, how great life would be if we all were Equal and One, that obviously starts with being passionate about something – that real passion has nothing to do with abuse and conflict, so stop the nonsense and start passing on to one another real compassion for each other.

Then you have those who have turned their passion into a purpose and/or have become passionate about passing on their true life’s purpose, that’s purposefully passed on the equality of self, with an innate nature of making sure every voice is heard, or facilitating the coming of Heaven on Earth, but how can we possibly get there when so many of us want to be right, and think that we’re right, and have a discussion about what we think, when all that’s being done is purposefully passing on deceit.

For money we’ll do anything, thinking it’s our purpose to be rich = a circle we hitch ourselves to, to not see consequence, and although we’re at the forefront of passing out these consequences, miss the obvious that obviously what you reap is what you sow, therefore if sowing the seed of separation has become your purpose for money, your only escape is to find yourself in a position in which you’ve created, where it might be all fun and games now, but you’ll pay for what you’ve done, when coming face to face with yourself with nowhere to run.

So best to make sure whatever the Purpose, it has ‘No Cause’, because within Cause is a clause that stamps a personal belief, unless the cost of your Cause is what’s best for all, then all would be passionate about living life together, instead of a few lining our pockets with money from trees, that we then create platforms on social media to be like me, and click the ‘Learn More’ button somewhere around this screen, then get there and realizing they just want more money from me, and the cycle continues with no real passion and no real purpose, that has immersed us as a society into the depths of ignorance, ignoring all the signs of Life showing us to Wake Up, because we only have so much time left to stand up together with real PURPOSE. Find Your Purpose!!

Thanks for reading.

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