Day 861: Be Like You!

Expressions are expressed slowly, in fact at the speed in which you move, it’s proven that all expressions are not approved by everyone, when seeing a person express how they do, especially when you think they should to be like you in public, that’s subject to your disapproval, perpetuating the usual idea that they must be on drugs, when we’ve all at one point in time wanted to “Be like Mike” as the saying goes (The Basketball super star) that baskets our childlike expression, and lessens our ability to express real happiness, where happiness in its raw form brings out the kid in you, but hate kids because they’re so innocence and happy (So to speak), that some may think makes no sense, because it’s irritating to our self-interested Ego.

But interesting how it’s not really self that we’re interested in, but the flesh of somebody else that looks good, where if the person that’s expressing is a “Looker” then it’s all good in my book, they can do no wrong, and that’s when our imagination kicks in to start thinking “Oh my, what I would do with that”, then walk away with a new memory to play with later on when playing is the name of the game, but without them, because we were too scare to interact with them, from ‘thinking out loud’, that just so maybe they might pick up on it and run the other way, sounds familiar?

That’s similar to the way we wish we looked like others, with big pecks and arm, or curvature that carves the body to the delight of roaming eye, thinking that it’s something wrong with how we look, instead of flaunting our possessions with the confident expression, that I’m here too, to experience life that same as you do, but in different ways, which make any other No different than me. I mean, we’ve placed ourselves adjacent to the point of defeat, holding onto it, and if that’s not enough, do this; try holding onto Da-feet and walk, that’ll show just how unstable we are, the nearly impossible – that’s possible we fall, which is half possession and little ability to stand tall and upright, that takes being right into the correction phase, to forever live our days as the point of connection, connecting with parts of me that I want to be like, when coping others.

If we all wore our drama on our sleeve, no matter how we looked or what we can do, would you still want to be like me/like others that show such a picture perfect presentation, not taking anything away from how we present ourselves, but how we would rather copy another, instead of walking in the present as who I am, with what I got, that has nothing to do with the haves and have nots, but much to do with dropping the act to just be you, it’s actually hard to compare two like-minded individuals, that come apart every time we say “Compared to who”, that’s abusive in a sense to the word togetherness, where together there’s rest when Oneness and Equality is expressed, that takes each ones individual participation, to stop waiting on who you would like to be like and be you.

To be like you is what makes this existence unique, with all its commonality and individualism, that could create realism to be the new way of living, with no need for realistic expressions or reality shows, because reality would show just how real we are, that’s far from having to tell another, I like them because they’re real for telling it like it is, when the telling would show in the way we all live and how we express our individual uniqueness, that’s a catapult to reaching our utmost potential, so it’s a payment to all for you to “Be like You”, with no emotional attachments or reaction alike, just who you are as all as life.

What might be the most commonsensical thing we have in common, is our words – that although in different language they mean the same, for most part, but we part ways with the specificity there in and think this encapsulates our individualism, which in a sense it does, but rub shoulder ever so closely with how we define each one (Words), where we justify the acceptance of agreeing to disagree, just because someone else makes more money or have a huger following than me, so we reserve our place on the bandwagon of choice, just to antagonize others about the choices they make, saying come on board into the Pyramid of things – that’s permitting our nose and arms to the heaven to sing, praises to the idea of being unworthy, that’s insinuated by the positions we place ourselves in, while the hierarchy of men makes the choices for us, we sit back in fear of “Thou shall Not break the law”.

But as the saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, just as long as the roaming doesn’t take place in the mind or eyes, thinking is it wrong to be who I really am, instead of realizing who I really am is not defined by right or wrong.

I had a conversation with someone and they told me I was mysterious, then said they started reading my blog and stopped for some reason, but interesting how they realized I wasn’t seeking attention, and so told them these are sharing of what I realize about myself, you see the first thing that comes up in others when seeing what you do, is why are they doing this and how does this resonate with me, and if it doesn’t they don’t spend another second of their time on what you’re doing, but more so on other things they allow to moves them in their world, and although you still remain on speaking terms with them, it shows how “Being like you” perks the interest of others, where –

Everyone in a way loves originality, as long as your originality doesn’t hurt anyone, and going against the grain may hurt more than you, so this is not what this is intended to be, in any shape or form although the truth may hurt, so I explained how we all (For most part) think the same things, but little to none ever consider the things that we think, to be what limits us from being like ourselves.

Not to push aside the learning aspect of being like you, because that’s the ‘Following’, meaning to walk alongside, if within the walk shows how to be the best version of me, no matter who’s showing me, I student the acceptance, point being we all are aware of every step we take, and know exactly how much information we’re ready to take in, and if what we’re taking in is bubbling within me to be like you, then I need to take a look at who I am allowing myself to be, to realize am I doing this for me or for the likes of others, and if so, I’ve been living in an altered mind state of reality and need to find my way back to living for me. so that I can experience who I really am as life, where the correction would be;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to move away from the childlike expression that I once presented myself as, into an alternate mind state of reality, thinking/perceiving/believing that I needed to be like others in my world, that has survival down to a science, and so chased after the well-crafted character they perpetuated and took it on as my own, just to find that I was moving myself more away from the reality of Self, in all its facets and fashionable individualism, not considering there’s more behind the characters of others that we embody and step into for attention, that the shoes they wear may not fit on my feet, that so makes it hard for me to walk my own process.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to process into my existence the likes of how others are/look/act/walk/talk and live, thinking if I do the same, I would be able to have what they do/have, simply put, as a collective, being the unspeakable mention that’s not brought up in conversations, that we’ve all at some point in time experience at least a thought of sorts, that has altered the coming into who we really are as ourselves, and so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to in a way move beyond the point of investigate all things and keep that which is good, into taking it all on, thinking I can do it and be them, which is impossible, being that I would still be who I am, but suppressed, causing unwarranted consequences onto myself and so others in my world, when trying to relate with them as individuals, fogging the mirrored version of me, unable to see myself clearly, that’s clearly a detriment to reaching my/our utmost potential, which makes it imperative for one to “Be like You”. (In a nutshell).

Thanks for reading.

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