Day 806: Expanding Your Awareness in Your Reality ( Just A Part )

Where often times we look at things casually and passively with those in our reality, and the things in our reality that shows us aggressively points we need to work on obsessively and confessedly so, we blow off, thinking that what we say and or do will be taken with the same mind frame we had when saying and/or doing what was, in the spurt of the moment, with the claim of awareness and seeing it coming and going in head first, with the idea that I’m right, and I got this, so let’s do this, then miss the obviousness of all in my reality and remain a blink away from being present.

If it don’t look or feel right investigate, that’s investing time in the way I relate to the things and beings in my reality, an imbue of responsibility for me to be constantly expanding/growing and developing myself to understand what I see and be that of a support to my own process in excess of my utmost potential and simplify what
I allow the mind to present to me as a complication.

For most, “I hate waiting”, so pursue the rush of things, rushing right passed what it means to be a responsible human being and learning how to do that which is best for all, which is within opening up in fine detail, ‘me’, from the good/bad/ugly of me, that made me the person I am today, and at times a struggle to pull away from, and come to grips that this is all me.

If I walked a point of acting out a personality, when I see it, should be easy for me to point out, in the becoming more aware of the reality around me, without spiritualizing my understanding of what I walked, meaning becoming self-righteous when seeing it within another, but at times we place ourselves above and beyond the point in itself, as if to say to others ‘you should already know this’ and/or why are you doing this or that’, exaggerating the critiquing of the other individual, that’s drastically accepting the point of separation, from whence I came to what another is now facing, that we may or may not have faced before in our lives.

I mean some how it seems easier to be a preacher than to pre-educate yourself on what it means to be a leader that’s a teacher of self-occurrences in one’s own life, instead of being a forcible dictator of what’s wrong or right in the eyes of a society that can’t see straight, because we’re always looking through the eyes of another, instead of looking at our own ways.

Spite is a muthaf***** when you don’t see it coming, despite seeing it coming from our own lips, at the slip of the tongue we could cut someone deep, never considering the same can happen to me, so watch what you say, to watch what I say, that won’t be taken in the way we meant it, unless we mean the way we meant to say it, and so stand by the spite we’ve projected in fact, in which case we’re definitely aware of our own reality around us, that we’ve created in full of spite, so why not correct our spiteful way, using our awareness to connect to the reality we live in and correct it.

But we’ve created Awareness into A War Energy Essence, that really take no energy to see at all, but fight against seeing the negativity in our minds, claiming I’m aware that you have it in for me, which is a fear related construct in fact, that I lack the notion of having self-trust, and judge the point of not trusting myself, that’s as simple as being aware of my own breath, that every time I breathe I am here with all as me, which should make one aware and being able to see, how to expand myself inhalation of my potential and create my reality into the best it can be.

More to come…

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