Day 824: Participation ( A Perspective)

Or, Part-This-In-Patience, meaning before you say something know what you’re talking about, as a note to every-Self (that’s me) that likes to speak on that in which we’re learning, instead of what we’ve learned, tried, tested and true through investigation, which brings up the point of, ‘If the shoe fits, wear it’, then speak about how comfy it is, which makes the knowledge within it/ about it, something that’s lived, that way when we have our slipups and falls, we’re not held to the words we held high, in blast of others, that attended to our seeking for acceptance or praise in some form.

A thing I realized about participation is that it’s more than just reciting from a script of information and giving ones point of view with the claim, “I got it, what about you”, that in a way separates us from the information, when stating “What about you”, in the form of ‘Most People, Them or They, instead of adding oneself to the equation by way of ‘I/We/Us’ in cahoots with one another/as all, meaning we all have done, faced similar or the same points at different times throughout our lives, so why talk about what they’ve done when we’ve possibly done the same, and if we haven’t why speak about it at all. And although we may have it, a constant refinement to what we have, may be the refreshment that’s needed to bring back to self, our reasoning for making the commitment to stand in as part of the whole, one and equal, when the whole as us individually can’t stand ourselves, effective participation allows for that, more than just Partici-pacing. (I’ll come back to that).

For me listening is a vital part of participation, especially when the blueprints to understanding self is given, oddly enough be anyone in our world we come in contact with, I mean I exempt no one from telling me something, whatever they have to say can be used in a constructive way when listening unconditionally, and constructively criticizing what I’m thinking, (that comes up when they’re speaking), is a level of self-participation like none other, that’s smothered in self-regard, so when one is not speaking, (in a setting with others) doesn’t always means there’s a lack of interest, but more so a self-fulfillment in some cases, patiently awaiting to learn more ways of how to part ways with my old ways, by way of applying what I’ve heard, then share how I’ve done it.

Then you have what I call Partici-pacing, where I want to see what you see, so I share what I see in what I heard from you and put my own spin of it, and call this being faced and/or applied in my own life, without hearing/understanding the full context of what’s being/have been said, then when context is given, I’ve magically faced that too, but a shot in the dark, being that you can’t tell a person what they do or don’t know/have or haven’t faced/done or haven’t done, but they can, where within Lies the honesty point that we have to face within ourselves, self-honestly, when at times the shut up should be the commercial for listening, and listening should be the key to participation, and participation should be the effectiveness of change, and change is what we’re all busy walking, so why pace around what we want to know, instead of sharing about what we’ve walked now. I am a work in progress.

Thanks for reading.

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