Day 807: Expanding Your Awareness in Your Reality (Never-Mind)

Easy to gravitate towards, the conflict of things creates the four corners within the bubble we live, and call this being alive/living, when the lie it is we perpetuate, separates us from our own physical reality, because we’ve settled in on a plot of real estate in our minds, within a mansion of Con-fidence that consciousness use to keep us adrift, floating around in sequence on repeat, and speak the worst about those around us, unable to see them equally as we would a tragedy compassionately, but savagely tear them down as if we’re not all cut from the same cloth (so to speak).

Conventionally, groups are formed for you to be on my side, the ride on everyone who’s not a part of the group, religion shows the exponentially, where the only way I can rely on you is if you second my illusion and love my God, I mean “My God” if it was that easy the word Change ‘here’ wouldn’t be needed, but needed within me, for the simple fact that I can see what I need to change, that a ‘should not’, shouldn’t be pointed out other than myself first, then live the example, to being asked the question, how did you become aware of so many things, instead of being told “You’re Smart” or “Intelligent”, because I can tell you a thing or two, Interesting!

‘Them/They and Most people’ are the calling cards of separation within conversation throughout this reality, where me/myself and I should be the calling card for me to expand my awareness in my own reality, like imagine if you were born on an island, then realized yourself to be the only you there, would you then be aware of everything around you, because the mind is really a fleet away from seeing another human being, matter of fact (in a way) the first molecule was that, as all, and that’s how we all came into being, so seeing each one in different expressions, should be a lesson to how expansive one can be.

Interesting occurrence, for the last few day when walking outside my home, (and still today) there has been an extensive amount of butterflies (migration) flying from south to north across my front yard, and as I drive I see even more, which wouldn’t be in point of my awareness if I still allowed an abundance of pressing thought matters in my mind, that to me, is a point of cross reference, that I’m becoming more aware of the reality around me, instead of looking for a moment of conjecture in conflict in thinking the world is going to end, because of what I am seeing in my reality and that of the whole, in fact.

They say it’s the little things that matter, but are these things really little, or not paid attention to because of our lack of awareness, being that our mind is mostly aware of our own self-interest and inconsiderate to the little things that’s really Big in matter, that matters to self and the self of us, as other people in my world, as the self of me, so the things that’s said to be little are the most meaningful in fact, like our reaction to the way another person look and us, because they’re not “appeasing” to the eyes, meaning I can’t go into my mind and imagine some fantastical s*** about them, hence our reaction.

But this is what’s going on with our level of awareness in our reality, superficial shit, that the mind is aware, but where are we, where are we when claiming others are getting on our nerves, I mean where are we in the moment of wanting to take a break before finishing something, where we let resistance set in, that makes it harder for us to finish what we started, and so on and so forth, I mean is it that our awareness only spans within the realm of what the mind sees, that veils being able to see and correct the nature of our ways, thinking that’s just the way it is, and anxiety is normal and frustration is unstoppable and anger is needed, and emotion is a release point and feeling define our life, therefore no need to change what’s ‘really broke, or do we have the ability to fix?

Interesting how our classification of broke only relates to not having money and material things, where it’s unseen how the breakdowns we experience was an accumulation of unresponsive correction to the thoughts we allowed to fester in our mind, when analyzing every single thing in our reality, nonstop, and only stop for a moment when being overwhelmed with the idea of pain, stating “I’m in so much pain and can’t take it anymore”, but really emotionally distraught, and do Nothing about it, that spawns an overwhelming sense of depression and powerlessness and hate to correct it, so into the soap box we go, dramatically creating our own soap opera, to be watched by the rest of the world, and they love it, because we all do the same.(Something has to give) –

Where the give is our-self that something we can do, before coming under pressure and drinking a bottle of never mind, in the sense of getting to the point of never minding the problem that mines our body, but correcting in the moment the thoughts that comes up, that’s a point of expanding my awareness in my own reality. (Suggestion) Start investigating the reality of you HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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