Day 851: The Waiting Game

The act of not moving a muscle, that make space for the muscles we move in our minds, being muscled around by the thoughts we think, that blinks us into a corner to be distracted, until we’re extracted and the coroner picks us up, to be placed in a box and then picked up, and taken to the garbage pail we call a cemetery, that cements the ideas we had to never be discovered, a place for idealist and realist alike, whose only crime was playing the waiting game in spite of knowing they might have been on to something, but choose to wait when opportunities passed them by, which makes it estranged how we love to wait, ‘For nothing’, and ‘Wait for nothing’ when we’re acting like we’re impatient, and hate waiting when it don’t interest me, and when it do, we can’t wait for this stimulating treatment.

The secret to the waiting game is a pass time of thinking, where all these possibilities come up in your mind, like if you’re driving to a place for the very first time, the worst of the worst comes along to accompany you, like “What will it be like”, or “Will I get hurt”, or “What will I have to do to stop this from happening” (I’m laughing because the same thing just happened to me), then get there and realize I was a basket case – that’s basking in the mind along the wait, that takes place every time going from point A to B, as short as walking from the Oven to the Kitchen Sink, “What’ll happen if I spilled this Hot grease on me”, then sigh in relief that these thoughts didn’t take place, when being quick to sabotage our point of ‘Wait’, in which case should be used as a time to create, and correct all the mistakes we’ve made thus far.

An allotment of time before your next move, that’s filled with possibilities to create the mode, then swing on a vine of thought to prove, I think/I know what I’m about to do, then use what we were shown during the waiting game, that pains our ability to get through it effectively, that changes the outcome to then start questioning, what the hell was I thinking about before I started, it’s in the wait where all these thoughts take place, that debates our resolve before we get going, accompanied with resistance that’s constantly showing, how I simply allowed my mind to corrupt my wait.

But “Wait” when seen as a point having patience, is abrasively needed as a point of being safe, because most of the time we’re in our minds and need to be reminded to pay attention to the present, before we step off the curb and will regret it, it’s a blessing to hear a voice say “Wait”, in moment of walking toward an intersection distracted, stimulated and impulse with certain attachments, that’s when accidents are certainly bound to happen, a collision of decisions that alters our state of living, when all we had to do was to tune in and listen, to the voice on the corner telling you to, “Wait”.

I was once told (In so many words) some would spend a lifetime waiting on you to get it and when you don’t, they’ll just as soon leave, as we sit there wondering what didn’t I see, that happened to me before I saw, that oddly enough helped me to see, how I was waiting one something outside of me to motivate me to be here with them – that all it took was to be in the present, that would lessen the possibility for sabotaging my relationships, because I would be complacent with relating with them, and really get to know them for who they really are, and thus far I’ve learned from that lesson fairly well.

What I realized within the waiting game is the pattern in which I hold my mind, in what comes up while I wait, that creates the experience of me to come, before going into doing something that should be attended to before enactment, to correct the starting point in which I stand, so that my focus is for a cause, that causes for no distractions or even pause, that way I’m prepared for whatever happens, which makes the experience of me worth the wait, and this is how I correct what I face, in the space I call “The Waiting Game”.

Thanks for reading.

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