Day 853: Attracting Reactions

Situations are like constipation when not handled correctly, they escalate and accumulate to the behest of our understanding, not knowing what it is that causes our reactions, and so aggressively attach ourselves to this point of distraction, where at times a mean look can set a person off, or a few words that strike nerves when spoken profoundly, an unintended point of spite when bumping into someone, or saying things at times when they shouldn’t be said, around other while claiming “But I’m telling the truth”, that abuses a person’s Ego who confided in you, it’s like we love to think that we can help someone out, then open our mouths and shout about what was on a need to know bases.

Questioning a person’s vulnerability level is like pushing them to the forefront to purposefully experience embarrassment, or as a child getting a whooping and told “this hurt me more than it hurts you”, I mean what’s the real reason behind these infractions, unaware of the things we do that attracts reactions, is it a passion to react to the passing of energy, and pass it on for others to induct our feelings, then react to them not feeling the same way we do, as they react to the way we just made them feel, self-honesty is knowing what and what not to say or think, at which time is appropriate or inappropriate for the cause, like is it appropriate to talk about death in a nursing home, and some might be saying “Depending on what context it’s in”, where rebuttals are an attempt to justify our reactions, just to say “well you just made me react to this”, it’s a design I know well and have participated in, and wonder why it’s reacted to, the way we are.

Persona’s that dis-honestly lies to our stance, attracts a reaction from onlookers afar, where what then comes up is “who do they think they are”, that sees directly through the vail we’re presenting, but if we’re being personable it’s hard to react to, being that we’re allowing the next person their space and time, when amiable it’s taking into consideration the other persons mind, because this is what we would like for ourselves, a situation of sitting and conversing effectively, respecting the sharing one another’s vulnerability, harmlessly adding on to what the other is saying, that makes for an efficient way to communicate.

Subjecting ourselves to the gospel of gossip, insures that we react to listening to it every time, where what I find interesting is the attentiveness we have when hearing things about other, that gropes our attention span to perking our ears, so when there’s nothing to say, tag it’s about you, or me to see where you fit in to my reactionary self, that’s attractive on the surface but underneath it’s a warning, that our time is coming soon, because we’ve accepted this behavior.

Playing savior is a savvy way to abdicate responsibility, where some can tell you what to do, but don’t follow our own advice, and when seen that one do not practice what we preach, attracts a reaction from the one that was advised, and although everything that was said was absolutely right, the disguise is the lie we tell ourselves, that “If I can explain it well, it must mean that I’m living it to, that no correction is needed and this is all I have to do”, but what’s interesting is, this attracts a reaction towards self, when things fall apart that we did nothing about, where frustration is most patiently waiting to arise, and irritation is what happens after drying our eyes, from crying too much about not following our own words, but think the words we say can save others from themselves, without testing out the program we’ve written to be lived, and gift to our Self a freedom from reaction.

In fact when adapting to the conflict of things, we spring into character for everyone to see, then said,
“You bet not mess with them, because they’re crazy”, that’s amazing to see how we replace equality with inequality, towards others in our worlds because they’re non-compliant to what we see, about the world and in their worlds with how they choose to walk their process, that messes with the very fabric of their location point, and interrupts the time it takes for them to figure things out. As a reaction that’s justifiable when it’s ‘Just-If-I’m-Able’ to explain myself that somewhat makes sense, but cover up the acceptance of energy that’s present, a power trip in fact if for a moment I get pissed, then say “All I have to do is Self-Forgiveness”, where in common sense things like this is overlooked, and yes although we correct it the point still stands, that we never really gave the other person a chance, to stand in correction and expand themselves, from another life’s lesson that we’re rushing them to see, that attracts a reaction from you and me.

Thing is, our acceptances and allowances are our own to bear, and when pushed upon others in the form of dare, creates a fear that a reaction could be imminent, if you keep trying to scare me into doing what you’re doing, that exacerbated in religion I participated in for so long, to where now the rest of my life I would like to change on my own, and in my own time, granted I now take responsibility and apt to accepting assistance when given considerably, that’s spoken for all of us who walks this process alike, when speaking to ourselves I’ve learned not to be spiteful. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not consider how easy it is to attract a reaction from others through the things I say, the way I present myself and my behavior, when unbecoming to who I am as life, with little sprinkles of spite in thought, “Well it’s on them if they react” and/or “They shouldn’t react to things”, which of course is true, but in a way lose touch with what I’ve been through and had to go through to get to where I am now, and all who came before me who had patience with me, allowing me the time to step into the realizations of me, without forcing their own understanding upon me, but graced me with the space and time to catch up and walk with, and if I slip while walking with, there is no punishment, because We are all a work/walk in progress, and will progress even more when considering others. And that’s all I have to say about that, for now.

Thanks for reading.

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