Day 803: The Center/ (Sinner) Point

The epicenter, Downtown in any city, smack dab in the middle of it all, where all the action is, where one wants to be, where one is, the core, where it all goes down, the North Pole, the South Pole, the Equator (that regulates the temperature of the Earth), America’s position as shown on the map, “The One”, the tallest building in the world, the Heart, the Atrium or Stadium we all amass at, a Church/Mosque or Temple, we have Passover at, we love to be in the meat of it all, but if it all goes down, we vacate the premises, and go hide out in the country somewhere, away from it all or mole ourselves into underground tunnels to get away from it all, as if the “Rock” never cried out ‘there’s no hiding place’, looking to preserve our self-interested ways, then stand amazed seeing the destruction WE’VE allowed, although for most, it’s too late now, and only bring with us those we call the best of us, an all the rest of us can simply go to hell.

Imagine yourself in a boxed off room with a tv screen as big as the wall in the room, where we choose the chair in the center of the room, and let what’s being shown to us consume our time, and wait in anticipation for the next best line, ‘Oh how we’re so often ever shown ourselves’, being that we’ve create rooms to control ourselves, and call them Theaters and Cinemas alike, not once ever considering it’s the same as the mind, where we sit back and speak the lines that’s presented, out loud as if what we said we really meant it, and don’t own it, then dash to run away from the problem, and leave the mess we’ve made without looking to solve it from the center.

That’s why we love winter and the snow comes down, to cover up the mayhem we left on the ground, and I’mmmm dreaming for a white Christmas, and miss the obvious that it’ll melt again, but give ourselves presents for the mess we’ve made, with the illusion that I can start a new and recreate, then make a resolution in the same mind state, to be back at the center of attention again.

Where the Sinner comes in is; Sitting-in-Not-kNowing-Everything’s-REAL, but hide behind the ideals of everyone in the center, that’s why religion is a fascinating organizational belief, that welcomes you into a world of pain, so to blame the world for the pain I’m feeling, while suffering the little children that come unto thee, by teaching the little children to be just like ‘Me’ and wonder why society Never changed a bit, because we here in society won’t change our way of living, stating I’m not the only one everybody’s doing it, in pursuance of the hot seat next to the Man on the podium.

We’ve always been at the core of it all, at the core of our rises and the core of our falls, but choose to separate ourselves from hitting a wall, claiming they pushed me into it and not my fault, well if it’s not my fault, why am I feeling the pain, why am I the only one who feel this way, never questioning why am I not taking responsibility, to change the way my world revolves, around a core of ideals at the center of it all, with me being the engine and the powering mechanism, it’s time for me to take back my power of Self, and forgive the point of me being disempowered, and embrace what it really means to be at the center.

More to come…

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