Day 857: All my Imperfections

Look at me and what do you see, is it perfect to think we deserve to be flawed, or is a flaw to think that we’re flawed in the first place, externally speaking, where we’re all born with birthmarks and marks that signature our individualism, from the way we walk when walking the way we do, to how we’re shaped and molded by our environment, what’s wrong with that but a hat too big to fit in the eyes of society, that constantly lies to our external appearance, I mean what’s the difference in being “too old for me” and/or wet behind the ears? Is it the fear that onlooker will classify me as a basket case when I’m with you, in any case why bask in what we think others will think about us, which is the flaw of judgement in itself, that rubs shoulders so carefully with consequence, it’s obvious that common sense is neglected to protect the idea that I must be imperfect because of the way I feel about what I think you think about me.

Not good enough or ever so ready to step into the ever so changing me to once and for all experience my utmost potential, that was laid out before me on a silver platter of sort, to sort out these infractions and get to the good part, the part of me that barrows the scream for acceptance and accept all that I am, without a proud look or cocky demeanor, I mean I’m-perfect-on being satisfied, with a status that’s only defined in character, narrated by my imperfections, without really questioning, “Is there really more to me”, seeing it and walking into it confidently that would support me to achieve the reaching of my utmost potential.

The consequence to this is a life unfulfilled, lived at half best at best, or better yet like a flag at half mass, that honors the fallen soldiers that never had a chance to get up, and/or gave up in mid stride, it why we impose a rose for the things we love and the things we love we soon forget, and the rose we gave soon wither and die away, to return back to the earth from which it was seeded. The same as a thought that can also be deleted, after gifting oneself the correction that could be symbolized as the rose, where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to impose upon myself a life lived at half best, at best believing in the thought that I’m imperfect and so would never have a chance to experience the best of me, then simply say “Delete” and walk the correction of, “When and as I see myself thinking/perceiving/believing that I have too many imperfection to experience/reach my utmost potential, I stop and breathe”. And within this comes a seeing, where then, “I see/realize/understand that the flaws I assume define my external appearance, is the flaw of self-judgement in the service of other, that I allow the idea of others renting space in my head, is the acceptance that I am imperfect and should just accept this idea”, in which case a commitment is a life-long agreement that can stand a lifetime if we let it, that “I commit myself to no longer accept and allow myself to ever go back to this way of thinking again”.

It’s needed to understand what flaws really is and imperfections that’ll never be perfect in a sense, when in the words it says, ‘I’m-perfect’ that only make sense, but drawn away from just how perfect one really is, when seeing what it is that we’re facing as a flaw, and look forward to correcting exactly what we saw, (internally speaking) that’s certain to change our outside appearance, and the experiences we have when strolling alone in our worlds.

Where every thought is a dislocation from the location I’m in and every location is a pin point placement of the experiences I have, knowing that my experiences most of the times change with my mood, it’s rude to think that I’m fine exactly where I am, outside of impressing “comfort as and enemy to progression”, it’s uncomfortable to think I’m progressing with imperfections, so the thing is, to lose the idea that I’m not good enough, and replace it with “For who” am I living in this world for in the first place, that’s (me) being perfectly capable of placing a stop to this diminishing way of thinking, and see that all of me is in perfect progression in line for what’s to come, just as long as I continue walking my process accordingly, and absorbing into acceptance all that I see needs to be reversed, and reverse the curse of holding onto ideas/perceptions and beliefs, that steals away my chance to live the best of me. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to encapsulate the idea that I’m imperfect, instead of asking the question, “In who’s eye’s and what for”, meaning how (so) can it be, when all that is here, is as I am here also, experiencing this existence in some way or the other, which make our individualism a point of self-creation and the ideas I have is just a point of projection, that obviously came from me through the soaking up of societal media, that medians the connection between me and my utmost potential, in which case it’s simple, I must be the point of correction, to reinsert this connection and cut out all distraction, to have a direct line to Self as the ultimate satisfaction, and I won’t be satisfied until I make this happen, and pass it on to others to see how perfect we really are, it’s a notice in awareness to see how perfection really starts, which starts with correcting the separation between what I think and who I am as life, and that’s all I got for now, as I am a work in progress.

Thanks for reading.

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