Day 800: The Sanctification of Investigation

Where along the line (at times) we sort of lose our way/footing, subtly re-creating a bubble of complacency, and forgetting about from whence we came, and the change the was enacted back then in the beginning of our process when we was all in, head over heel, heading up the hill, chipping away at the mountain of problems that bogged us down, sort of fizzed out once we reached a plateau and levelled out, then hit a hard spot, and stop climbing there for a moment, within the illusion that I’m so ever changing when in fact staying within an idea thereof and in front of us is the next phase that we better be ready for, and there is definitely more to come but will I be ready, me for myself and you for you?

The question is then how do one bring things back to self, go back to the basic, when basically we never left, meaning it’s always been here with me/with us, as that part that crutched our fall at times when awareness skipped our minds, we’re supported by the basics that we’ve engrained within ourselves through repetition and the initial decision we’ve made to stand up for life, no matter what, and do our part for all, but what’s easily missed, is the point of investigation, thinking that investigation is only from Here Forward, that neglects the past and past moments of introspection that we’ve already done on a slew of points, and forgot about it, while knowing, yes we were on to something back then as well as now being in our current position and placement in this process that we’re walking, and need to simply look back at times.

The difference between us and other people is nothing, but a stance and the tools we’ve gifted ourselves with, and used to investigate ourselves inner workings to realizations and past reactions, that created the patterns we live today, where now along the way we often time forget what we wrote and so realized, which I now see is/as the integral part of bringing things back to self, and going/getting back to the basics of our original stand, which is a point in hand of the sanctification of investigation.

With the redefinition of Sanctification being; Standing as and within the/a point one is attempting to and/or is so living, that houses no belief but an actual doing, ‘Investigation is/as such a point, and although done, more on what we’ve investigated still needs to be done that would keep us current when living the Basics we’ve come to know “Oh so well’, and well so knowing what we sometimes forget.

Interesting interaction with someone the other day, where within it came up; ‘Imagine if you will, if you could play back the recording of every word you speak to listen to what you’ve said/say, in every moment and in moments of the past’, that would be a point of real time investigation and a cross reference point to how we’re standing right now. I was then gifted in being able to hear my writing back to me, where the point of resistance was soon to follow, but listening to the actual words I spoke, shook me to see the investigation I’ve done on many point in the past, and the point of them resurfacing is not remembering my past and what I then wrote about, that I now still face, so the point of correction is me re reading what I wrote, that’s my point of going back to the basics, and facing what I’ve already laid out for me to walk, and erasing what I’ve already walked as a reaction, so that when the past resurface as a memory, I remember what I laid out for me to do in such moments and do it again.

If I resist, I must persist, because there’s a point I need to see, and if there’s a point I need to see I need to lay it out and dissect, and within the dissection up pops the correction, but if I had constantly looked back, I would see that I’ve already walked it, and if I walked it why am I reacting, when in fact the reaction need to be a refreshing, and what’s refreshing is the way we can revisit our points of correction within the investigation of things in our past, and that how things work out and turn out, when we constantly work on the points we’ve written about, and walk into the future living the preparation of our past, and glad when knowing how to walk a point in real time, so in times to come we can live real change, that only happens when being Sanctified to the word Investigation, lol.

To be continued…

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