Day 823: The Trickery Mechanism

It’s not enough that we allow our minds to bring up things on behave of its own survival, feeding off the very substance we exist as, where we think it, then react to it, when either an emotion or feeling comes up from within and as us about it, but the interesting part is when we get to a point of stopping these things from coming up and start experiencing the grounding affect that process brings (when walked correctly), we tend to think about process things, which for most part is cool, but within that the counter action/balance point (of sorts) the mind use to subjugate that is what I call the Trickery Mechanism, where now that we see these random thoughts/things coming up in awareness of its potential to usher us into a reaction, it’s easy for us to stop it, so what I experience the mind doing is to bring up process things, as in memories of things I’ve said in chats I’ve had and/or was on with others, blogs I’ve written or read, to sort of soften the blow of what’s about to come up afterward, as we easily tend to follow these thoughts around, being that they’re process related, to letting our guard down in a way, then BAM that’s when the most inappropriate s*** come up, and so perpetuate more so of a reaction because of being caught with our guard down, so to speak. The Trickery Mechanism.

A treat is tricky most of the time, because it’s sweet, and if sweets are not said to be the sweetness of life as life I am, we’re tricked into a feeling that feels good in the moment, like thinking about process feels good until the moment something else comes up, but to not react was the part that stumped me, because I’ve allow comfortability and complacency to set in, thinking that I got this, in disregard of the minds craftiness that happens in missed moments of correction, when we least expected it, except when we’re in a mind possession, then have to ride it out, because you can’t fight fire with fire, meaning you can’t get mad at yourself when you’re already mad in a possession, that makes the possession last longer, where the stronger it gets the more disempowered we become, that’s why it’s important to slow way down, to a freeze frame moment and own the space I’m in.

With awareness come more correction, that I’m now seeing what I’ve been doing all alone, throughout my life, that might not be a pretty picture and at times hard to swallow, but suck it up we do and feel relived after correcting it, and that’s when the mind tends to step in, because after the correction we tend to analyze it, to see if our correction was in line towards change, then become satisfied in the belief that I’m right on track, and all it take is one split second of believing yeah I do got this down pat, then up come the most craziest s*** that Zaps us back to reality – that process is a process and takes time to walk and the “Down pat” part is the suppression of our thoughts and other things needing to be looked at, corrected and changed and the let down feeling is just part of the game, that I’ve once again allowed my mind to trick me into feeling ashamed about what comes up within and as it.

The misbelief, how could I have possibly planned all this out for myself to walk through and face in this lifetime, is a trick that my mind use to look for blame, and call the root cause my parents fault, to then look at the way their parents raises them, and along comes the things unseen which is fascinating, because that show how religion was possibly created to be the point of blame, so when all else fails we can elude it to an entity, and there’s no way you can question his side, of even that he died for our sins which is a bold face lie, but who are you going to ask that would tell you anything different, than all of us had to be born in sin to experience longsuffering to appreciate life, and O.M.G. if that was right, why are we here on earth.

So, you see how easy things can get out of hand, when one falls for the tricks the mind presents, and if the mind you think is you don’t belief it should be talked about, then take the next few moments to check THIS out. And that’s all I got about that for now.

Thanks for reading.

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