Day 817: Thinking Impaired

Murphy’s Law was designed for those of us who were told ‘think, think, think by a teacher who didn’t take the time to show us how to do things/understand things correctly, (in grade school) that we soon found hard to do and/or understand growing up into adulthood, and so stood in limbo everytime a complexed problem would arise, accepting this fear as normal, that would manifest our demise without questioning the lie it was to think, think, think, and so separated ourselves into two between a complicated thought process of what’s right and wrong and the common sense in the reality round us.

It’s common for us to think impaired because we think in pairs, in relation to the polarity of what’s good/bad, right/wrong, then overcomplicate it even more be comparing ourselves to what we perceive others are thinking about us, and so make our judgements about them, based on our perceptions and stand by our morality on either side that suits our self-interest, chasing after which side is More- All-It and Why, and so, create a life that’s divided by the thoughts we think.

Hindsight often times become the reflection to the thoughts we’ve allowed to manifest our connection to the mess we find ourselves in, projected and sown, interwoven into the reality in which we live, while spiting the idea, my thoughts had nothing to do with it, which in fact did and will do it again until we correct what we’re thinking. Simply put, we don’t realize how thinking creates the experience of us in our reality’.

Casually we float around in our minds attached to pretty pictures, Ideas and dreams of having/getting to a good life, but do nothing about it, as if the idea of it is enough, and ride off into the sunset, set with just the layout, then lay out under the sun of thought, baking our bodies for a feast of the mind. and call this growing old gracefully.

We come to replace the absolute of two or more in my name, and life is there, with two or more thought about the same thing must be real, then share our real lies about being pulsated by the universe about what we believe, that creates our life in Dis-ease, then think smoking a cigarette is the only cause of cancer, when we Can’t-See-Where our thoughts are coming from, and despise what we deem as despicable in nature, which is our own human nature that averts us from directive thinking.

But when thinking in pairs on what’s best for all, opens the door for seeing all as me, where through lines of communication each one can be, their own point of responsibility for the thoughts we think, to for a second just have a look at the thoughts you think, then pair them with the look you’re having, to see how one is allowing oneself to be directed and not be the directive principle in one’s own life.

The best correction is when one takes a step back and forgive oneself as a directive point, to take notice of not being the point of self-direction, then proceed onto the corrective phase, such as;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how I allow my mind to direct me, in bringing up to follow random thought outside of my own volition, that I then create these pretty pictures, ideas and dreams around, and do nothing about it, but believe that the layout I’m seeing is enough, with no action, then wonder why my life remain the same with no change, instead of seeing/realizing/understanding how I am thinking impaired.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think in pairs of polarity, between the right/wrong, good and bad morality point, then lean toward the side that’s more all it, in a sense, that suits my self-interest, never asking the question why, because of the belief that it’s immoral to question my Ego as the beliefs I’ve grown into from childhood.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe that there is nothing wrong with the thoughts I think, that I should just accept being directed by a mind I can’t see, because it’s within my nature to do so, plus everyone else is doing it, so it must be right.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be defined by the thoughts I think, that’s mostly about others in my world, I create as a point of envy/jealousy or judgement about, instead of seeing/realizing/understanding how I am giving my power away to the point of self-judgement that I allow my mind to dictate, and so follow it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to follow a feeling/movement inside me to – ‘Think and do’, instead of Think, See, investigate and Do Corrections if need be, that way, what comes up in my mind don’t just spill out into my world, that would create my world as an imbalance, but to filter my thoughts and words, by way of a correction screening, that cleans the door mat leading into my world, so I may step into the ever so changing me, as the thought director writing the script of my life.

And so, when and as I see myself accepting and allowing myself to vacate my directors chair through a point of resistance in resisting to correctly filter what comes up within and as me, as a point of thinking impaired, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that I’ve allowed myself to accept the wheelchair of things, to just sit back and enjoy the ride, instead of getting back to the point of responsibility, that lies on a directors shoulders, to awaken my utmost potential by directing my thoughts and so my world/reality and life, to do what’s is best for all.

Thanks for reading.

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