Day 804: The Center/ (Sinner) Point (B.T.S.)

A metropolis of thoughts is where we place ourselves in the Center of, within a City of Worry on Streets of Inaction – that when driving down, creates streaks of tension in or backs/shoulders and neck muscles, that makes our vision a bit blurry, unable to see straight or sit up straight, that lullabies us into falling asleep, lured into thinking all I need to do is sleep it off, which can be misconstrued as running away from the center of the problem, instead of realizing the pin point placement I’ve allowed for myself. And then at times the body needs to recuperate because of all the strain we put on it mentally, that’s shown physically with the attachment of pain, and the process we’re walking is not a walk in the park, but a shot in the dark when the point is not clear, that’s why it’s important to stay right Here and Beer the problem that’s not a substance of enjoyment, but an embracing and deployment of the Tool that we’re gifted, to see with clarity the State that I’m in and move forward to correcting my Center.

An interesting dynamic I discussed with a friend, where the patterns we allow is always the problem and what comes up after is the way we disavow it, then react to the additives instead of the root cause, that’s a point of pulling away from the center of it all, that’s cause for investigation the pattern in itself, of why didn’t I reach out to another for help, or even to share perspective as a listening ear, instead of listening to myself slipping away from here, but let’s be clear, this is a point we’ve all at some point faced – that it has become so Human to just run away, as I have ran away by turning the other cheek and every time get smack on the other side of my face, for me to look forward so I can see straight and bring myself back to the center/core of me.

Simply put we dash to the Center for attention and that’s it, claiming it’s a need to be around other people, but when around other people we choose not to interact, but react internally for the thoughts that we have, never looking at the pattern as a problem to be solved, but what comes up after we’ve taken the fall, but all is not lost, a point of minor adjustments and correction that goes a little something like this;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to sit on my morals as a center point of reflection, instead of the patterns I allow as the points of correction, and feel less incline to, when I see others doing the same thing, and so fail to take responsibility for the things that I see.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let my perception be the centrifuge of my intellect, in telling exaggerated stories to keep the thrill alive (so to speak), on a wheel of repetitive consequence that goes around in circles and compressing to a point of ejecting out conflict, that’s shared by others in the center of my world, then spread out throughout the world in fact.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lack intellect – internally electing a solid point on which to stand, because every point that’s away from fixing the core problem, is built on sand and so, not seeing/realizing/understanding, that instead of standing as the center point, I’ve been sitting on the fence as a Sinner watch life just pass me by, welcoming every point of distraction that comes my way, and so stay away from revealing the solution that is me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have been apt to run away from any part/trap of involvement that cause a ripple in my world and others within that, quick to wash my hands of the situation while exacerbating the energy thereof within it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I can bring others in to my own self-correction that lessens the possibility of changing for me, but leave a back door open for blaming the masses without seeing, that we’re all ONE matter amassing, and the center of it all is the core of you and me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the directiveness that’s needed on all part/sides, when interaction with others, when at the center of a conversation should be words of stability that bridges the relationship at any and every stage, that saves one time from thinking, was this all for nothing, and rushing into and mind possessive energetic feeling, then asking myself what am I really doing here, as a point of finding my corrective starting point. Therefore;

When looking at the Center of all things that exist, you see strands of responsibility coming from within, that branches out into ways of purpose, on the road to reaching our utmost ability, and bring back to the center core of me, that which is best for all Life in fact, in acting in Equality with all Life that is Here, which starts with CORE acting my own Center/ (Sinner) point, and correcting any point of Fear that arise within me, because, “I am the Point”, and this is my Response Ability.

Thanks for reading.

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