Day 808: Infectious Affect

Creeping through the seeps of our reality our inherent nature, inherited from the sins of our fathers, passed down and accepted without question, then spread throughout existence and into the lives of other families, causes catastrophe’s unbeknownst to us, although we’ve perpetuated it onto one of them, as if it wasn’t enough crabs to pull down in the bucket, inflicting our infectious behavior into the very fabric or their existence through our thoughts/words and deeds, that would change their life and the lives of those around them forever more, then wonder why blame is ever so present and prevalent, although not recommended.

It’s already a mess when you find out how someone from your past has turned out that you were close with, and not once considering the things we’ve said and/or done may have complemented the state they’re now in, under the guise of ignorance is/was bliss, because (back then) we were both young and really didn’t know our left hand from our right, that now when looking back might have seemed right and fun, but one or the other took what was said or done to heart, and now falling apart from chasing after the idea of what was presented to them by you, or them, (on either hand) which includes me, when hanging on by the seat of our pants, and now gasping for air when seeing what happened to them/how they turned out, unquestioning ‘did what I say or do with them have an avid effect on them’. (Mildly put).

The extreme of power makes everything worse, thinking I can get away with s*** that I do, but can’t get away with the shit that you’ve done, that will someday come back to haunt you, where as a collective, we have all said and done things that we’re not proud of, which in hindsight is a prolonging of taking self-responsibility, that’s why it’s important to forgive oneself and correct the things we’ve perpetuated in our past. And there’s really no such thing as free at last, until every last one of us have corrected ourselves, then correct the mistakes we’ve projected onto others, until others are able to stand as we do.

(Root Cause)

Ok so it starts when we’re small and learned how to talk, then learn how to separate ourselves from people in our world, then learn from what our parents tells us is right and wrong, which includes how to manipulate to get what we want, and life is all about survival so trust no one else, to learning how not to trust our very own self, and that God is Good and the Devil is Bad, and how to point out the Devil in others we see, to inflicting our will on others at will, because we’ve let others inflict their will on us, so now it’s our turn to spite them into conformity, as a norm for how we’ve created this reality, and sadly live within the energy thereof, and all of the above is still done by us, but it’s “shame on them, look at what they’ve done”, which is ashamed, but what have we’ve done in our own reality?

Craftly grafting our ways of control, and ‘oh how crafty the human mind can be, that’s a point of magic that happens instantly, just as soon as we have a moment of self-doubt, then out comes the true nature of our ways, with insidious behaviors that makes our day, because we’ve chased after the energy and now that it’s upon is, we can’t resist the way it makes us feel, invincible in the moment, but powerless when it’s gone, then on to the next victim as if nothing wrong, when the victim is us, we inflict on others, that smothers our chances from Amalgamating to Life.

But what is right when one is stuck in the mind, without asking questions like, ‘what is the mInd and what are these thoughts coming up in my head, or what is this feeling of wanting to be dead, or give up on life, and what is life, and if I’m right then what is wrong, and why do I let songs change my mood and why is money the only thing that move me, and how can I prove this all to be, and if it’s true what do I do about it and how do I stop this from plaguing me. And that right there is the first steps to stopping this Infectious Affect we have allowed on ourselves and others in our lives, by asking Questions; where the correction would be;

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how what I say, in the words that I speak, and what I’ve done, in the actions I’ve perpetuated throughout my live, may have had an effect on others in my world, unbeknownst to me, in the heat of the moment for the experience of an energetic rush, that came and went, then went on to the next person to try an control them.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe that I was in control of my life, by way of controlling others to get what I want, as a normal excursion I was taught growing up, and in this way life was all about me, instead of seeing/realizing/understand, if life is all about me why subject others to my demands, when I need to correct the demon in me, to be able to see others as myself, and do unto others what I would like to be done unto, no more or less, that would equalize my stance with existence as a whole, and so break the cycle of having this infectious affect on others in my world, as per the personality I created from childhood, where;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a personality from what I was taught that competition is the key to survival and so need as many people as possible on my side to win at what I do, and so subjected my ‘subjects’ to my self-interested thoughts/words/deeds, that may have been unproductive in the walking of their own life process, and for some detrimental, that I would soon forget about and not take self-responsibility for until now, thinking it’s not my problem, but in fact played a role in the life they live, that makes me a part of the way they turned out. And so on and so forth until I’ve/we’ve corrected (in specificity) our thoughts, Words Deeds and Actions we’ve perpetuated towards others, that’s here now for our own well-being and self-correction point, because All needs to be corrected, and so here I stand, saying and correcting what I see, and commit myself to watching more closely my interactions with others and most importantly, what comes up within myself when interacting with others, to stop this insidious behavior we have coined and build our own reality and this reality around. To simply stop having an Infectious Affect we call “Affection” on ourselves as others in our lives and Life as a whole. I ‘Raid’ the point.

Thanks for reading.

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