Day 887: Redefining ‘About’

Equals = a doubt about what you’re hearing/thinking or wondering, where unsurety is surely a cross-reference of self-interest, when asking what’s it all about, to choose if I want to participate in it or not, where choices are just voices in the mind, to stop one from seeing what we should be doing and doing what we could, but don’t, I mean what’s it all about, but the turn about of redefining every word I speak. Enjoy!

“What”, in close relation to the word About, questions the ‘bow’ to asking for understanding the answer, and so choose the acceptance thereof, where for most of my life being a wonderer, would accept anything around what the real truth (Of then) was, and called this a roundabout, but far from the truth and more like a guesstimate, that fitted well with my self-interested feeling, and because I never wanted my feeling hurt, hid the truth of me/About me (From myself) right in front of the question mark that Postludes the question – “What is this all About?’, which was really the beginning of my PTSD even before going into the military, asking what is this religious thing all About, and why should I continue to follow it?

Then you have “It’s About time”, in the sense of spiting the ‘what you were waiting for, stating “Well it’s about time” as if you were really waiting on the other person, unless it was outside of self-interest, then the statement wouldn’t need to be said, unless it’s About time for you to go on Stage and Perform, or Stand/Stand up for an Interest that moves you supportively, or Stand back up when falling, instead of laying in the ‘wallow’, wallowing about in a compressed state of being, squeezing one’s beingness into a corner in the mind, and have found this is what spawned me into being lazy, and so missed plenty days of opportunity that came.

Then realizing the statement, “This is what life is all about”, as an illusion when money is the happiness we put into play, added on to the American Dream per se, being that it’s only for those whose able to live it freely, and achieve it sneakily away from brainwashed minds, like having to pay a pretty dime for a bottle of water, that’s not about Equality in no way shape or form, but Liquidity that forms the way we live, I mean who forms the ideas that comes up in our minds but us, so really this is all ABOUT all of us and not about just you or just about me = A Broad Overview of Universal Traits

But I then learned to say “I don’t know About all that”, which was such a simple adjustment to make, from thinking “I know everything” to stating the obvious (I don’t know about all that), shortened the likelihood of me just agreeing to everything I didn’t know about, I mean one just don’t know what’s assumed to be unknown, because one just don’t want to know About all that, or think it’s within our best interest to know About all that, until we’re shown what we really don’t know, then turn over a New leaf about what we’re shown, or added onto a character we’re trying to promote, that’s never spoken about, not knowing how others would take it, until it’s prevalent and in our face do we say “It’s About time to change”, which has been passed time considering the times of today, that state’s “I think it’s About time for the world to change”. Don’t you?

Sounding of the Word ‘About’

A BOW – A show of respect, which is really a point of submission, within a world built on/around a hierarchal system, so the idea/perception/belief that I’m inferior to Others/Things/Places/People, so choose to submit ourselves as a courtesy.

AB’S OUT – As in a point of showing off oneself in a picture perfect presentation, having the perfect body, for self-interested reasons/reasonings, but more like left out, because who I really am as life was left out of the equation in this picture, with the idea that if we look good everything else would fall into place. But Not!

A BOUT – As in a boxing fight, but more so a fight with oneself, a fight with understanding oneself or another as oneself, outside the mind, where instead of fighting with oneself, as they say in the military A-Bout face, meaning to turn oneself around to facing another as the mirror of you, Salute and Correct.

Common Definition


on the subject of; concerning.
“I was thinking about you”.

Concerning in itself is interesting, that houses a subtle stench of fear of loss, as if to say one cannot see unforeseen circumstances if I’m not present, (As I have perpetuated in my past) and as long as I’m there my mind is at ease, which really makes one’s concern all about me, instead of the other person.

used to indicate movement within a particular area
“She looked about the room”.

What comes up for me is the 360-degree circumference, moving in any given direction, which could be the accumulation of everything, the placement of everything about, in your vicinity as you, if seen as such.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the word ‘About’ in the sense of concern/wonderment/uncertainty and doubt, stating, not to know what something was all about, when I knew good and well what it was for most part, at time, so concerned myself with wondering about what I already knew, just because of second guessing myself to the point of uncertainty, doubted my comprehension of what I was seeing, blaming it on the words “I don’t know”, when what I didn’t know, I would state that I did. And when it came to things being About someone close, not realize how my concern was coming from a Fear of loss.

Where, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used the word About in context with Fear of loss, not realizing how I was manifesting the other away from me, in a way, because I wasn’t here with myself, so how could I possibly be stable About another. And I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand the hidden energy behind this word (About), being that it’s often said as an interim within a conversation, so overlooked as being something also needing correcting/purifying/redefining. Therefore;


Being that of ‘All’ in my vicinity (as what it is) known and unseen/unnoticed or realized, the circumference of everything, All as me, which includes you/me/nature/animals and insects alike, living all together in Oneness and Equality = the sum of this 1 LIFE, is what ABOUT really is. So, when saying/using the word About – to embrace what it is, all as me, and correct what it is that I didn’t allow myself to see. And that’s what I’m talking About.

Thanks for reading.

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