Day 826: A ‘Compromise’ Perspective

Close my eyes and promise that I won’t come back to this point again, but when again comes back around, we find ourselves standing there, staring at the precipice of compromise, thinking I have no choice but to do it again and take it personal for being the person that placed self in a position of compromise in the first place, even ever so subtle moments that can go unnoticed, a quick moment of reaction is the same as being in a full on mind possession with a massive reaction, it’s all the point of compromise, that lies right next to the idea that I’m going to be alright, when doing this, that or the other, and although one may have to, the move pass is filled with regrets in a way, that I made a bet with myself to get ahead, not realizing ahead was already the state that I was in.

The things we do to get ahead or stay ahead or just to survive, may at times be filled with compromise, like we wouldn’t normally do that, but sense we’re situated in this position what choice do I have, I may have a business to run or a few mouths to feed and need every little bit I can get, but don’t take it personally it may be for emergency purposes, that I know most of us have been there before, and for the most part never want to experience that again, but when one is standing up from within the mind, we have to walk through consequences, where the use of compromise can be seen as constructive instead of destructive, if the promise comes in with a starting point of change, where correction is the engine that accelerates the change when coming to grip with, this is not who I really am, but live in a world that don’t accept us for who we really are, and spares with the process we’re walking, that’s not an easy feat by any means, especially when the feet are walking alone, with every step compromising any opportunity for assistance and support.

Believe it or not, we are all rebels that want to rebel against the mind, but to fight the mind is asinine and useless that gives it power, finding ourselves powerless with the belief that we’re useless, every time we do so, and every time we do so, it’s another point of compromise and with these point of compromise we create our reality and world in subservience to the mind, that serves no purpose but to diminish life, but life is the rebel in fact that will always be here, no matter what we do to it, it remains unwavering, even when we’re gone it remains absolute, that’s why it’s best to become life while we’re here, that would show our promise to changing the system and so standing up for life in every way possible.

An obstacle of conjecture is survival of the fittest, and the first thing that comes up is how big ones muscles is, and with our muscle meat for brains, we try and muscle our way around, the point of taking responsibility for what we’ve done, with compromising our existence and every one within it, by separating ourselves from one another in self-interest, each one claiming our own religion of self, that you better follow me or I’m not going to help you out, that give power to the few, while the rest of us stay weary and weak, thinking we need to be helped out that’s a point of self-defeat, and so fall for not helping ourselves up and into a position, that would no longer compromise our way of living.

The interesting thing I find about compromise is, in whose eye am I looking to please me, when it’s us who can only live our own lives, and show life that we’re able to be trusted with it, that starts with learning how to trust oneself, when telling you that this is what you need to do to get to the next point, that we disregard in compromise of our evolution, when the solution may not be what we want to see or do, but need to do to maintain our survival, that may at times rival with the process we’re walking, so in the next post I’ll bring forth my points of correction.

Be right back…

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