Day 827: A Compromising Correction

OK I’m back so, open my eyes and see the correction to make, along with the core of Self that’s filled with compromise, in the sense of internal integral parts all working together, where a piece of me may function in one way that serves purpose for another part/piece of me (organs) to do its job, showing both in agreeance with one another = Constructive Promises, but in human interaction;

The agreeance of always saying the words ‘Correct/Correct/Correct’ or ‘Yes/Yes/Yes’ when someone is telling you something, that you may not know too much about, leaves little room for expansion, because no real questions are asked, and so companion oneself to the point of compromise, in our minds eyes away from detailing the integration to what’s being said, that allows for being on the same page when questions are asked, especially when the pack is all working together, doing what’s best for all, and what’s best for all is learning how to correct oneself, through promising one another to stand equal to and one with each other, assisting and supporting self as a whole, which makes the statement ‘each one teach one’ an absolute.

Another interesting point is, when making a promise to someone, then realizing before its acted on, said and done to be a point of compromise, (by the promiser), one holds you to statement, don’t make promises you can’t keep, then ask for a signature hand shake to seal the deal, locking you into a point of demise, and now one can’t go back on what we said, where on the other hand, if it’s explained as to why one can’t follow through, would probably be more acceptable than just leaving it be, because most of the time we fear the reprisal of what could happen, so would rather walk away for the relationship so it won’t happen, putting another notch on our belt for the long list of failed relationships we’ve had with others, and so live the sabotage before the relationship flourish, that nourishes our Ego with the point of compromise and lie to our self, I’m doing it for the right reason.

I mean this is just a perspective of the ever so compromising me, the good and the bad, and other things that I see in my world and reality, that casually changes one way or the other, and at times smothers the commitments to life we’ve already made, thing is not to take it hard and encage ourselves, because the commitments are still here, waiting to be stepped into and lived, but in the midst have to walk through points of despair of how we’ve prepared this reality to fail, that takes moment to compromise to at times to stay afloat, and nope that doesn’t exempt anyone from this reality, we’ve all have experienced a compromising thing and can tell you a thing or two about our compromising way. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how the point of compromise can be a constructive thing, when done with a starting point of changing me, knowing that I live in a world where we have to do things in order to survive, that may not jive with our point of stand, that’s where self-honesty vs honesty comes into play, am I looking at things from a self-honest starting point, instead of the trues of manipulation, that may stop one from living well, and having means to help others as well, because at times we need all we can get.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand my internal points of compromise in my mind, accepting things the way they are presented, that instead of asking questions, I would say Correct/Correct/Correct and Yes/Yes/Yes, would stop me from expanding my awareness of Self, in the reality I’ve created for me to experience, that I built off of compromise, then wonder why things are not working out correctly, and so step knee deep into the point of despair and have to pull myself back away from wanting to give up.

Not going to happen, in no way shape or form, that’s easier said then done, but a will I will do, where I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see the point of ‘Willing’ within compromise, where if there’s a willing to do something in chase of energy, and not just a have to, the point of compromise is then compromise, by the energy we would receive from getting ahead, but more than willing, if I am correcting myself through the consequences I walk, the consequence to this is making a way to get back to the commitments I’ve made.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have built a life I’ve lived off of compromise, and so surprised myself with the consequences I’ve faced, in awareness now of the consequences we face if change is not enacted, with the point of resettling inside myself and resetting up my life with a corrected starting point, as change is often times needed to expand our self-development, and develop more ways to live a fulfilling life, where taking the first step into our utmost potential, is a well warranted compromise to the way we used to live, so the coming promises I’ve made to myself are the correction and commitments in actions that I walk, to no longer accept and allow myself to separate myself within and from the point and word of Compromise itself.

Thanks for reading.

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