Day 819: The Wish List (Will It)

From wish bones to thinking positive, in hopes that we can wish away all our problems, it’s so engrained within us to look for an easy way out, when trapped in a mind that feeds us doubt, then pout about doing some of the thinks we do, because the wish we had didn’t come through, like we wish we can turn back the hands of time, then go back to that time and sit right there, unconsciously replaying the same thing again, then wish someone could save me from what I’m experiencing, never once realizing how we’ve wished this upon ourselves, and fail to see self-will within a wish.

I Will my Self to stay right Here, the enactment of a wish granted by self, with no enchantment that panics the heart into submission, when listening to what the mind tells us to do, the power we have to make things happen, comes when we disregarding the Ego of self-interest, and replace it with self-trust as our only interest, and that’s the action behind the wish we have. A responsible self is to wish about self and take the steps to walk the wish through, that I’m doing for me what no one else can do, that so makes our wish become a reality.

I mean, how can we possibly claim that our wish came true, when we’ve told someone exactly what we wanted, for birthdays and holidays or as a point of making up, in relationships that thrives off of the s*** we make up, and wish that the other never catch wind to what we’re doing – but they sometimes do that knock the wind out of our relationship, because we’ve relied on an unrelatable wish, and wish that they would give us just one more chance.

Going at the speed of light won’t get you nowhere, unless you’re aware of the speed in which you travel, I wish that people would respond on time, instead of taking their time to respond to me, is a rush for an answer we may not want to see, on our part, and their reasons for waiting is their own burden to bear, that may become clear when they choose to respond, but until that time to move on with our lives.

Cross my fingers and close my eyes and turn around three times then open them up, is all it takes to make one dizzy and silly with the idea of wishing myself stable, instead of standing up and stiffening my legs when walking through the rough patches in points I have to face, then face myself head on and will myself to change from the list of points I will to change.

So yes a wish could be a waste of time, or a willingness to change Self in time, I no longer wish to change my mind, but to change the way I’ve allowed my mind to follow such a preprogrammed design of wishing instead of willing my world to change, and becoming the wheel I will to change, that would chain me to the wheel of my process, Acceptably and accept every good and bad thing of me, as a point of self-correction.

Therefore, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how a wish can be supportive when redefined from a hopeful/spiteful thing towards other in our worlds, to that of an inversion grant, to/towards self, in willing myself to be Here and ever so present, walking the ever so changing me, through an ever so changing process of self-correction, listing out my points of correction to be corrected and so correct them in time, as only I can do for myself, especially when being show by others in my world, what I have accepted and allowed as me, by way of thinking that I’ve been done wrong, and so should will myself to correct and change what I see, instead of wishing bad on others for hurting my pride, that’s an extra additive when abdicating ones self-responsibility from perpetuating one’s own Self willpower, to becoming empowered to reach one’s utmost potential, that don’t luck when one is walking it out.

Thanks for reading.

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