Day 832: Hold On (A Different Perspective)

Add on from Day 145: Holding On

Situations can turn from rational to irrational in a split second, when embracing nervousness as a point of standing on uneven ground, instead of stability that literally come in a moment of checking in with oneself, the physical that gives one cross reference when asked the question, on which direction I should take, and most importantly, if one has been standing up for life throughout this process being walked by humanity, even more so, life shows a clear picture in what choice to make, where mistakes may come a dime a dozen, but as long as one continues to correct and stand, correct and stand, and correct and stand, damn if you’re not shown the best way through, and this is not just small talk, I just been through it literally where I checked with myself and was told to hold on and so did and walked through the situation, resolved, all parties on both sides, because a short while ago I chose to correct my stance, to standing up for life, I mean I’m definitely a work in progress and process things differently than I used to.

They say time will tell, but if you can’t tell time you’ll always be late, with no patience, because once again we hate waiting, thinking first come first served, and I’m going to get a good deal, then will ourselves into making the wrong decision, that’s only seen in hindsight, because we chose to stand behind the mind in spite of holding on for a short while longer for an investigated outcome, and so face the consequences for making a move without figuring how investigating would have saved us time and money.

Interesting within the hold is the point of investing in you, that would facilitate your best move, and prove to oneself, I’m really learning to trust my Self, where the slow down affect comes into play, to take a moment and breathe to see what I’m doing and/or pursuing is a pursuit that best for all, instead of the pursuit of happiness, that clashes with the reality of what would really happen if I didn’t take a moment to hold on and check in with my Self.

When all else seems to fail just wait a minute, the minimalist time it takes to think twice in a sense, of stopping the influx of thoughts from rushing through my mind to circumvent time, which leads to one getting caught up and out there, which is the here of impatience, drafting a move of elation, then become elated with the move made, until reality smack you dead in the face, to having to clean up the mess we’ve made with no broom handy so to speak.

Behind every righteous thought is a machine of dismay, where because we want to be right so much, we stick ourselves between a rock and a hard place, standing on eggshells hoping not to get blister from the yoke that chokes us into submission, because we’ve bitten off more than we could chew, this time and in times past, that obviously wasn’t enough to learn from, and so strut once again towards our demise, where the eyes do lie if you’re not looking inside to see that I am creating this experience within me and need to do something about it.

What I realize is that the time will come when things are needed, and jumping the gun makes things worse off, and running amuck about something that’s pending, is wasted time spent on what ifs and wonderment, I mean why punish ourselves and have to correct it, when all we have to do is to “HOLD ON” and Check in with Self first.

Thanks for reading.

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