Day 869: Bring out the Best in Me

At our worst we’re the best, but at our best is it worth it, for us to forget about the worst that brings the best out of us, where our abilities and capabilities may be seen more than known, when not seeing the potential that I have, and accept that one has gotten to a point of knowing what to look for when defining ones purpose, but interesting enough when looking to bring out the best in me, what tends to come up is the old/worst of me, as if to say it’s not possible, but possible it is when correcting the worst of my past while accepting that it has gotten me to this point of realization, and then letting it go unconditionally.

What others see in us we may not see in ourselves entails that in which we have the potential to be, like the way we are when considering other at times before considering ourselves, but sometimes may forget about ourselves all together, that takes a little tweaking to do consider ourselves first, because a well-kept being keeps the physical in balance, and the internal organs functioning correctly, that makes the strengths of what we can do step to the forefront, and would show that our weaknesses have been strengthen exponentially, to now sensibly being aware of all the mind states we’re in, to seeing a mistake before stepping into making it happen, and never be satisfied until I’ve done my best.

This opens the door for our talents to be expressed and shared, so that others may see their own talents within themselves, because when being told you got a talent and should be using it, they see something in you that makes the best of them come out, even if only for a moment we touched somebody, could be the moment they needed to see what we shared, that could change their life in the next moments to come, because now they have a piece of you to add to their story.

Especially when what we share is the best for us all, because we took the time to investigate ourselves, in the process of building corrective organization, that takes patience being that this process will last a life time, that’s why I always say I’m a work in progress, that won’t settle for less when moving through points, I can always point the finger at the next point to come, or better yet the point fashion a finger for me to come and assess it, and if this brings up a movement within you, then that’s a point that needs to look at, it’s a fact that the best is always yet to come, from each of us, that sums up just how we’re all One.

And Equal in a sense when using common sense, as the innocence deep within us we all represent, and have experienced dating back to the first few years of our lives, no matter the environment we’ve all experienced the same, back then not being ashamed to express what came up, until the irritation of another told us to shut up, and that’s when it all started, the move away from my best, to now searching for, looking to bring the best of me back out.

The best of me is not allowing my reactionary self to step in and change the first act of being stable, when interacting with others/before a situation arise, where the mind has ways of cleverly disguising trigger point to be brought up at the drop of a dime, and off we go into the worst case possible, that sloppily poses a threat to bringing out our best, and begets the point of stability we were processing to maintain, to rearrange the way I have engrained within me to be.

The best of us is the knowing how to do something, tried, tested and true, then sharing what we know and how it has supported you, is the way we bring it out, where there would be no doubt that we’ve walked through what we’re sharing, with no comparison to the way another views the same thing, and only if asked, would share our perspective, to ensure we’re not telling others what they needs to do, by way of pointing out flaws that causes one to hate you, and put up their guard and charge you with being meddlesome, in the business of themselves that’s a problem waiting to happen, and so makes the best of us redact back to who we was before, to have to start all over again with being trusted by them, because them is who we are in fact.

Therefore, what now drives me is the seeing of my ability to achieve my best, that we each experience at times in little spurts according to the best moments we have, where nothing is coming up or moving within me, extremely vulnerable to what’s Here in the moment, to soak up in awareness that all this is me, before allowing the next moment of the mind to come in and disrupt my stability, so for me to be aware of cool moment like this, so I can use them to go deeper into figuring me out.

Thanks for reading.

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