Day 818: The Wish List (Rough Patch)

The idea of Karma is deep seed and said or thought in the heat of the moment toward someone in our world we believe done us wrong, stating “I wish something will happen to you”, and if so happen it do, we feel vindicated and thankful for the validation of this negative energy dispensed from it, that suits us just fine, never considering (In mind) what have we done to attract this ‘wrong doing’ onto our Self.

The belief that I’m a good person is rehearsed out of fear, because we now have different morals about things, as in religion, ‘I want to be saved’ as the only starting point for doing unto others as I would like to be done unto, unless they piss me off, then all goes out the window and off the porch, but preach a different story to attain to some heavenly glory that won’t come, until we see how we’ve manifested these things onto ourselves.

I mean who wants to be good, if we always finish last, then wonder how can they be bad and nothing happens to them, creating a pity party with all the bells and whistles, and then sit there in the middle of it wishing we could be bad to, as if it was that simple, without a bad bone in my body, but wish bad onto the next person who points out my problems, then feel bad if something was to happen to them, while claiming to be free of sin and liking everybody, or is it just a hobby we do to not experience conflict, and so keep to ourselves while creating this wish list.

Cocky in thought when following a belief system, that they don’t want to mess with me because God is going to get them, but what about the mess it is to believe a system, that tells one no matter what always play the victim, and do unto others as they would do unto you, ever so subtly a mastery of contortion that distorts the original message of Jesus, ‘to treat others as you would like to be treated’, At all time especially when understanding how the mind plays games, then rebuke the claim done in his name, while delving out portion of the devil we keep placed in a mind pocket, to be used for such a day we’re faced with a problem.

Manipulatively manipulated by our minds, we’ll find ways to do something we’ve come to realize being not in our best interest, ‘in the long run, I mean a taste of the past won’t hurt nobody, I’ll just do self-forgiveness for it, and be all good”, is a fascinating trap that we use at times to part ways (for a moment) with the process we’re walking, then take it one step further by placing in the ‘testing it out’ aspect to validate our infraction, that just so happen to make things harder “in the long run” because we’ve waited this long to decide to run away from our process, then wonder why we always feel guilty about S***.

Because we’re guilty and we know it and everybody/being and thing do to – where there is really no place you can be alone, the record button is always on (so to speak), even in your bathroom sitting on the toilet, or an abandoned beach, we’re still watching ourselves with everything around us, cause our thoughts are not secret and our looks fool no one, so why characterize the state we’re in, within the wish that others would just leave us alone, or go to hell that we’re already in, with no way out until we correct ourselves and the secret wish list we perpetuate towards and about others in our world.

I would say how we’ve defined privacy is; a privilege to Not see exactly what we do unto others in our minds, how we de-frame to puppeteer the image of them, just so we can have our way, thinking this to be a correction point to how we’re feeling – that’s stealing the energy right out of us, and so chase after more energy because we’re now depleted and feel defeated because we didn’t complete the initial interaction we had with someone to the point of clarity, so now we need our privacy to think about it, but to create a wish list for those who don’t give it to us.

Wishful thinking houses no good results, so what makes us think wishing bad on someone will, outside of all the energy it take to conjure up a wish, makes one wish I never wished in the first place, a conundrum of willing myself to be selfish, instead of selfless which includes everyone else equally, the key is to act on the thoughts we think by way of correcting ourselves for the thought we think, and so step away from the wishing well and put the penny back into my pocket.

More to come…

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