Day 835: The Protector/Defender Character

Interesting when telling someone what we think they should or shouldn’t do about their interaction with others, as if I had a front row seat to the relationship they have, like what starting point allows for one to think we know the response of the other person, I mean really, when one’s interaction is different than any others interaction is, with the same person, that really didn’t hit home until recently when putting my foot in my mouth (so to speak) with assumptions, questioning what one had it in them to do, thinking it may not have been a cool idea for them to do, then ate the words I spoke when seeing that it was probably the best idea to do, for them, that has/had nothing to do with me, my ideas/perceptions/beliefs, and so had to correct myself for it, in the moment of realization, in which case, slowing oneself down is the best way to alleviate dismay.

Thing is this is not the first time and I’m sure some have faced the same, thinking that we have the other persons best interest in mind, and you know what, that’s just what it is, ‘IN MIND’, not in reality, because we’re simply NOT the other person, but flirting with our own idea that it’s might seem/be bothersome to the other to be reached out to, which makes this “protection” the validation of our own beliefs system.

We soil the spoil in us every time we do so, perpetuate these character, that only boils the relationship we have with another to mist, evaporating in a sense our standing in equality with all that is me with no assumptions, in the long run and in essence, running away from the acceptance of what they do is for them, not you, me or anybody else to say otherwise, and I’m saying it because I’ve subjected myself to these characters for too long, to no avail, but a swelled up Ego that no longer sits well with the ever so changing me that I’m processing to achieve.

It’s hard to walk what we don’t realize or talk about, until you realize things need to be talked about to be walked out and into Oneness and Equality with Self first, by me, and our reasoning we use as season to sprinkle dismay, interrupting the way others in our world see/do things, may not need our 2 cents after all, so should keep the “I’m just saying” to ourselves and watch how life plays itself out, to avoid the surprising effect, that we don’t know what we’re talking about, brings.

On the other hand there’s a time for everything, at it’s designed time, not a moment sooner, in a sense of protecting/defending life, that should have been sooner than what we now have created, how life is today, where these day’s there’s an array of defense system and mechanisms, that protects the self-interest of man, while destroying life in fact, but who want to see, hear or talk about that, when we do it to ourselves in our own worlds, reserved only for those we think we ‘Love’, until we Fall out of ‘Love’ with them, and placing them away from our defense, because they stop defending our self-interest, and no longer accept and allow the bullshit we represent.

Protection also closely relates to our imaginary self, where we imagine being hurt by someone else, then manifest the type of hurt through media outlets, then buy guns to protect and defend this Nonsense, like making a promise to fear to stay within conflict, that dominates the way we should stand in confidence, next to life as equals in all ways possible, that’s always brushed aside when the mind is at play, and I say mind, because we think we’re mining our own business, but busy thinking about what others are doing in their world, to believing others may have it in for me, and so make moves that damages our sensibility, and physicality if pushed too hard the wrong way, it’s a wonder how most people tell you to BE SAFE, or Drive Safe, or Be Careful out there, when its clear their scared of what’s coming up in their minds, but if you will don’t wish that voodoo on me, because I got enough on my plate in taking self-responsibility, but I will accept it if you say that to me, but to make sure ones starting point is clear when saying it.

More so what I realize is in a way, we all care for others in our worlds (for the most part), but partiality is the barter that barriers us into separation, apart from one another in different locations, making the process we walk an individual one in fact, where bringing things back to self, should always be the plan of attack, to correct our reactions and unclear facts, and pass on to the next generation the togetherness we lacked.

So, to forgive oneself for the defense of other in a sense of defending our own ideas/perceptions and beliefs we have about them, and to forgive oneself for protecting into the defense of what we create in our minds about others being a threat to our self-interested life style, where if our lifestyle as all, is what’s best for all life, there would be no need to protect and defend the life we live as a whole, collectively, because we would All be on the same page, and so the Defense of this existence as Life as a whole.

Thanks for reading.

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