Day 831: Embracing My Self (continuing…)

Can’t run away from yourself, try it and see how far you get, I’ve tried it and didn’t move a step, but a few thoughts around in my head with constricted brain muscles, I hustled towards the idea of escapism in my mind and found that I had one hell of an imagination, debating on whether or not I was going somewhere, then found that So-Me-Was-Here, to asking the question of Self “Where are you”, who knew that I was always where I was supposed to be, but living within the separation of Self and Me.

Or some might say the separation between Church and State, where I assumed the Church role that diminished my State of Self, convincing me all the why’ll of the state I should be in, that many men have fell for the ‘state of being me’, stating this is what I am, nobody can change me, where through the telescope of wonder change seemed so far away, like looking at the stars thinking (hmm) maybe someday, but for now I’m comfortable ignoring true bliss, to blitzing the idea that I was far off too, and so ended up in line waiting to be sacked by reality, that snapped me back into the reality of Self, modeling when all else fail you can count on Me, just take heed to what I present to you as support.

“Clap if you believe this is happening to you” is the exact words spoken by preachers of confusion in churches of delusion, with no sharing of real solutions or what’s really happening to them, where when you talk about sin too much, then sin you’re in, but when you talk about self, it brings it back to me, and that’s the first steps into taking responsibility for the consciousness that surrounds me, in confidence that I’m doing my part to change my reality, that in turn would change the world as a whole, that’ll do a world of good for existence as a whole, because every One is waiting for the world to change, instead of changing the world one Self at a time.

Looking into the great beyond, we fail to embrace our flaws and miss-takes, but shelled ourselves into a sea of hate and projected this hate onto what we’ve created, where a responsible human being would squeeze one’s Self for that, holding one to the capacity we all have to reach one’s upmost potential, after realizing our acceptances and allowances was simple to do, but resisted to correct, I mean you have to respect the process we’re walking, and we have to walk the corrections we process, that would facilitate becoming one with and equal to standing adjacent to who self is.

The statement “I forgive my Self that I have accepted and allowed myself to have all these thoughts coming up within and as Me”, works wonders when reconnecting with self, where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to disconnect Me from my Self, every time I point the finger to Bla-Me th-em for what happens to me, that has Me written in the words I use, where the actions I make, creates the outcome I produce and the outcome I produce is not always beneficial to my flesh, where beneath the skin is an uncomfortable feeling that we don’t feel most of the time, because of being numb to the connection of self.

Where I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed my me to in being numb to this connection, over complicate things, by separating me from the support of self through suppressing the subtle nuances of pain I felt, masked with the inhalation of all types of medicine, (as a collective) that drug me to reaching all time low point in my life, with no room to hide, because the box I was in became too small, within the four corners and walls of the house I was living, that I let suffocate my expression, that so suffocated my access to the whole of Me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to express my way of doing things seen through the minds eye, instead direct seeing through the eyes of Self, because I never wanted to embrace the point of accepting what I saw as my point of corrupted creation, and so stayed within the dimness of vision, whenever visiting my self-interest, that stopped me from hugging every Part/Piece, Idea/Perception/Believe, Pattern, Thought/Feeling/Emotion, Desire/Want and Need, I existed as, that separated me from the Self of Life as who I really am, and into and as a Self-less Ego, thinking less about Self and more about the way others viewed Me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand that Self has always been right here waiting for me to embrace it, that would open up seeing more effective solutions to the problems I face, and so hereby commit myself to embracing ‘who is self’, as the self of me, that for so long I’ve disregarded the connection with, separating myself into 3 characters, Me/Myself and I, using whichever would fit the situation I was in, instead of standing equal to and one with who self is (Me) = Embracing My Self!

Thanks for reading.

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