Day 825: Articulation (Perspective)

Tickling the senses in art of how one describes something with words, that houses energy in manipulating fashion, fastens one into acceptance of what’s being said, especially when what’s being talked about is not directly lived by the conjurer, good for the listener/reader or best for all in any way.

The simplicity comes in when what rolls off ones tongue is a ton of support that has supported the presenter alike, amidst a challenging point, that’s now accounted for with responsibility taken when sharing a realization that’s been walked through, or walked to a point of sharing from beforehand, how one got to this point through vocalization/speaking or the words we write, in spite of any differences of resistances we may have, it all comes to head when one takes a lead role in ‘Knowing the Words we Speak’.

For each there’s little tweaks and differences that signatures the context in which one is sharing the expression of one’s own Articulation, awesomely situated to know that came from you and cool that I can see it more clear when looking at the truth of you behind it, that shows not only in ones writing/speaking, but in ones actions as well, I mean we’re all well done when vulnerably sharing and correcting ourselves, it’s well worth it and worth it if practiced and lived well.

Indicative of the past, living in pastures of bliss, ignoring any well-spoken activist who I thought was better off than I was, I escaped the learning curve of articulation through introversion, and slurred speech, the words didn’t seem to come out right or how I wanted them to, so I didn’t speak, and didn’t realize it takes practice to make this particular want into a reality, that called for my participation in many conversations that would teach me how to articulate correctly, in accepting the words I chose within and as me as me, and through time I begin to mesh my way into speaking effectively. ‘But’

“Why do you speak so soft”, (For the Big Fella you are) is the most prolific line that was mirrored back to me (most of the time), with the capacity to speak distinct, I chose the speaker box setting when responding to others trying to get my point across, not that I was scared, but a fear point in fact, engrained so deep that tippy toes around my convictions and stayed convicted to my beliefs back then, and all the other things that I didn’t even mention, not wanting to awaken a reaction in others was my pass time, thinking it’s a good time to be on their side, because conflict would just tick me off into a world wind, and blow away any chances I had with connecting with them. You see because I paid too much attention in thoughts of conflict, my lips seemed as if they had weights on them, that took a stuttering step before I babbled somethings, and when I babbled, I got stuck at the beginning of each word.

The absurdity was me making things up as I went, and would go on this big spill about something that wasn’t, and would end each sentence with “I know what I’m talking about”, that should be a red flag when someone says, they know what they’re talking about, that’s a knowing of seeing through the eyes of the mind, that time and time again whisk us away from reality, to live lackadaisically in a world of pretty pictures and with these pictures we create the worst world of words.

But pretty words that creates a picture in ones own mind with the illusion of grandeur, is the band stand of the mind that gives one front row seats to the sideshow, that holds one into position while mining us for energy, to feeling depleted and wanting to fall asleep, and may fall asleep when a school teacher speak, that’s why most don’t like school because of the way it’s articulated, where we all walk in and get treated like sheep, and think the world should participate in this curriculum, that so placed this world into its current position, and position ourselves into a 3D reality, thinking that we’re touching one another outside of ourselves, instead of realize the self we touch is really us Therefore;

Speech is important and a vital part of our communication and communication is important and a vital part of our lives, but you don’t have to be a speech therapist to be aware of life, meaning the life within every word we choose to redefine, that fits well with the life we choose to live, if the life we choose to live is what’s best for all, so to learn the words we speak is the articulation of self, and to share the self of self we would like to interact with, is the Articulation of a well created life.

Thanks for reading.

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