Day 863: In Consideration of… (Perspective)

All that I’ve missed and mistaken into creating mishaps as my congregation that validates my own self-interest, all the time, even when having others in mind, we find a way to excuse what we do for them, and don’t do for being confused about how it would make me feel, and still refuse to lend a helping hand without expecting others to be at our beck and call, where when I call, best to answer and listen to my cancerous rant, that’s suppressed anger projected outwards, to protect in consideration of only me, without words to tell others, I just didn’t have you in mind, unconditionally.

It’s Dearing to consider that we say things for purposes, deserving no explanation other than having a listening ear, in a moment of vulnerability we choose who we trust to be vulnerable with, that can easily be taken away if not asked for perspective, but giving as a point of jumping to conclusions, that could be confusing when one is trying to figure things out, where sounding boards are the bounce back to hear one own introspection, to be able to move into realization and understand the situation, and only then if something is missed addons is accepted, and in doing so we’re considering one own learnt lesson.

More than opening doors for others as a point of consideration, if we choose to consider ourselves, doors would open up for us, in the sense of taking action, that’s acting responsible sensibly, that happens when we take into consideration the minds of others, in where they’re at as where we’ve been and what it took for us to get through it, that was not an easy feat when we chose to stand up and do it, by any means it’s still a learning process for me to practice what I speak, before preaching what I think that makes it hard for others to see, in which way to step when stepping in their own time, and do consider their path to life may be different than what we find.

[Note to Self ]: If walking principled living then walk the way it’s printed, I mean we signed up for it, but this point we soon forget, not to say that we don’t slip because some mistakes are a gift, and other are done in consciousness that makes no sense, in which case consider consciousness as the point of mind control, that has patrolled our every move and recorded it into a soul, and so think that this soul is what powers the body, to so hobby away our life instead of considering the life that it is.

An experiment of potential contortion to destroy the potential we have, that’s instrumental to becoming a part of life in this existence, where in the flesh we’re all life, but need to realize the walk into living it, and to be trusted by it is to consider all of life there is, that is here in everything that is seen and unseen, by the naked eye which is a naked lie when thinking about what we’re looking at, I mean it should be clear that what we’re looking at is pieces of ourselves spread thin, throughout existence that’s incapsulated on this Planet/Solar System and Universe, that’s inside each one of us so do consider the Us being Yourself, every time we choose to say ‘Them’ which in it says That’s Me, the we that makes this life possible, it’s a certainty we created it, where if we created obstacles, we can also overcome it, when considering the only choice we really have is to correct ourselves, and by correcting ourselves we’re correcting our world, so that all can live in harmony as life from hence forth, and support all that can’t do to the nature of us inhabitants, that happens to be the power behind the way we choose to be. So ‘In Consider of”, is in regards to you and me.

Thanks for reading.

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