Day 862: Process, (Two Thousand Nineteen)

From whence I came, to where I’m at, to where I’m going while being right Here, that’s full of interesting relationships, from concepts to living patience, that masons the building blocks for building a solid foundation, from being unchangeable to having new insights and revelations, to investigating my procrastinations and self-positioning placements, in Location of where I’m at when walking my process, when walking my process, this is where I’m at = you can’t actually runaway from yourself for too long, being that the string of life will always pull you back into your body.

The consequence to all that I’ve done in the past, is the walk in constant awareness of what I’m experiencing today, that’s shouldering the responsibility of corrections that’s needed, = the process of walking one point at a time, that Doesn’t mean that the point is all, well/said and done, because It’ll sneak back up on you and cause you to slip, from taking trips down memory lane to dealing with it, that’s the pain that I’ve created as a point of cross-reference.

It’s a lesson to learn how some pain is a gift, that helps me to hone in more on my awareness, but do consider that awareness is a full time job, I had to learn this the hard way from things becoming too hard, and overwhelming that’s overwhelming myself with uncertainty, when certainly I could see clearly my own way out, to an extent of extending my arm out for help, which I found most important when Hell is smacking you in the face, to saying ‘Hello’, I choose not to feel this way again, and want to create for myself a new way of living, that’s giving as I was gifted to see more of me, that’s more for me to experience what harmony really is.

I discern to live in harmony with more than just me, is a philosophy of seeing that there’s more to learn about life, that Stifel’s my “Thinking Right” as desolate thinking, because I demanded so late to understand what’s going on within me, but fast forward to today a lot of things have changed, while being that same person that did some interesting things, where what interest me now is no longer my self-interest, in the sense of doing things that only made me feel good, knowing now that good things and feelings are aligned with energy, that’s the starting point for Egotism to step right in, best to understand that the Ego will take it’s revenge, as was shown to me, and still faced the experience of it.

All and all I’ve learned a lot and still have a ways to go, although there’s no end to this process I’m walking, with those in my world who I’ve come to know as true friends, a lot of whom I haven’t met yet but still would call them friend, being that the assistance from them has supported me to change my world, and the way I view the world as all that mirrors me, life that’s existent in everything that is here, and every human being alike that walks the same process, to getting to the point of figuring all as life is me, meaning no matter what walk of life you comes for WE ALL Matter.

I used to fathom the farthest reaches as a point of escapism, that only made my patience a panting operation, directed by Anxiety that society will never change, but lo and behold I soon learned what society really means, and during that time I also learned that being Angst = Frustration/Irritation and Anxiety, that Angers in the Nervousness because Fear exist within me, and if fear exist within me I need to realize my expectation, like expecting what I think about to come into fruition, with worst case scenarios we debunk a calm reality, and manifest onto it what consciousness present, in the presence of others who feels the same way, and that’s how we have defined our society today.

But hey there is a way to effectively process information, from waiting to tell somebody to doing investigation, and keeping all things that is Good in a sense, as the Gods we all are that inhabits this existence, and if you just stuck your chest out that means Energy is present, I mean this past year I’ve learn how to humble myself and listen, it’s a process we all walk and it’s full of inventions – that’s Investing In the Time it take for me to act on my Correction, where in time I’ll realize the true meaning of a blessing, that has nothing to do with what we get or any of our possessions, but more so the ability to make changes that’ll last, not only for one but all to experience Freedom from our past. Simply because we’ve corrected it by injecting in Equality, that obviously if we’re all equal would eliminate most problems, that starts with you/me ever so walking our process, none the less as I am still a work in Progress.

Thanks for reading. [Process 2019]

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