Day 866: Hidden Meaning Behind Reversed Actions

Obviously we don’t say all that we do, even though some of the things we do, needs to be looked at, where “good feeling” are the deliverance from taking responsibility, for our action we pass on in spite of getting even, and just because it feels so good to do = you allow this to be done unto you, so ‘how does that feel’ become the right jab we accept, within reactions, in reverse of the grudge we kept, then go to sleep thinking they got what they deserve, from being so apologetic that got on my nerves, where apologies are the “Didn’t know how it would make you feel”, that’s useless being that I’m not in charge of making you feel, but what real is the assumptive way we concoct our beliefs, that chief the idea there must be something more to this, because how else would I feel so disconnected, and depressed from expecting things to go my way?

These are just a few of the things we choose not to say, and hide behind in seclusion of the power trip we have, in the moment giving power to the mind trip we’re on, because of realizing I can’t control what others do in my world, so go into a reaction for the mind to step in, and act out the reverse of feeling we have, cancelling out any possibility of reaching a solution, because we’ve deduced that any other solution is not possible to reach.

Where, what we say in one moment differs from the next, because of stipulating some stipulations within unconditionality, that’s saying on one hand I like you for who you are, but on the other just as long as you only consider me, and that’s it, until I’m happy and then just so maybe you can consider others, but until then I need you to feed my self-interested Ego, then tell others that my other half completes me completely, not realizing how our behavior is completely out of character, in the sense of living out characters instead of really caring for him or her, it’s the jealousy that ever so cleverly stands between the two, and stops the process of what each one is doing, to saying I better not do that because the other may get mad, then beat oneself up over not doing enough for self, on either end, in any relationship, friend/family or partnership, where when bartering this way we’re designing it to fail, being subjected to how one or the other could make you feel.

What it all boils down to is, saying one thing but doing another, and the justifications we Use in turning Us into Energy, when no energy is needed for Us to Experience one another and become one if two or more ever so choose to be, as a collective in this existence we all can exist as one, if two or more choose to stand up in the name of life, that’s the acceptance of none less than what I would accept for myself, from Beings/Animals/Nature and Humans all together as life substance.

Therefore, hidden meaning behind reversed actions is a self-induced conflict internally speaking (The saying one thing, but thinking/doing another), in conflict with who I am allowing myself to be and projecting it outward, to be the disapproval of you, for what I think you don’t agree with what I’m saying, and so patronize the other for what they do, where if the shoe don’t fit, don’t hurt your feet, so to speak in speaking up about what’s coming up within me, in the moment and own the possibility of changing for the better, (WITH NO BLAME) so the next moments won’t be a repeat of the past, and the relationships we have can last forever, that takes one for all and all for one, where communication is a KEY that salutes the solution, and proven to be a way we can correct our experiences. And that’s all I got to say about that for now.

Thanks for reading.

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