Day 860: From Reel to Real (Perspective)

Rinse and repeat, binge watching what goes on in our minds, thinking this time I got it “right” = a Rigid- Glance that Hinders our Time, every time we say I know I’m right, when questioned about what we see and imagine, that can easily be manipulated by changing our minds, in mid-stride to specify our self-interest on any point, at the joint of doing things one way or another. We make it a point to edit what’s real, into how we think it should make me feel, that’s a movie that only moves me with a happy ending, and so live our lives in search of this feeling, never dealing with our own emotional demons, that shows us what’s real in the reality of self, that’s much more than a feeling we’ve extracted from this energy, that’s an enemy to the way we should live in this reality .

Imagine if you will your utmost desire, then realize it’s mostly about Love and Money, then reach out your hand and try to grab what you see, to learn these are the things I let separate me, now realize your hand on the mouse that you have, to solidify the absolute of substantial matter, where what matters most should be what we touch and feel, instead of how we feel about what we can’t touch, so why is it we let thoughts control our feeling, that comes from the reel we see in our minds (In Layman’s terms), instead of realizing what’s real in the reality we’ve created, which makes us the point of correcting our misappropriations?

I mean Is it appropriate to say I’m living in a dream world of idea’s and beliefs and not what reality shows, the utter misconception that this reality is a dream, is the search for something more outside of me, instead of seeing how we’ve allowed ourselves to be susceptible to doubt, when believing, to what we’ve created there’s no way out, and so re-live and play things over again, looking for the most easiest escape route, that only brings us back to the same point again, with a merry go round of overages we do it over again, over aging much faster than we really should, when those from our past lived much longer that stood for something, because the mind wasn’t engrained as such, is it too much to investigate what comes up in our minds, to where in time we can connect to what’s real in this reality, and reel in all these idea’s/perceptions and beliefs.

The only thing is we’ve allowed ourselves to get caught up in memory, that reels us into a point of complacency, instead of facing the reality that stares us in the face, we have a history of destroying the ground on which we stand, and wonder why sink hole is like the Earth’s soul to swallow us up, when digging up trees to lighten up our days, in holy ways singing, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” that only christen the mind, as if it was a new beginning, on holidays and day’s we think is holier than thou, then walk away with such a holistic feel, not realizing how this “Reel’s” story line ends, up killing the main character that’s accepted by most.

Simply put we create the world in which we live, in our own lives and this world as a whole, and it’s not the point of thinking I/You alone have to save the world, but to just have a look at how we act/interact and participate with those we allow in our lives, ‘Am I considering what’s real in the reality around me’ or ‘am I choosing to not take responsibility for the mistakes I’ve made’, in the sense of reacting to/toward someone in my world, when in my mind I think they made me mad, as if they really have the power to change the experience of me, when reality shows how we’re creating our own experiences, so to look at how we would like to be treated by others in our lives, to so do the same to/towards others in our worlds, that would stop the replays of memories in our minds, and bring forth common sense to be lived in this reality for real, that would casually usher in the change that’s needed to bring forth Heaven on Earth (For All) to experience equally.

Thanks for reading.

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