Day 867: It’s All Here (Perspective)

Equations and Mathematics that creates our passion, fashioned in the image and likeness of what we can do, individually that we all can in a sense, when choose to be unique when using common sense, where you and I have the ability to keep life interesting and speak into existence things worth mentioning, like how do I compound joy and happiness and spread it throughout an existence with no more madness, that will happen being that life creates life, that don’t wait for life to be lived by life, but lived at its inception, what a wonderful life when all see within our-Self that it’s all here.

There’s nothing new that hasn’t been abused or proven to not exist, the exit strategy is an excellent excuse to validate the way we’re living, that’s an extra additive when adding in the point of being Nowhere, where within it states no matter where you go, you are always Now Here. Peer to peer with a glance or a look we communicate in so many way, these days in a nutshell, eat up time that’s designed to show what we face, at a pace we plead for a speed we think will take us to all we want, then get to the want and stare at it immensely, thinking (wait) this is not what I wanted.

It’s a race to erase what we say and don’t mean, out of fear it’ll be taken the wrong way, when under the light in the mirror we can see what we saying when looking into our own face, so displace our mistakes to save face in front of other, thinking we may fall from their grace, in which case we placate promises to others hoping they’ll stay feeling the same way.

About us is to state that we all experience the same, but some take it harder than others do, like taking a placebo for a flu instead of walking it through, to realize it’s here to assist you, to for a moment just to stop what we’re doing and pay attention to what your body is trying to show you, that the systems inside could interrupt your life, if we don’t regard the body in all ways.

In a house with a fence that’s squared off properly dictates the separation of property, that causes arguments when stepping across the line into my yard, because I think you may come here to harm me, that’s a laugh when you pass a no trespassing sign, because we secretly exist as fear, and to “Beware of Dog” that’s the sweetest little thing that loves to bark for you to come back here.

Human nature has a nature of manipulating nature, for others to look at what I got, but only in an area surrounded by Me’s, instead of having the whole world look the same, it’s ashamed that we think that we came here to conquer, and so con our way into getting what we want, instead of what we all see that’s beneficial for the Me’s and the You ‘s that makes this life possible.

It’s all right here from the things that we’ve done, to the things that we can do to change the things that we’ve done, and really don’t like but live with for now, until we decide to change the now in which we live, where with the advent of the Internet the truth is all Here for each to grab when we decide to let go of all beliefs, where if it’s really good for you then it could be for me, so why not try anything New and different, I mean it really can’t hurt and just so maybe what I need, so count me in for changing me.

That’s all that it takes to see that life is right here to be lived by all equally, with no partitions or permission that needs to be granted, if all is standing as and trusted by life, it takes you, it takes me individually but together to take a closer look at the things we do, in our own life as strife between what’s wrong and what’s right that causes ripples throughout humanity, by way of taking what’s projected towards us out on others, for them to feel the same way we do, in any case it’s a repeat of the same old thing that keep us in the same old state of mind.

We then pass it down from generation to generation until it gets to someone like you and me, whether baby boomer or millennial we all see things differently and so choose to take responsibility for what we see, if what we see can change the way things are to live a life we would all like to be in, by way of sharing ourselves no matter what it is, we all got something to say, and if we all continue to do this in a way that’s constructive, society will at some point change, because the truth of what’s here would show it’s face and be seen by all to take heed, and when tending to what’s here we eradicate the fear of thinking that this world is going to end. I mean “It’s all right here” in our own perspective lives for us to step into and correct for generations to come.

Thanks for reading.

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