Day 810: Let’s Talk Change (The Ongoing)

In walking in line with process, the topic came up of change, my experiences thereof, the lessons within, the rapid and sudden snap into, the nature thereof in fact, the connection between change and the process being walked at Desteni, and reference to it being the only constant in life. Enjoy!

Unforecastable that only can be lived, then seen through the eye on an on looker, that’s been present in one’s world/reality for quite some time, change shows the difference between the read of the previous page, and the chapter one is currently scanning through the reading of you, in the book of our own self-evolution, where in such cases the opposite is veered as a point of reverence, where one wants to revisit the person you were, and at time push the envelope to open you up with old suggestions and so question the space in which you stand, but if change in you is real and ever so prevalent, no such thing can happen.

In fact when standing on the precipice of change, the first step into the unknown, becomes comfortable and easy to do, being that for so long our range of acceptance has dwindled to the point of frustration, that we now realize to be a point of correction and so step with grace off the cliff face, expanding our array of reality by being the point of direction therein, so when change is mention best conceive it was in our awareness of doing.

A convoluted version of change happens to many that want to be ‘saved’, that’s exacerbated within the realm of religion, a real-mind job and sob to accept a feeling that never comes and sticks, but only send chills up your spine in line with the adrenaline rush you get when running away from a conflictual problem, that you don’t want to solve in hopes that it’ll just die away, then sing gospel songs in praising the lord after a prayer session, stating; “The things I used to do, I don’t do no more”, “The way I used to be, I don’t be no more”, lol, that’s not relevant, being that we then turn right back around and curse the next person out in our minds that pissed us off, which makes religion all about a presentation without living the presence of what’s being said.

But oddly enough as real change is upon me, this song came up and I had to laugh, because it’s now relevant to what I live, and looking back at what I thought I was living, turned out to be a point of abdicating my self-responsibility, by talking the talk, but walking away speechless, because there was nothing in my life to back up the words I was singing, and so would spring into this character everytime I went to church. So simply put, my definition of change that I learned (back then), was how good one could talk about it, and recite things that would excite the congregation into elation.

[Meanwhile into Adulthood] –

Incapsulated with addiction inflicts a willingness to do nothing, most of the time, when time was of the essence to get things done, as I have experienced to not even do the things that I liked, when lost within the train of thought, rolling down tracks of ignorance, ignoring the finer things that life have to offer blissfully, that didn’t always consist of money and/or material possessions, and learned a lesson the hard way, that life is a constant and will pass you by if you let it, then had a realization standing in the middle of a nightclub at 5am in the morning, that something had to give then left, and hadn’t went back since, with the same lostness intent (I had) of losing myself in the music, and proved it when cross referencing the point later on in life. And at that point right there, was my first step into the unknown of change.

I read what a friend wrote and I quote “There is no one who can’t change through the desteni process, just takes the time and dedication. Self-Forgiveness works”, that I give two thumbs up, being that before I discovered Desteni, my thumbs was always facing down toward myself, unsatisfied with the life I walked into and was living, and so with Desteni learned what it really mean to be forgiven, by way of forgiving oneself for one’s own acceptances and allowances, that allowed me to see, then realize and so walk into changing myself, where in adding corrections to what I was forgiving (and still do), simplified what it is that I am supposed to do, when and/or if such occurrences resurface again. Living the “When and as I see myself” statement, the take action part, and that part right there is the connection point with Self, one’s own Destiny and the process I’m walking Here with Desteni, of changing the world starting with changing myself, into birthing myself from the physical, out of the mind consciousness system and into Life, in fact. So, in fact ‘Yes’ the only thing constant, outside of Breathing in this life is Change. How do you experience it?

Thanks for reading.

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