Day 858: An Explaining Perspective

In physical reality it’s a pain, in layman’s terms it’s a shame, the attempt to explain what you see that others may not, that shadows the shallow with doubt, momentarily unable to swim through the deep end of the mind, in times when superficiality is needed, we bleed the impossible that’s deep seeded and not talked about, in disbelief of what’s coming out of our mouth, so to choose our words carefully when explaining how reality works, that works the same for everyone, if every One would work together. But getting another to see what you see is like pulling teeth, best to watch what you say, because the most commonsensical things (when explain) can be taken the wrong way, and thrown back at you inappropriately to save face, and turned around to fit a desirable feeling of the other, that fires up a reaction in you, if not careful and gives the other person the satisfaction of seeing you become agitated.

A bit complicated when trying to explain to someone that there’s more to life, when asked the question “what is life really all about, and the experiences you have, please explain them to me” , I mean some of the things we’ve seen and experienced (individually) is not accepted as a talking point in most circles, and would (in a way) hurt the sensibility of those whose asking, so to pacify their attempt to extract knowledge and information, is to classify oneself as being the point of crazy, I’ve experience in the sense of big eye and thought to be on drugs, then shrug my shoulder with a smirk and subject to go into, when a change is needed, it’s deep seeded to think that we really want to know about everything, all at once then said that’s something I didn’t want to know about at this time, that interrupts the location in which we stand, a designed Plan that EX-communicates us from our reality, to casually stay within the comforts of today.

It’s like ‘X the plain part and indulge me with your beliefs’, where if it feels good to you, then it’ll feel good to me, and if what you say don’t comes with a feeling, then rest assure I’ll be leaving the conversation, or debunk the conversation no matter how much it makes sense, not realizing how the mind loves to circumvent, and invent worst case scenarios that catapults me into fear, all the why’ll believing that this can’t be real, I mean why can’t I see it, and where did you originally get this information from, and lord help you if you say YouTube, they’ll turn and run, but then you have some that for most part accepts you for what you stand for, without judging you, but will tell you this information is only for you to see, which begets the question, in which way are we choosing to explain, is it the same way we would like to hear new News, no matter what question is asked to you, is the explanation of some use to them as you?

Lol, if you want to lose a friend, let it all out, go in head first, where it’s sure to be thought about, there’s something wrong with your head, but if you want to keep a friend do consider their location point, and pin point placement when walking their own process, where a sharing is what I realize for myself, not just what I heard, I can explain the experiences of me to assist with others questioning, and the lesson is for me to be able to see things in real time, in what I walked in alignment with the investigation I’ve done, and as the saying goes “anything else would be uncivilized”, in the eyes of a society that only sees what we want, and if we don’t want it, why look in that direction, that’s why it’s important to direct our conversations, where what come up is “give and little, take a little” we all are human beings, that’s pieces of you and me spread out infinitely, so just treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, without the shock and awe they may not be ready for yet.

Interesting the dynamic of testing ones resolve, where after realizing something we’re tested to see if we fall or fail to follow through with our points of correction, that bets the mind that I’ve learned my lesson, like when I first started writing this post, I was approached by someone who had a lot on their mind and wanted to talk about their child and the idea of being ungrateful in a sense, where a lot came up within me that would have made common sense, but I didn’t say a word and let this person talk them-self out, to then at the end just said a few things and before they left, told them, “Don’t forget to breathe”, real simple and that’s it, as they answered all their own questions, and left appreciating that moment of interaction, which showed me that at times simplicity is the key, and to be aware of what needs to be said or not.

On the other hand, telling someone “Oh you’ll be fine” or “Everything will be alright”, is not enough when one is overwhelmed by the stuff that’s coming up in their mind and can’t explain it, and so asked for some clarity on what they’re experiencing, at which time I only explained the specificities of what they said, that gave them a better understanding of what they were facing, that we’ve all faced the same at some point in time, where the cross reference then came after I saw the person again, who showed a different state from which they were previously in, that blew me away in a sense for being able to experience both sides of the “Explain” point in real time, to realize just how awesome process really is when understanding the mind, and applied correctly the corrections in real time, that I’m extremely grateful for, the walk into life, with more to come as I am a work in progress, and accept all that is me to be corrected effectively. Investigate it for yourself!

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have been an over-explainer at time when it wasn’t needed, then at time when it was, only said things like “Everything is ok”, and/or “You’ll be fine”, unable to differentiate between the times when deep explanations was need and simplicity should be at play, and so intermixed the two, that begets the question my starting point for wanting to explain to deeply and/or keeping it simple when more explanation was need, that showed my partialness or sorts along with the point of seeking attention, that keep me on the reverse side of things until, I learned to listen to what exactly was being said by the other, to then breathe through my explanations.

What I realize is that an effective explanation comes when one has listened attentively to what is being said by the other, without interruption, giving them the space and time to answer their own questions, in the sense of seeing what they’ve laid out for themselves – to then add onto it if needed, as this for me is and effective motivation point for me to continue walking my process of becoming the living words, so that I’m able to live what I speak about and so explain.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. kimamourette says:

    lol ‘X the plain part’. Cool!

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