Day 828: The Following Perspective

Scared to go into something alone, we say “You lead and I’ll follow”, that’s good for tunnel rats and Daredevils alike, in spite of knowing something could happen, we dream of being the first one through a maze of conflict, drafting behind another until they slip up or crash, then pass them by with our foot on the gas, like that’s not my problem they created it for themselves, not considering that our push behind them may have had everything to do with it, but rest easy in sigh that it missed me ‘this time’, until the time comes around when it happen to us.

The point of peer pressure is also a following perspective (on either end), we’ll follow in order to get next to the person in question, where the person in question may be too scared to do it themselves, until we take the lead role and do it for them, judgement is a rug that’s laid down before you, where If you don’t do it they’ll cut you off and call you names while cutting you off, and tell everybody how you’re so soft, when all the while this is all about me, as them who talk a lot and don’t saying nothing, just fuss about how I’m disgusted with life, that blinds one from seeing what Life really have to offer, when offering up the characters we’ve existed as for so long, in exchange for Life Awareness, that all I’m following is me, so the pressure we think we experience from peers is just a cover of blame in the seeking of attention, and the seeking of attention is the suppression of our expression, just to follow being liked by another human being.

The best leader are those who followed and understood, that following is not the walk behind but right alongside, and right alongside helps to cover more space, showing that on some levels we all have the same capabilities, and with these capabilities each fellow man plays their own part, in sweeping through the Minefield of the Mind disconnecting one another, where in a sense we’re led to follow in order to do the same for others, as others in our lives have done the same for us, the simplicity of the 1+1 equation is the best way to uncover each one’s potential that’s smothered up in the ‘follow’, allowing all to lead a fulfilling life that’s mellow, because I’ve messed with ‘to changing the preprogramming I exist as, which make the ‘following’ a cool changing experience, when following in the sense of learning from my mistakes, then take those miss take and do self-correction, that would show how the following could be a cool lesson.

The interesting thing about following is the work in between, where I can get to where you are but have to put in work to get there, because most of the time we take the follow in the sense of things being done for us, instead of seeing and duplicating with our own points of investigation what’s being shown, while taking suggestions every step of the way, resistance may set in that requires a reset to our way of looking at it, to effectively walk the path of those who’ve gone before us, and so become the for goers to assist and support other, until all the sins of the fathers have been corrected and taken responsibility for.

Now the backtrack aspect start when sitting on a lap, to being able to walk, then running amuck, to following a prominent figure around everywhere they went, learning to soak up information and create a personality from it, where sadly for most the ‘following’ was “Do what I say and not what I do”, and when some didn’t, would get punished for it, but all that aside our ‘follow’ was tarnished, that varnished every step we took from there on out with fear, into growing up, blindly accepting what we we’re told to do, into creating laws telling people what they should and shouldn’t do, and if you did it you’ll get praised for being a good follower, that so made the ‘following’ into a reward system.

But interesting the reward you get from learning about self and from learning about the mind and how to direct self, that would lead oneself into untapped potential and simply help purify “The Following Perspective”. HERE is how.

Thanks for reading.

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