Day 886: Handle with Care

The rush of things creates rude occurrences, to rude awakenings that maybe I should slow myself down, from pulling and yanking at it, to watching things fall apart, because patience is no where to be found when wanting to get things done while moving too fast, but there’s a saying that goes, “You only have to do things once when done the correct way”, that saves you space and time from having to do things again, I mean even patience shows itself, when sitting in line at the McDonald’s drive thru, so why not have patience when walking things through, or working things out, that’s what this process is all about, that I lose track of sometimes then find myself back to square one, walking the same or similar points over again, then become frustrated for not remembering my corrections when it counts, in between the four count breath in, and the four count breath out, that’s the pace in which things are handled with care.

But sadly while aware of everything we do, we accept the thought of, just so maybe I can take a short cut this time, then take the elevator instead of using the stairs (hypothetically speaking), just to find oneself stuck because the power went out, where if only I would have listened to the cross-referencing of Self, would I have shown Life, a step in the right direction, when tested to see if I can direct myself, equalizes us to the change we’re processing to achieve.

It’s mostly done in the subtle occurrence of things, that may not be major at said point of time, but if the subtle things are corrected helps to change our minds, from thinking I got this to showing I really got this, because I’m enacting the point of making myself spotless, like in religion when it says, “without spot or wrinkle”, meaning I spot and old pattern then iron out the corrections, especially when seeing the way I’ve handled things in the past, without care or even cared to really have a look at it, I’d just rush through it as if patience was a waste, and end up falling from the grace life has bestowed upon us, where before it hasn’t been in me to recognize Life as such, so how could I possibly handle with care life if I hadn’t my own.

So the other day I was playing this game call Jenga, where you have all these blocks stacked up and each person has to remove one block at a time and stack it back on top until the structure becomes unstable and eventually fall apart, collapse, crumble and what came up was the point of handle with care, where within the game it takes patience and you can only use so much pressure moving the block from side to side and slow breathing is a must, but what’s interesting is that when you almost remove the block it seems as if you’re already there, and what comes up is the mind telling you, I got this and so just want to yank it out, but in doing so the block structure will fall, but what I saw that came up within the game is the words extreme focus and concentration, slowing down and patience, but also perseverance, in the sense where once it get to the point where any next move would bring it all down, one would just want to give up, just to not be the one left holding the bag or losing (might I say), but what’s interesting is that if one just push passed the resistance you’ll find that there is still life left so to speak, and so within that, I related it to walking my process and how often times I wouldn’t handle it with care, where I would rush through points, lose focus on things and resist looking at some points, to wanting to give up on others (Points), so but in real time the physical playout of this game is like walking process that was a cool physical action to see and participate in, in real time that fits well for me with understanding more of how process works in the physical, I mean I would recommend this game to those who haven’t played it yet, as I am forever grateful for having started walking my process, thanks Desteni.

Thank you for reading.

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