Day 854: Direction Vs. Deflection (Perspective)

Sitting on the throne of my own self-will, I will myself to direct my interactions, especially in situations full of distractions, infiltrate the impermeable with the call for action, but what tends to happen is I start to deflect points, instead of directing them effectively through introspection, where things would come up for me to see, then turn my head before they peak, in a motion of saying “No” to not see, as if to swat away flies that bothering me, but if you notice one thing, the “Flies” still remain, until we change the way we’re directing ourselves, without protecting the states in which we love to be in, that’s ‘ignorance is bliss’, and ‘I don’t give a f***’, that’s Flushing away the Creation of Kindness, unaware that this deflection is by direction of the mind. And when asked how are you we’re quick to say fine, just to appease to one another’s sense ability, which is clearly a defect that deflects our direction, to longing for recreation instead of correction.

Where the sense of happy times, keeps us on the edge of our seats, to where then everything we look at brings up old memories, to going into it as if it’s the present, that’s a point of deflection instead of direction, that messes with our focusing on what’s at hand, and can’t stand the mess we’ve made of what we’re doing, abusing the moment we had to be here, in fear of missing out on something we thought about, I mean it’s not really that hard for us to cut this out, where all we have to do is simply slow ourselves down, when thought after thought begins to compound, just take a step back and continue to breathe, to see how can I direct myself effectively.

Where breath is like a cured potion when done correctly, aware of the 4 count in and hold for 4 counts, then breathe out in one moment all that was thought about, and with what remains correction is needed, where I forgive myself for feeling defeated after deflecting these thought that came up in my mind, that overloads the senses in an emotional fashion, and become emotional when allowing my direction to be contaminated, by my mind stepping in to assist me to see, just how worse things have gotten for not directing me, shown to me in worst case scenarios we’re bound to react to, because of blowing an opportunity to follow through, as director in every moment never relinquishing our chair, to the executive producer of thoughts that only generates fear, and action movies that veers my attention towards conflict, promising “Don’t worry, you’ll get out through this”, then become content with what I’m seeing coming up on the screen, but scream soon as the pain affects my sense-ability.

The more we let things slip by the more they accumulate, and so sit within the ache that pains our day, it pains me to say, at times I still allow this, but what’s different now is the steps I choose to solve it, starting with ‘Never Giving Up’, that’s a must that I’ve learned, and turn back around when I’ve made the wrong turn, and stop thinking my way is the best thing going, and slowing myself down is a point courtesy, that Curtsy and Bows to the Self of me, the flesh of me that needs to be regarded, in every way I’m learning to regard myself, starting with investigating what spawned my imperfection, as the thoughts that came up I choose to deflect, just to protect what I call my self-interested Ego, and we all know where the Energy Goes we’re soon to follow, that’s hollow when Self-Intimacy should be at play, this is how I’m learning to charge my day, and stay vigilant to the experiences of me, that way I’m aware to direct what I see, that’s easily overlooked and pushed aside, until realized we can’t hide behind what we deflect.

Deflection is the protection and defense mechanism, that guards our “face” from facing what we see, where the projected saying ‘You can learn a lot from a dummy”, is especially true when looking at me/yourself in the mirror, that’s My-Mundane-Demon, choosing to not see/hear/respond to what I’m shown, listen to or feel, all because we’re feeling endowed, in the end as if we’re owed a pardon or something, to partly stay within this point of deflection, that lessens or ability to become directive principle and principal the school of self in which we learn, and yearn to understand this physical reality.

Just as casually as I defected from directing myself, I now choose to casually correct myself from this mess I’ve made of my point of direction, that starts with one’s sharing my own introspection, and walk into directing every part of me, that’s not easy but needed to change my reality, that only I can facilitate for the betterment of me, that would strengthen the relationships I have with all in my world, and correct the relationship I have with myself, that way I maximize on my utmost potential, and simply enjoy the life I would like to live, as life, doing that which is best for all life in fact. That’s a learn to direct myself/ourselves in the right direction that best suits our individual well-being, with self-acceptance.

More to come…

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