Day 816: The Art of Falling (While Standing Up)

Ever so gracefully we stand conflicted and twisted, indicative to the things we miss, then miss our next step on the way down, holding on to a thought as the handrail to a fall, attempting to stand tall while doing so, explicit in nature it takes an Art form to do, that cataracts our eyes unable to see straight, where on the way down a million thoughts going through our mind, in hopes that the stumbling block don’t fall on top of me, the policy we use is to grab on to something, that’s a drag down affect to not go down alone, then hit rock bottom and lay there for a while, waiting for a helping hand of sympathy to validate my stay.

Checked in to the idea of powerlessness, the hopeless hotel hold us hostage at free will, that seal our fate with the grace of complacency, complaining about everything that got me too this point, and anyone who had a hand in this masterful fall, is a point blank stare from seeing the blame as being my own, where the community down here is closed knit and full of gossip, about the things we all had before we started to fall. In spite of one another we’ll keep each other from seeing what it really means to stand back up, but if the fall was full of grace, we would realize the consequences and what caused us to fall down in the first place.

Miss takes is a gift, if lived as a gift, it uplifts us from taking the fall down so hard, where the bracing for impact becomes a tracing back, to the root cause that cushions the fall we’re on, capitalizing on the in between moments is a component of taking the best of what we learned from the moments before hand, that allows us to see our way back up to eventually correcting our stance, It’s not to say or even validate “hey go make a mistake”, because if it’s purposefully done the gift won’t come, which make this mistake a waste.

A hilarious occurrence that’s not really hilarious, is clipping the next step short, where for some reason it’s funny like a crash test dummy, to step into someone’s way, a tremendous shock to the system in plot of jealousy coming our way, where in some cases it amazes the perpetuators stance when getting punched dead in the face, as a wake up call to how us humans interact in such derogatory ways, towards each other because we fall so much, want to see others do the same, it’s a shame and a downgrade of our human beingness to experience a fall in this way, then laugh at our shortcomings, that cuts our life short, thinking life is just a game (When it’s not).

Being pushed to the brink of collapse is a mishap we often find ourselves in, where getting on our nerves is a curve ball of the mind that in time becomes a bit absurd, meaning absent from self, redirected into reaction, that’s a showing of how we’re not in control, then lose our balance and start wigging out, as our legs begin to bend and fold. Not always their fault, we’re so well versed in doing this on our own, where the overwhelming factor is created in our mind, that everything is always wrong.

The family dynamic where the kids don’t listen and my partner do anything they want, that’s a drain on me because I cook and clean and make sure they have what they need, then the breakdown happens in a sub-sequential fashion and find myself down on my knees, until I realize, this is the life that I chose, that’s not always a rose, but how can I make it the best for me, then get back up after a long time coming and take responsibility, by way of making sure that before the next fall, I covered all angles that I see, in bringing things back to self to correct then fall ever so gracefully, and if that’s the case I know the steps to take that would elevator my ascend, in the sense of sending a message to self that I’m correcting the state I’m in. And so;

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to consider the art of falling to be a point of support in my life, where in every fall there’s a lesson to be learn that really takes place, before and during the brink of collapse, where if I were to slow myself down in watching things accumulate, I would see the consequences coming, and so when the fall happens as the outflowed consequence to what I accumulated through my reactions, I would already know the way back up and correction it takes to remain standing when faced with the same life lesson again, Therefore;

That would then make the redefinition of the word FALL/FALLING = a Forecast in Awareness, a Life Lesson. Simply seeing it coming. The Art of Falling.

Thanks for reading.

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