Day 870: From Bad to Much More to Being Back Here

When walking through consequences, it’s easy to be deceived by the idea that we may have to create more consequences to get through the ones we’re already walking, which at times may have to, but careful not to let these ideas become that part of how we rectify things, where each extra consequence we create becomes much more than what we’ve bargained for in a sense that makes it harder to get back to square one, the sum of all evenness that evilly creeps up on you and depletes one’s standing stable within the consequences we’re already facing, the draining affect, neglecting the rationing out of energy we’ve allotted to get through this sequence of events, that has to take place before getting to the point of real creation, and if done correctly would be the saving grace of our different nations, countries, society, humanity and the world as a whole.

But saving because we’ve saved ourselves without hoping for, looking for any outside source to sort things out for us, that’s not an easy feat, especially when having engrained within us to stay asleep to the things we choose not to see, because we believe it’s counter-productive to our standing in the system as an Ego, because that’s how the money flow, with no consideration for things that matter like hindsight looking, showing one shouldn’t have did that, to realizing holy crap this is not where I want to be at, but now here again, so let me begin.

What’s much more than things being bad is, hard ignorance, the pushing aside of common sense when not allowing oneself to see the incidents that comes with good intentions, that’s a race back into the same problems, even after solving them, we have no patience to live our corrective application and walk through the door of transcendence, right at the point we should resist the urge to dab our foot back into the sinking sand (so to speak), that would eventually submerge us back into an old state of being.

Like knowing wasabi sauce is hot, but still choosing to put it on top of what we’re dealing with in reality – that’s eating nonsensically and a travesty to our taste buds, but we still do it, then try drinking water to put out the fire that only stings consequences and promises you/me, it’s going to be a long day.

The attitude of turning down nothing is corruption when fussing about the positions we place ourselves in, where in the moment the road often travelled may seem to be paved with gold, but it’s just the sun shining down on the mold that outlines our shadow against the brazing sand, so with every step we take becomes wavery until we’re knee deep in s***, thinking, now this is stability, but interesting our stance with being unable to walk and pull ourselves out of this position even with our hands, the ever so craftiness of a sink hole that we’ve dug, covered up and forgot it was there, but then again, this is something that I share that can be walked out of.

Look this way; Products on shelves in department stores are specifically placed to catch the eye of the beholder, but what we tend to do is look behind what’s in the forefront to get to the best quality of what’s being presented, so why is it that we can’t look behind the idea of thinking we need to do a certain thing to get us out of the bad state of things we’re experiencing, that if seen beforehand, would save us the hassle of creating more consequence added to the one’s we’re already facing, into walking ourselves back out of the much more, through the bad and back Here.

I was once told ‘”Where there’s a beginning, there’s an end”, meaning this too shall pass, but not if we continue to exacerbate the past, in hopes of cleaning things up by going back and repeating them = more suppression and so left with this dull feeling afterwards for not correcting ourselves.

Being that with awareness we’re all now aware of what comes up within us, it’s pretty hard to not see things that sticks in one’s mind, like the frustration that comes up after knowing what you’re walking into (clairvoyantly) and the outcome to follow, but still choose our ‘Ideas’ over the common sense of being patient and slowing down and laying things out for ourselves and cross referencing it, to see if what we think we should do is the best possible decision, that do takes a bit of time, but well worth it in the end.

Where in the end it’s a new beginning to stand corrected – to not add any unwarranted stress onto ourselves, because we’re already facing a lot, each one of us in our own way, so be that as it may, this being a point to seed into correction that would be;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience things being bad to much more, thinking/perceiving/believing that more consequences needs to be created in order to get through the consequences already being walked, and so end up exacerbating the past in which I resided and didn’t let go of unconditionally (as it seems), the old patterns/habits/behaviors while seeing with awareness what it is that seem to be the right thing to do in the moment and the outcome to follow, but still step into it as if it’s needed, then coming out on the others side stepping into looming frustration, because of letting the rush into expectations supersede being patient/slowing myself down/laying things out for myself and cross referencing them for the best possible decision, that would keep the pace steady with allotted energy to facilitate the consequences already being walked = me getting through this. Embrace Vulnerability.

Thanks for reading.

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