Day 829: Anticipation ( Another Perspective)

An addon from day 452: Anticipation

And tag you’re it, gifted by the idea that we can for see things coming, and so build up a defense against a possibility, with the belief that “I think ten steps ahead of you”, and so head into the unknown with expectations of what we thought to be an absolute is true, that salutes the failure we then experience, then tell ourselves, “But I thought I had all possibilities covered, when in fact what we did was to cover up the reality of things, around what we anticipated.

Future thinkers are idealist with no preparation of what the future may hold, and so walk into the future unprepared for what unfolds, which is the biggest flaw I participated in, standing within the word anticipation with NO Patience to put the work in ‘Now’, for a brighter future tomorrow, landing myself in unspeakable positions, wishing things could be easier or could have been different, where anticipation is (Yes) participation in the mind and not in reality, where casually we allow the rush of things to constantly deter us from seeing the bigger picture, that tomorrow is always a representation of what we do/say participate in today, and what we do today sticks in the minds of others tomorrow, that’s why it’s best to check the steps we take when concocting our mouths in a certain way, to say what we do, that does something to other, when all the while sitting back anticipating a reprisal.

Time really doesn’t heal wombs, none physical, but the physical remember all inflictions of the mind, and the mind have no problem anticipating our demise, as we gracefully walk into it ‘thinking ahead’, instead of being right here in every moment owning it = that’s anti productive to the mind, that like to play out extreme worst case scenario in merry go round fashion, separating us from one another into acts of anticipating your next move, because I too have done the same thing I think you’re trying to do, which for most part may not be the case, in which case all we’re doing is trying to anticipate fate.

I don’t want to leave or cross over because I’ve crossed my fingers in life too much, and now looking for the holy grail to keep me well and staying alive, but resist what it really means to be alive and live life well, where we can’t anticipate the line drawn – that’s when we close our eye without waking up HERE first, where before we leave it’s a need to take responsibility and clean up the mess made by each one of us individually, and critically look at the patterns I exist as, and permanently purify the reality we live in.

So how can I use Anticipation in a constructive way, recognizing the patterns I exist as and the habits I’ve engrained within and as me, that engines the behavior I perpetuate, stemming from the thought I follow around in my mind, upon correction, seeing these things is like looking down a road I’ve been down before, and so can use anticipation as a point of seeing/knowing the outcome and consequences ahead of time, to stop my participation within it and so walk the correction/commitment statements I’ve made to these infractions.

In fact we can see things before they happen, that’s why we say I knew it, that’s old news to us, when manifesting our own demise, lied to by the mind to lay down and don’t do nothing, is something we can surely anticipate, by taking the steps to correct our mistake, so from here no further will I wait any longer to change my fate, as I am a work in progress.

Thanks for reading.

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